Can I wash the backpack in the washing machine and how else to clean?

Can I wash the backpack in the washing machine and how else to clean?

Any object of clothing or accessory we carry on yourself sooner or later will need cleaning. This rule is relevant for backpacks, which are becoming increasingly more common every year. Cleaning a backpack can represent certain difficulties, because this accessory has many hard-to-reach places. Features of cleaning manually, as well as washing machines Consider in this article.

Washing in a washing machine

Backpacks are different. Types of such accessories Many: these are school models, and women’s fashionable backpars, and large tourist products. And not all models can be wrapped in typewriter. Determine the possibility of automatic washing follows the shortcut, which should be available on each product. There will be indicated whether it is possible to do this, and if so, then at what temperature. But it is not uncommon and cases when the label broke away, it will be lazy or simply for incomprehensible reasons.

If this is your situation, it is better to get in advance with the list of models that can not be erased.

  • Options with a solid frame, remove which is not possible. After such a washing, not only a backpack can be spoiled, but also a drum machine, which will be in a round sum. Solutions with wood elements in the frame also belong to this category. From long wash, the tree will smoke, will lose elasticity, maybe even start rotting.
  • Models with impregnation, opposing water and dirt. From the machine washing, such impregnation is erased that it is unlikely to please the owner of the accessory.

You need to pay attention to the material from which the product is made. Some fabrics do not tolerate water at all. Here are their list.

  • Leather and suede. This can also include a nubuck, as well as leatherette. Such types of materials after machine washing are very affected. The product will be deformed, most likely you will have to just throw it out.
  • Cordura. This fabric has special fibers and impregnation from water. After washing, she will lose its beneficial properties.
  • Oxford. This material also has a special impregnation that protects moisture. Although the fabric is made on a polyester basis, it is extremely recommended to expose it to be washing.
  • Aviation tarp. Avizent – Pretty specific material. It consists of a weave of kapron threads. Easy the backpack from aviation tarpaulin is prohibited.

In all other cases, the backpacks can be erased automatically, because it saves time and strength. But it is important to understand that a blowing bag is not a set of bed linen, which you drowned in the device drum. It is recommended to follow a special algorithm that we now consider.


Washing school or any other backpack begins with proper preparation. Inspect the product: maybe there are holes or broken lightning. Before washing in the machine, such trouble should be eliminated. Frame, hooks and any sticking elements need to be removed because they can cling to the drum, spoiling an aggregate. You should also check your pockets and pull out everything there is. The backpack should be turned out and shaken, getting rid of the excess garbage that can score the drum.

It is very important to pay attention to the stains. If the product has a stain, it should be removed before washing.

  • Fat stains cleaned with salt. It is poured right on the spot and leave for 60 minutes, then smack. After the procedure you can download the branded bag in the drum.
  • Tracks ink You can remove alcohol. Water in it the Vatka, carefully attach a spot, and then with light movements take away from the edge to the center. Rub and put pressure.
  • Spots from juices, tea, food can remove the usual soap. Well wash the dirty plot, leave for 2-3 hours, then rush.
  • If on the product nalyuple chewing gum, then rendered a backpack on the frost or put in the freezer. After a couple of hours, the gum can be easily removed.
  • Many types of spots You can also delete with professional stains, but it is better to find out in advance whether they are suitable for your tissue type.

Cleaning the backpack, turn it out. Zipper buttons. If the product is unscrewed, it is possible, it should be put in a special protective bag. Suitable and the usual cotton pillowcase. It is necessary that the blowing bag is not erased alone: ​​it must be supplemented with other things requiring washing. It will contribute to the uniform load on the drum. IMPORTANT: This recommendation does not apply to Denim products, as they immediately linen, staining other things in the drum.


Despite the fact that almost All backpacks are durable products, it is not recommended to wash them on strong revolutions. Most models have a lot of inserts, one or some of which from coarse impact may be deformed. That is why cushion bags should be erased only on delicate programs. Mode of hand washing. In addition, you should put the most gentle spin, and if there is an opportunity, then do without it.

The right solution will include an additional rinse, since dense fabric reluctantly “breaks up” with powder and other detergents.


To wash the backpack from the dirt and at the same time not to lose its original color, you need to properly set the temperature. High rates under full prohibition, as they wash the dye and deform individual parts of the product. Maximum temperature – 40 degrees, but experts advise to stay at 30. Some types of fabrics are erased altogether in cold water.

Suitable means

The fabric at the blowing bag is always dense, which means that the detergent will wash out for a long time. Bulk powder to take extremely recommended, as it can settle in the fabric. And this will mean divorce, static electricity, skin irritation. A more correct solution – to purchase a liquid detergent. It can be a gel or a special capsule containing and washing, and the rinser. The selected tool should not contain a bleach, chemicals, aggressive additions.

How to wash manually?

If the backpack can not be cleaned with the machine washing, it will have to wash it manually. The algorithm of action will be the following.

  1. Blood bag view, get the remaining things. Suts wipe with a cloth moistened in water. Dust can simply slide with a special brush.
  2. Dirty children’s and tourist backpacks, wands for schoolchildren with traces ink and markers should be soaked. In a large capacity or simply in the bath, water is gained room temperature, there are also a backpack. After a couple of hours, the stain will bring down much easier.
  3. After the product fell in water, it is immersed in a laundry wash basin, filled with warm liquid with a detergent dissolved in it. It, as in the case of a washing machine, should be liquid, especially if you erase a child for a child. The detergent needs to be well stirred, but at the same time try to avoid foaming.
  4. Blood bag leave for 15-30 minutes so that the product fabric is completely soaked. After that, a soft sponge or brush begin to process surfaces, not forgetting about pockets and the inner part of the product.
  5. When washing will be finished, the backpack will need to rinse. It is recommended to do in cool or barely warm water several times. Only after the water flowing down from the accessory will be completely clean, the backpack can be placed on drying.

Tips for cleaning backpacks of different types

Backpacks may differ among themselves by manufacturing material, frame design, appointment. All these features need to be considered, going to wash the bag from dirt. Consider the most common types of models and methods of their washing.


Early school students and high school students are extremely rarely made from expensive fabrics. These are usually budget materials: Denim, Polyester and others. This means that such backpacks can be calmly washed in a typewriter. However, it is necessary to take into account that the posture is very important for children, so the wrecks in most cases have tight inserts that allow you to keep the back smoothly. These inserts need to be removed, otherwise they will damage the drum and the dance itself.

If you can extract a solid frame, it will not be left only to wash the backpack with your own hands in the bath or basin.

With caution, you should erase the product in the typewriter if it has:

  • Bright embroidery+
  • Print, stickers+
  • Many locks, rivets and other small elements.

Before washing, examine the label and make sure that it is possible to wash such a product. Temperature should be 30 degrees, the spin is better to exclude. In addition, it is preliminarily recommended to check the washing, causing a small amount to an invisible part of the backpack. If the color, after some time, will be saved, the tool can be used.

Backpacks for older schoolchildren look fashionable and stylish. Often they are performed from leather, suede and other expensive materials. Suede models prefer dry cleaning, leather can be wiped with a cloth.

With an orthopedic back

Frame backpacks with a dense bottom are often orthopedic. They are intended for children and adults who need the right position of the back. Thanks to such models, it is possible to carry even a heavy load that does not feel fatigue in the spine. Clean such products at home harder than all others, mainly because it is impossible to allow losses of their shape.

Only those accessories are erased in the typewriter, from which you can pull out the frame. Washing turns must be minimal, the spin is prohibited, the temperature is not more than 30 degrees. In addition, foam rubber should be put inside: this will allow preventing the deformation of the backpack. If it is impossible to remove the frame backpack with an orthopedic back erase by manual method. Soaking and the washing process should take no more than 30 minutes, and also requires a thorough rinse. The backpack is allowed to leave in the bathroom.


Such backpacks are made of durable fabric capable of resisting the rain, snow, wind. It is usually a tarpaulin and the materials similar to it. In conditions of tourist hikes, the backpacks are quickly dusting and dust. But you can only wash them with your hands, because the washing machines will quickly erase the valuable impregnation, which the backpack is processed.

With manual washing, you can use effective and strong detergents. They will remove even the spots. Seams and hard-to-reach places are recommended to be brushed. Special attention should be paid to the straps of a backpack, as well as his back, since these parts are touching the body, absorbing sweat.

Squeeze, hard to rub the product is impossible, as this can lead to the deformation of the seams. And in the conditions of the tour, the extended seam can be a real catastrophe.


Natural or artificial leather is a rather capricious material that requires a special circulation. Emple such a backpack in the machine is categorically prohibited, the same applies to manual washing in the bathroom. To clear the leather or from the leather accessory, you need to prepare a soap solution. A small amount of soap is diluted in warm water, and then sponge cleaned all contaminated areas of the product.

If the stain is bad, it is easy to work with a sponge, and then a few minutes do not wash the solution. When the cleansing comes to an end, the backpack is wiping with a damp cloth, removing the remains of the soap, and then treated with a dry cloth.

Of delicate fabrics

Some backpacks can be made of very capricious materials, poorly carrying water. This, for example, suede, thin synthetics. However, it is necessary to clean such models anyway, because contaminants in any case cannot be avoided.

  • If the manufacturer allows “water procedures”, the accessory can be put into the container with cool soap water. Moching time should be not more than 20 minutes. Then the product is rolled and dried on the dryer.
  • Fabric that water can not be cleaned by dry method. Here, too, a soap solution is made, which is then applied to a soft brush. The brush is to go over the surface, controlling so that the water does not penetrate the flaw fabric. Instead of a soap solution, you can use special cleansing agents intended for delicate tissues.

How to dry?

Just a recessed backpack can not be pressed. It should be put in the bathroom for a couple of hours to the glasses excess liquid. If there are shelves with hooks or dryer, you can hang a backpack on them, substituting the basin. In the horizontal position, the excess liquid stalks even faster.

After the water of the glass, proceed to the drying of the product. The best option is to bring a backpack to the street, on fresh air. It will provide good ventilation. It is important that the product is not illuminated by the Sun, because ultraviolet can adversely affect the coloring model. The backpack should be open, it concerns its main part, and all pockets. Specialists advise not to hang a backpack, but put it on a flat surface. Every couple of hours an accessory should be turned over.

Tip: If you need to speed up drying, the product can be filled with mint newspaper paper. When it gets wet, put new lumps.

Visively and in more detail the washing process of the backpack in the washing machine is presented in the next video.

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