Chromdiopsid: description, varieties, properties and use

Chromdiopsid: description, varieties, properties and use

Among the many precious stones using high and consistently growing demand, Chromdiopsid occupies its prominent place. One of the main advantages of the mineral under consideration is an impressive similarity with emerald who can boast most of his varieties. No less remarkable therapeutic and magical properties of the specified stone: they justify its regular use, and therefore their description is worth paying separate attention.


At first, Chromdiopsid was classified by specialists as a breeding mineral, and therefore was not considered as a valuable fossil. His jewelry began to be considered only since the late 1980s, which was the result of many years of work of the geologist Anatoly Korchagin – the discoverer of the Inaglinsky deposit located in Yakutia. Thanks to the latest chromdiopsyd, he received another 3 names – Sibirlit, and Kazakhstan and Siberian Emerald.

Currently, the mineral under consideration belongs to the jewelry stones of the II category of values. In addition to Siberia, it is mined in many other planet regions, the list of which is as follows:

  • East Asia (Japan and China)+
  • Australia+
  • South Asia (first of all, Myanmar)+
  • Africa (South Africa, Madagascar and Tanzania)+
  • North America (Canada and USA)+
  • Europe (the most famous deposits in Finland)+
  • South America (Brazil).

Despite the fairly wide distribution of the mineral represented, its reserves are relatively small. Another negative point is the low quality of most minimal stones, significantly reduced the percentage of raw materials used in jewelry. As for the richest accumulation of Siberian emeralds, this is the above-mentioned Inaglinsky deposit, named after the river of the same name. Her shores are famous for the places of chromdiopsides, among which there is a significant number of valuable copies.

Special attention should be paid to the physical properties of the described mineral belonging to the Silicate group. One of the most remarkable features of the Siberian Emerald – the ability to change the color depending on the angle of inclination due to the layered location of its components.

This feature is characteristic of all diopsy varies – stone, the name of which is translated as “having a double appearance”. Deserves mention and spectacular green painting of the mineral considered, explained by the content of chromium oxide (0.2-3.five%).

Other features of the Siberian Emerald are listed below:

  • Strategic glass shine+
  • Transparency or translucency+
  • Relative fragility (the hardness on the MOOS scale is 5.5-6.0, which is comparable to lazurite, hematite and opal indicators)+
  • Density – from 3.25 to 3.55 g / cm³+
  • The ability to fluorescence under the influence of UV rays.

In addition, Chromdiopsid perfectly reflects the light – better than the emerald and many other gems.

Varieties and composition

Depending on the level of chromium content and some other impurities determined by the specificity of the field, The presented mineral can have the following coloring options:

  • Saturated green+
  • Pale-pistachic+
  • grassy+
  • Brourow-green+
  • yellowish+
  • Dark green (close to black).

The list of the main components that make up the Siberian Emerald looks like this:

  • Calcium and magnesium compounds (18-25%)+
  • Silicon oxide (up to 55%)+
  • impurities (first of all, chrome).

In addition, the mineral considered may contain a slight amount of vanadium, manganese, iron, titanium and some other components.

As for the value of chromdimpsides, it is determined by the size of the stones and the degree of their transparency. The price of high-quality Siberian emeralds can reach several dozen and even hundreds of USD for 1 gram, and abroad, such copies are several times more expensive than in Russia.

Properties and meanings

In addition to the spectacular appearance, the method described by the mineral can boast others, no less remarkable features and primarily magical. Such, according to most esoteric, are the following properties.

  • Ability to change life for the better. If a person is committed to improving his being, he makes sense to become the owner of the precious stone under consideration. Proponents of mystical teachings explain this believe in which this gem fell from the Tree of Life, in order to help you choose it.
  • Effective fight against nightmares. If a person suffers from bad dreams, he should be attached to chromdiopsid to the forehead in order to get rid of them.
  • Improving stress resistance. Choosing the Siberian Emerald as a talisman, anyone can avoid most conflict situations, and the remaining – transfer with maximum tranquility.


    No less important chromdiopsyda in lithotherapy. Specialists in the treatment of stones noted that it has a number of useful properties, the following are the following.

    • Normalization of the nervous system. First of all, the Siberian Emerald stabilizes the emotional background and effectively struggles with depressive states.
    • Getting rid of insomnia. According to lithotherapists, to solve this task, the daily applying of stone to the forehead is 15 minutes.
    • Effective opposition to the problems that are worried about the organs of the cardiovascular system. Proponents of lithotherapy argue that the regular wearing of products decorated with chromdiopside contributes to the normalization of blood pressure and helps to get rid of angina, arrhythmias and most of the accompanying pathologies.

    In addition, depending on the rim used, the Siberian Emerald can be successfully applied to the treatment of gastrointestinal tract and respiratory system. In the first case, a prerequisite is the Gold Framing of Stone, and in the second – silver.

    Considering the fragility of chromdiopsis, its treatment is associated with certain difficulties. One awkward movement of the cutter can lead to a damage of the product, and therefore work with Siberian emerald forces only experienced specialists. As for the maximum mass of stones used in decorations, it is 5 carats (in most cases this value does not exceed 2 carats).

    Due to its excellent appearance, Chromdiopsid is increasingly found on the shelves of jewelry stores. Taking into account the relatively low cost of the stone under consideration, not only rich collectors can acquire them, but also ordinary beauty and style connoisseurs. In most cases, buyers prefer the emerald stepped cut chromdiopsid, recommended by most masters of jewelry.

    As a rule, transparent copies are used to create prestigious decorations, and the rest, less high-quality raw materials goes to crafts.

    Practice shows that the most effectively Siberian Emerald looks in the following products.

    • Gold earrings. Especially original decorations with untreated chromium pies, optimally suitable for bright and extraordinary girls and women.
    • Rings. Such products can be an excellent decoration of any image – both female and male.
    • Beads. Stones used in similar jewelry can be processed and untreated. Both options look very attractive, and the choice of a specific solution is determined by the preferences of the manufacturer of the product.

    Special mention deserve decorations framed by black silver. Such products made using chromium-forming inserts will become a spectacular addition of any outfit – both everyday and festive.

    Who fits?

    Like the overwhelming majority of other gems, Siberian Emerald is not suitable for everyone to his owner. Astrologers note that the best chromdiopsid affects representatives of three signs of the zodiac – calves, weights and fish.

    • Especially positively considered gem affects the calves. The most characteristic manifestations of such influence – financial well-being and accelerated career growth.
    • Can hardly overestimate the value of the Siberian Emerald and for Libra. Representatives of this sign he brings confidence that they are not so lacking and reduces dependence on the opinions of others.
    • Get rid of doubts with the help of chromdiopsid can and fish. He also gives them a charge of positive emotions, helping to cope with painful and depressed states.

    If you allocate signs to which the Yakut gem is contraindicated, then they are Capricorn and Aries. The impact of the Siberian Emerald on such people leads to an increase in their irritability and aggressiveness, which may cause conflicts with relatives, acquaintances and colleagues. Representatives of the remaining signs of the Zodiac Chromdiopsid will not harm, but also a positive effect (in addition to aesthetic) from his wearing, they should not wait for.

    With regard to professions with which the stone “is friendly” is most importantly, the lawyers, teachers and mystics include. In addition, astrologers strongly recommend it to people involved in the health sector (including veterinarians).

    How to distinguish natural stone from fake?

    Experience shows that chromdiopsid is faked extremely rarely. In most cases, the craftsmen are unclean to hand refuse to this undertaking due to the relatively low cost of natural Siberian Emerald. But on the market there is an impressive amount of products performed using synthetic stones created in laboratory conditions by means of a hydrothermal method of growth of crystals. Such gems are derived crushed natural berylla.

    To unmistakably determine the authenticity of the chromdiopsyda, it is enough to carefully consider its surface under the magnifying glass. The absence of noticeable defects indicates the synthetic origin of the stone, while the presence of small cracks and other shortcomings indicates its naturalness.

    Care rules

        In order for the Siberian Emerald to please their owner as long as possible, it needs to be careful for him, Following several simple recommendations:

        • Proper storage of the product involves its mandatory wrapping with a soft cloth and placement separately from other decorations+
        • From time to time, chromdiopsid must be flushed in a soap solution, rining it with a large amount of water (in the end the stone is carefully wiping with a napkin)+
        • The use of aggressive chemical tools for cleaning the prosecuted gem is unacceptable+
        • Considering the relative fragility of the Siberian Emerald, with it should be treated carefully, avoiding severe mechanical impacts.

        Compliance with these rules contributes to the preservation of the excellent appearance of chromdiopsis, as a magnet of attracting enthusiastic views of others.

        About the features of Chromdiopsid, see the following video.

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