Black silver: Causes and Cleaning Methods

Black silver: Causes and Cleaning Methods

Silver is a noble metal, which has been used since ancient times in the manufacture of jewelry, cutlery, religious cults and not only. In the days of ancient Egypt, the soldiers heal wounds, applying the finest plates from this metal, and among the peoples of India, he was considered to be the basic decoration and transmitted from generation to generation.

Argentum is distinguished by resistance to corrosion and aggressive factors of the external environment, but it happens that silver is black. In our review we will try to figure out what the reason for this phenomenon is, and how to return the metal initial shine.

Main reasons

Back in ancient times, people associated metal darkening with evil forces. Then it was believed that silver takes all the external negative energy, thereby protecting his owner from it. So, the crossed on the body was associated with the curse or damage, and the darkened ring on the woman’s finger meant serious problems in heartfers, sometimes even the crown of celibacy. And if I changed my color male ring – it was directly associated with the action of the love spell. The silver chain, which has lost its shine, and also blackened earrings indicated a contact with a strong energy vampire, and the change in the color of the cutlery was at the expense of a subclass or the appearance of unclean power in the house.

In ancient legends, people often used metal silver items to combat dark forces, and today many sincerely believe that this metal protects against the envious and negative action.

It is no coincidence that the silver spoon is given to the kids after the teething of the first tooth.

Believe it or not in such signs – the case is personal. For those who do not like these legends, there are other versions. Some of them explain the blackery of silver deterioration of the health of their owner.

It should be noted that they have some scientific justification under them.

So, excessive physical exercise cause increased sweating. As a result, hydrogen sulfide is distinguished, this substance enters into a chemical reaction with silver, which over time leads to metal oxidation. In addition, silver clouding can cause a change in the level of acidity of the skin.

Any hormonal failures and disorders of the endocrine system Ensure an increase in sweating, also sharp blaracing of metal often indicates the pathology of the kidneys, liver and gallbladder.

The chain on the neck of the woman changes its color During pregnancy – It is also explained by hormonal changes in the body. It happens that Receive some medicines It causes a change in blood composition, and it can also become one of the possible causes of changes in the color of the metal, so during the sickness of the jewelery it is recommended to remove decorations.

Of course, in official medicine, the diagnosis method of diseases with silver does not yet exist. However, if your silver jewelry began to darken rapidly, it means that it will not hurt to turn to the doctor.

Pure silver is a rather soft metal, so To increase the strength, some impurities add to it, in most cases it is copper. Less commonly there are compounds of platinum and gold – they are rarely darker. If the manufacturer has moved with proportions, the alloy is low-quality, respectively, it will quickly black. First of all, silver products with a small breakdown are subjected to changes. Despite the fact that copper is weakly subjected to oxidation, a thin layer of silver sulfide sulfide is formed when interacting with gray air and gives products a black shade.

Jewelry and other silver products may be darker even if they are not worn – it happens if in the storage location little air.

In addition, silver can sculpt from excessive humidity and any changes in climate.

It is known that the ions in the composition of the Argentum have pronounced antibacterial properties – protecting the air from viruses, they are able to change the color of the substance.

The use of shampoo, soap, cosmetic preparations, as well as household chemicals can cause metal blades. Many of them contain sulfur and some other oxidizing agents that have an adverse effect on metal. That is why it is not recommended to wear silver jewelry in a bath, swimming pool, as well as sports and fitness, when the exercise is accompanied by the release of sweat on the skin.

Besides, Argentum drawn with constant contact with clothing.

Cleaning methods

It is known that silver and copper crystals do not react with acids under room temperature. That is why they are beloved by many lemon and vinegar, which manifest themselves as excellent cleansing agents, in the case of silver will not give the necessary effect without prior heating. But the alloy reacts well to Alkaline compounds.

There are two main ways to clean the blackened silver – in the jewelry workshop or at home. It is the second way we will consider in more detail.

It may seem strange, but one of the best cleaners Argentum is Women’s lipstick. It contains titanium dioxide, as well as a lot of fat – they are not only effectively removed by flying from silver, but at the same time they give the decoration a beautiful shine. To clean the product, you should smear it with lipstick, after which take the brush and rub the metal almost to the screens. Do not doubt – your decorations will be brightening just before our eyes. However, keep in mind that this method is suitable exclusively for smooth items without inclusion of precious metals.

Surely every mistress in the house there will be baking soda. It can also be used to save your favorite chain, suspension or bracelet. To clean the metal, you need to boil the water, add soda to it in the proportion of 50 g per liter of water, after that silver jewelry wrap in foil and lowered in a boiling solution for a quarter of an hour. Then it will only stay well rinse products and dry them.

Very good cleaning effect possesses Toothpaste. This substance contains abrasive microparticles, which effectively remove the patina from the metal surface. To clear the decoration, you must apply on a brush with a soft pile toothpaste and make a pretty polish the product, after which it needs to be rinsed in cold water and wipe the soft napkin from the microfiber.

Our ancestors for cleaning cutle silver used egg yolk. It not only returns the color of the metal surface, but also for a long time protects it from the appearance of a new fly. To clean the cleaning, you should mix your cotton disk in the yolk and rub the surface surface thoroughly. The decorations treated in this way must be left, and when the yolk dries – rinse.

High performance gives ammonia, To date, this method is one of the most reliable for use at home. To clean the silver jewelry, you must pour a little ammonia into the container and put the blackened products for 15-20 minutes.

At the end of the allotted time, the products are washed with water and how they should be dried.


In conclusion, give some tips that will save your silver products from premature blackening.

Periodic boiling in sulfuric or hydrochloric acid Allows repeatedly reduce the presence of copper in the surface layer of metal. As a result, products become lighter. Any decorations and cutlery can periodically clean with pure angentum.

For storage of vintage items and antiques it is better to contact Lakirovka, which protects them from external adverse factors. However, keep in mind that if you cover the cutlery or decorations in this way, it is not worth using them, since the lacquer can harm your body.

Protect silver from negative elements allows Thin wax layer – this method is called passivation. Just like the varnipment, it is mainly resorted to storage. Any silver decorations are best Store in a closed box, preferably on a piece of linen or cotton fabric.

Removing the product, rinse it with soap in warm water and dug wipe. From time to time it is recommended to wipe silver things with a soft napkin.

Nowadays, most of the silver products are covered in jewelry stores Rhodium. It effectively protects the surface of the metal and gives it maximum wear resistance. However, if such a product is soldered, the deposition becomes blue-black. To return to him the original appearance, you have to remove the coating and apply a new.

Get acquainted with the methods of cleaning silver you can in the following video.

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