Capors: what it is and what happens?

Capors: what it is and what happens?

Capors return to fashion again, and together with them there are a lot of questions about what it is and how to wear them properly. Headdresses in retrostil once gained popularity due to their main features: careful preservation of laid hairstyles. In the era of complex Cuafur, it was more than relevant, because the created composition or twist on the head was worn for several days. Today, the cap-hood has no hard frame, but still beautifully framing the face, protects against cold and wind, harmoniously combined with many of the outerwear.

Changing fashion trends promises the return of these accessories in the wardrobe of girls and women. Capors from Angora and fur hats, church for wedding and children’s, other varieties put on the head predominantly in the cold season. They are made from both expensive, luxurious materials and from the most budget wool or acrylic threads, are used in conjunction with buttons and luxurious brush. Whatever the selected option, Buying a cappon will definitely be successful, because this headdress effectively emphasizes the appearance and mature woman, and the young girl.

What it is?

Capor or cap-hood – Headdress, put on in the period of autumn, spring, winter season. This item of the wardrobe was engaged in the first half of the XIX century and became a seasonal alternative to the traditional Chepz. Kaporka put on the head so that they framed the face and did not spoil the hair laid in hairstyle. This hybrid of the cap and a female hat has repeatedly returned to the fashion, changed his appearance in accordance with its trends.

So, the initial description indicates that he had a tough high Tula, located on the back of the head, framing face soft fields. As a string, wide satin ribbons were used (MANTONERIKI), connected under the chin. The origin of the word is conducted from the French “CAPE” or Dutch “Kaper”, also denoting the name of the head. Modern options do not have a tight base, more resemble the palatine on a clasp or hood, worn in addition to clothes without this piece of cut.

History of appearance

In the era of the Biedermeir (style in art), which came to the period from 1815 to 1848, pseudo-monantic elements of the design of the wardrobe and accessories were included. For them were characterized by the details in the spirit of the late amup, but more tender, lungs. In Russia, this period fell on Pushkin times when the dresses were included with a narrow underlined waist, lush neckline, bell skirts. Bright detail of this style steel Kapora, emphasizing femininity of the appearance.

In Starina, Kaporka often performed not only as a street detail of the wardrobe. They were used to visit the temple – for wedding, mourning ceremonies, other important events. Initially, the ancient style of the cappon was created for a combination with hairstyles, in which the bulk of the hair was on the back of the head, and the collaborates were framed by separate curls. High Touilla helped not argued hairstyle, wide fields of such a cap protected it from rain, snow, wind.

At the beginning of the XIX century, KAPOROs were considered exclusively element of the lower class wardrobe – servants. By 1820 they were reviewed and loved by the hostess of rich houses. In the next 40 years, this headdress worried up and falling, and then simply left fashion. He returned at the end of the 20th century as the element of the wardrobe of all young girls and little girls, and then their moms. During this period, soft knitted and fur patterns of caps-hoods were included in fashion, with a button for a button and in the form of hybrids with a scarf.

In the XXI century, fashion will be returned again, and they look really impressive. These are luxurious fur options, volumetric sinds, gently draped cashmere and woolen headwear models. They managed to turn into a real trend, which means it was time to figure out what they are and with what these women’s accessories are combined with cold winter.


Modern female cavor looks much more diverse of its pre-edge. He has children’s versions and adults, everyday and solemn options. That this object of the wardrobe returned to be fashioned seriously and longly speaks the fact that the compilers of crosswords include the issue of “Inverted Capor” in their creations quite regularly. Species and models there are many, Even men are ready to try out this version of the headdress, however, rather, in the form of a hybrid with a volume knitted scarf. It is worth considering all current versions in more detail.


Since to visit the church there are their laws, all the parishioners – and adults, and children – have to be observed. Inside the Temple of Women and Girls must be with a covered head. It symbolizes humility, piousness, emphasizes the importance of the sacrament committed. But the summer handkerchief for the temple is often uncomfortable, and it is difficult to choose it, instead of it, capes-capes from lightweight materials covering head and shoulders are used.

Color covering head Palatente depends on the day of the visit. Easter models are red, wearing green on the trinity. Wedding cape for church is made of thin, lightweight materials of pastel shades – white, cream, pink. These colors are suitable for everyday visit to the temple. The church capor has a length of a slightly lower shoulders, dragged into a rider or tied ribbons.

The baptismal outfit is also easy to add an openwork or light satin cap-hooded. This option is suitable for a girl from 3 to 10 years. Standard models are used to baptize older children and adults. Capor for the godfather should not be too long decorated, the wedding most often made lace.

Winter option is made from cashmere or angora wool.


This version of the male and female cap is a hybrid with a scarf, elegantly falling on the shoulders. Stylish shed-cavities most often made from wool, cashmere large or medium mating, decorate braids, other patterns. Spectacular drapery of the free part of the scarf around the neck allows you to save the heat as much as possible, without losing the relevance of the image. Also, similar models are made of cotton knitwear, fleece, natural or artificial fur.

The main distinguishing feature of all models – flakes that do not have to hide or drape.

With ears

Fashionable hat for a girl or a young girl – a kapor with ears in the form of a cute knitted hood. Such models can have different colors, forms, they look very original.

Choosing them as an alternative, you can save a stylish hairstyle, the head will not sweat and hide – this is especially important for the child.

Ears and other design elements give the product originality, harmonious fit into the prime image of a young girl, schoolgirls or student.


Classic Hat with High Tool and Soft Fields – Excellent addition to the wedding alongside retros. For marriage In the spirit of the Pushkin era, this element is suitable as it is impossible. Magnificent decoration of caps-caps with ribbons and bows, pearls, lace is suitable for the summer season. In winter, it makes me fur, complement the soft and warm coupling for heating hands.

With buttons

Adjustable Capor coverage with buttons or small hook clasps are considered a universal option for everyday socks.

Such a model is easy to turn from a headdress into a scarf or hood.

Depending on the drapery option, the fastener may be on the side or on the throat, have slit or cape loops.


Capors for women and children are most often performed from materials with natural composition, soft texture. In the presence of allergies on the wool, you can find completely acrylic models that do not cause negative reactions. Among the popular options are the following.

  • Knitted Kapor. It is made of wool, blended thread or completely artificial fiber. Most often used capes-hoods from Angora, cashmere. Exotic options are made of alpaca wool. They are no less warm than angorovye, look attractive, very soft.

  • Fleece. Popular option for men and children. It looks attractive, has an original soft texture. Such hood caps cover their heads and shoulders, form a soft draper, protect well from cold. Fleece from polyester – durable and durable synthetic material.

  • Fur. It is used in combination with trendy coats and suckers, fur coats. If we are talking about a combination with fur, it is important that it coincides with what is applied when sewing the outerwear. For example, kapor and a fur coat from rabbit, out of mink. Cheap models are made of sheepskin, nutria, fox fur.

  • Lace. The models from the guipure are used in the dress of the bride, cape for visiting the Church, Baptism. Lace can be silk, cotton, from blended or artificial fibers.

It is actively combined with wool and silk, fur, manufactured in double-sided performance with different designs.

  • Silk. Here is most often used tenset – artificial material based on viscose. It is rather dense, used to sewing the hoods used when visiting the temple. Light chiffon fabrics can also be used.

Choose an elegant mink cape or knitted shed and lace variant will not be difficult if you follow the rules of combination of textures and shades.

Variety of flowers

Fashionable Capor in the XXI century looks noble and restrained. Unlike models, relevant in the 90s of the last century, unnatural-bright, acidic or catchy colors are not used here: Raspberry, blue-green, purple.

Today it is worth choosing a relevant natural gamut – beige, brown, olive tones.

Enjoy popular I All shades of coffee: Chocolate Capor Sand, Fur model in cappuccino tones look luxurious and expressive.

Fashionmen, preferring classic, can be limited to the trend monochrome gamut. Black, white, gray colors can be used in pure form or combine. I wonder the options with contrasting braids and Scandinavian ornaments. No less interesting, the combination of white and red colors looks.

Girls with tender appearance and pale skin well suited fur capes-capes of silver, white, cream, red-brown colors. Exquisitely look in this case coloring options for Chernoburku or Pepper with salt. For knitted and fleece models, it is good to choose bright, but noble colors: cobalt-blue, gray-blue, emerald.

Holders of bright appearance, dark skin worth paying attention to Wine shades – Marsala, Burgundy, Ruby. In addition, it will be interesting to look like a hopper mustard colors, sand or supplemented with a predatory animal print.

What to wear?

Caporas allow you to create an unlimited number of fashionable options that look bright, bold, trustly or creating an image of a gentle, romantic girl. The most relevant combinations include the following.

  • Bright coats and down jackets. Bright models with ears are manufactured in a variety of color combinations. Made of fleece or knitted sinds help create carefree image and adult girls, and young children.

  • Cashmere coat and cape-cape from angora or fine cotton. It is better to choose them in contrasting, but in the total gamma of the tones – pastel or natural.

  • Coat in the style of Casual, a jacket or down jacket is advantageous to complement the sketches of large mating with a pronounced texture. They are drapeted effectively. The longer the scarf will be, the more interesting the image.

  • Fur fur coat and cappos combine, choosing options in one color and with one length of the pile. Such combinations look harmoniously, well suited for use in winter. I wonder the fur capes-capes associated from Kos: they are made of mink, chinchillas. Whole models are created from rabbit or fox.

  • Militari Park Complete rough cape-hoods of cotton knitwear smooth mating. The more accurate and it will be easier to look like this item of the wardrobe, the harmonious it will fit into the image of modern townskens.

Correctly combining a capor with other elements of the wardrobe, you can provide the creation of bright, fashion images for every day or for solemn cases.

Crochet Knitting Scheme is given in the following video.

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