Choose bandages on the head in the style of Gatsby

Choose bandages on the head in the style of Gatsby

Sometimes for the holiday, parties, dates, and just without reason I want to make an interesting hairstyle and decorate it with unusual accessories. When there is a desire to look stylish and extravagant, we choose bandages on the head in the style of Gatsby.


Such an accessory like Headband in the style of Gatsby, became known to fashionable after the demonstration of the film “Great Gatsby” film. Many girls wanted to feel like the heroines of that era. In the collections of famous fashion designers appeared outfits of the twenties of the last century, and, of course, accessories, including a headband, which gave tenderness and femininity to any image.

It should be borne in mind that the headband on the head itself can look somewhat strange, so it is better to stick to the style as a whole so that the appearance is to be launched and harmonious.

In the recreation of the style there is nothing difficult, if you consider the main nuances.

  • Hairstyle. This is the embodiment of romance, but the clarity of forms is very important, smoothness – the volume of contraindicated. As a bright example, you can bring a square. Locks may be present in the image, but it should be barely catchy, tender wave. Other option – the top of the hairstyle is smooth, and there are curls at the bottom.

  • To the choice of dresses, it is also worth coming by. Optimal length – to the knee or slightly above. The presence of the cutout is necessary, but either it will be deep on the back, or not too pronounced in the zone neckline. Long sleeves in such dresses are not present, isn’t that light little wings that give the image. But decorations are welcome in the form of rhinestones, pearls, feathers.

  • An important end of the image becomes a headband, which can be decorated in different ways based on the concept of a common dress. It should emphasize both the tenderness of the face, and the smoothness of the hairstyle, and allocate their owner against the background of other beauties.

  • Do not forget about other important accessories, final image, such as handbags and gloves.


The dressings can be the most different, it all depends on which decoration is chosen as the final element. Such a choice is made, pushing away from the general appearance, so that the bandage is harmoniously combined with the dress, and with other accessories.

With feathers

Very extravagant and brightly looking up bandages with feathers. The width of the dressing can be different: both narrow and wide. The size of the feathers is also unlimited. Multiple feathers and long feathers will look equally well. Wherein The color of the dressing should be neutral (black, blue, white) or match the dresses.

With rocks

Interestingly and stylish as decorations on such an armband, stones look. Moreover, it is not recommended to overload the product, how to choose stones of too contrasting colors and large sizes. Moderation – the main condition. Pebbles should be small, they should not be much, it is desirable to pick them up to the bandage. Then they will look very profitable.


There are other options to decorate the bandage, again, focusing on the overall appearance. It may be rhinestones, lace, ribbons. Lightly dark shades veil looks very beautiful. It will give the way of mystery and elegance.

Criterias of choice

When choosing decoration on hair, which in this case serves a bandage, you need to stick to very simple rules.

  • Pick up. First solve the issue with the dress, and then decide which bandage will be the most harmonious.
  • Acquire accessory only with high-quality decorations. Stones, feathers, rhinestones, fabric – everything should be top quality. Such an accessory immediately attracts attention, and therefore perfectness is extremely important.
  • An important point is to immediately foresee what other accessories will be present in the image so that everything is combined with each other, including the bandage.
  • Be sure to pay attention to the hairstyle so that the bandage is really decoration and emphasized all the advantages of the person’s face.
  • If it is decided to make the decoration yourself, you need to stay on some one version of the design by selecting stones or feathers, or come up with your option. But not to use several types of elements at once.

 Ready stylish images

Always easier to present, and then embody your image, if you inspire ready-made examples.

  • Black bandage harmoniously looks with other decorations and dress, emphasizing the beauty of hair and elegance of hairstyles. There is nothing superfluous in the image.

  • Very gentle romantic option may look like. White color is the main, silver inserts complement the overall picture. Modest and at the same time beautiful hair bandage looks elegant.

  • The double thread of pearls, too, may well serve the role of the bandage, especially when it looks so organically in combination with the dress and other, skillfully selected accessories.

In addition, hairstyle is also flawless, which is very important.

How to make a dressing in the style of Gatsby, look in the video.

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