Combined wedding rings

Combined wedding rings

Preparing for a significant event in his life – a wedding, young people are of great importance to choose the choice of the chief symbol, combining two loving hearts, wedding rings. For a long time, the choice of rings was standard and monotonous. Recently, newlyweds depart from the canon, trying to choose unique wedding rings, emphasizing the individuality of their pairs.

With this task, combined wedding rings are perfectly coped, which conquer increasingly popular, opening the unbarrous space for the fantasy of designers and jewelers.


Combined rings have a unique feature – a combination of two or more precious metals is used to create them, sometimes one metal of different shades is used. This opens up additional opportunities in creating bizarre design solutions. For their incarnation, the jeweler needs to make a lot of effort. Only a truly experienced master is capable of creating such a ring. And the result, no doubt, justifies the complexity of the process.


Over the centuries, the tradition has developed to make engagement rings from yellow gold. At the moment there is a much greater selection of metals, each of which has its own characteristics and advantages.

Chervonny Gold

Highly denial precious material – all his appearance makes it clear that it is clean, expensive and exquisite gold, undoubtedly worthy of becoming the basis for jewelry. But due to the minimum content of impurities, it is rather plastic, which can lead to deformations if the rim is not fat enough.

Yellow Gold

Metal, which has become a classic option for jewelry, and in particular wedding rings. It is this kind of gold in combination with other metals is most often used.

Pink gold

Material with an unusual color achieved by adding copper into alloy. The feature of the shade allows you to achieve interesting color combinations of metals in jewelry.


Elite and expensive metal with exceptional properties. Although it looks similar to silver, this exclusive material will provide the product to the maximum resistance to external influences and durability among all other metals.

White gold

An interesting alternative to platinum and silver. This material is very popular due to its practicality and elegant appearance.


Budget version for wedding rings. However, in combination with other metals, this material is able to wake with new paints.

Sometimes in the jewelry composition combines expensive metals, such as white or yellow gold with copper, bronze or silver. Not inferior visually to its expensive fellows, such rings are much democratic in price.

Of course, this list does not exhaust the manifold of materials used in the most original solutions. After all, the variety of metals implies even greater variety of their combinations.

To create combined rings, use a variety of materials, sometimes in its ingenuity, even departing from the canon to use exclusively precious metals. Such decorations are placed on an order for newlyweds who want to capture the uniqueness of their pair in the decoration that will remain with them for life.


Above such an ornament as a wedding ring, not powerful time, this is an eternal symbol of family pairs. Designers it makes it possible to invent all new and new models from year to year. The combination of several materials allows you to play with lines and shapes, creating jewelry masterpieces.

These attributes of family life can be flat or convex, wide or narrow, with smooth or curly, rounded or bevered edges

Steam rings, half-made of combined gold, for example, white and yellow or gold and platinum, are symbolic represent a harmonious combination of male and female in a married couple. The boundaries between the two types of metal can be smooth, wavy, nodules, or even in the form of a picture.

In addition to the standard shape, they can be a patterned plexusion of different types of metal, for example, two or three types of gold.

Although the combined rings at the expense of their originality look pretty self-sufficiently and without inserts, the inlay of precious or semi-precious stones will add luxury luxury. For example, the border between two metals or fianitis lined with miniature diamonds or fianitis, the border of the edges or elegant diamond rims will give them a truly chic look.

Evoids popularity of engraving on rings. It can be located both on the outer and on the inside. Engraved can be the date of the wedding, the names of the spouses, the word or phrase (the Latin language conquered a special popularity in this). The advice of jewelers – to make an engraving diamond, which will give a special brilliance of this symbolic lettering.

Despite the canon, wedding rings are not required to be the same for the bride and groom. The combination of materials allows you to make them a mirror copy of each other. Or, since men wear precious stones are not peculiar, the rings can be similar, but only the ring of the bride will be encrusted.

Modern manufacturing technologies give future spouses the opportunity to exchange a pair of unique rings made exclusively for them alone.

Tips for choosing

Since wedding rings are not the accessory that is put on occasionally by the mood, but worn constantly, you should not succumb to the momentary charm when choosing them. Models with an unusual shape can cling to objects or clothing, and a large stone on them will look inappropriate in everyday life. It is worth thinking about it earlier than an uncomfortable accessory will take its permanent place in the box.

Pay attention to the presence of a sample.

In the combined ring, the sample must be on each metal. It is better to acquire products from well-known jewelry brands or from a proven experienced jeweler. If you do not pay attention to such an important detail, you can become the owner of a product made from one metal and treated with a special technology that allows you to create the visibility of a combination of several metals in the product. Such decorations are cheaper, however, over time they can be modified, turning from the “combined” into the usual ring.

It is also worth mentioning several standard tips on choosing wedding rings:

  • Choose rings follows in a calm, comfortable setting. Do not need to hurry, future spouses need to thoroughly think about and frankly discuss their preferences.
  • Upite fitting, you need to carefully listen to your feelings: the ring should be molded to finger without difficulty, it should not put pressure, deliver discomfort or, on the contrary, fall out from the finger.
  • Also, the decoration should look on the finger organically. Slim or openwork on the male finger will look inappropriate, while on the female wide and massive will look cumbersome.

And finally, listen to yourself. Are you sure that this particular set most accurately reflects your relationship? If so, then you both must feel it! This will be the cute heart of the attributes that will give you a pleasant memories of the main day in your life together.

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