Features of Dubai Gold

Features of Dubai Gold

The presence of gold jewelry for many people, especially for the population of the eastern states, is a sign of well-being and success. Beautiful sexers usually have a large number of jewelry suitable for various clothing combinations. Dubai gold gives the opportunity to look luxurious in a relatively low price. High quality Alloy almost does not have differences from real gold, having a high sample. The variety of products is so great that you can pick up the decoration for every taste.

What it is?

Dubai gold is an expensive alloy, which is imitation of original gold. The alloy includes brass, copper and randol, which are expensive materials.

Description of positive characteristics Alloy reduces to the fact that it is an environmentally friendly material, with a hypoallergenic, that is, does not contribute to the occurrence of allergic rashes on the skin.

Arab gold does not change its composition and structure in the process of use, So, is a durable. Made of it the jewelry will not be dim as ordinary. Similar decorations can be replaced by those created from real gold.

The components of the alloy give gold at the same time the plasticity and reliability. One of the positive properties of jewelry created from it is that they are shockproof, do not lose shapes, do not form a jar.

With the daily wearing of gold decorations created in the Emirates, The service life will be at least 3 years. Products will be preserved in the original form much longer if they have to properly care and protect them from exposure to.

In the states of the East, low sample decorations are not in demand. Most of the products produced by jewelers in the UAE correspond to a sample of 14 or 18 carats (585 and 750 sample). The color of the gold of these samples corresponds to the color of the jewelry alloy.

The main people of the United Arab Emirates, as well as the settlement of Dubai control the properties of the alloy, which allows consumers to not doubt the high quality of jewelry.

Reviews about such gold usually positive. Consumers celebrate high quality products. If a person wants to buy high-quality jewelry, he usually chooses this option. These decorations were widespread in many corners of the globe among people of different ages. Also like users Acceptable value of Dubai gold, which is many times less than the price of precious metal. Most tourists visit Dubai precisely because of the jewelry they buy large parties.


Gold mining in the UAE is not carried out – it is only imported from other countries (in the amount of about 700 tons). For the manufacture of Dubai jewelry, gold is used in 18 and 24 carats, corresponding to 750 and 999 sample. This suggests that such a jewelry The alloy refers to highly, Since it includes in its composition a large amount of precious metal. Coloring is saturated yellow.

Jewelry alloy for jewelry is most similar to the colors of emirate gold in 18 carats. The alloy was manufactured as an alternative to genuine precious metal.

Every day, more than 200 thousand kg of gold is processed in the workshops for the manufacture of jewelry, and most of the products are implemented on Gold Souk, which is considered a standard market in the UAE. The market is a kind of business card of the city, it is located in a place that attracts hundreds and thousands of travelers from all over the world. It is located in the commercial region of Dubai, which is called Deer, is near Al-Ras metro station.

Jewelry implemented in this place are Dubai gold. Usually jewelry are impressive products, generously decorated with precious and semi-precious stones. At the same time, new lineups of jewelry contain miniature products that have nothing superfluous, they can be used for daily socks. Assortment of jewelry diverse. On the market space Dubai, you can find decorations from white, pink and yellow arabic gold, as well as decorations made in retrostile, and modern innovations. Jewelry are drawn up with rubies, sapphires and emeralds.

Jewelry from Dubai Jewelry Alloy is not the whole range that can offer merchants in the market. Here MBuy various amulets, figurines, ingots, decorative elements and dishes made from this material. Lovers of unusual things can buy a Golden swimsuit or a baby for a kid.

In most cases, men choose practical decorations or a kit that includes three decorations: chain, ring with a cross and bracelet on the wrist. Nowadays, you can easily acquire Dubai jewelry alloy through online stores, you should only make an order. Such an acquisition will not be more expensive than buying a jewelry alloy on a market space in Dubai.

Composition and properties

Imitation of precious material includescopper, brass, randle and a certain amount of gold. Besides, The combination of copper-zinc-beryllium-tin is applied. All these materials do not cause allergies in humans.

    In addition to the presentable species, alloy from the Emirates has such features:

    • does not destroy, not rust, does not oxidize, does not black and does not darken+
    • reliable+
    • does not deteriorate under the influence of ultraviolet and sea water+
    • can be purchased at an affordable price+
    • You can use for a long time+
    • Resistant to change+
    • You can wear every day.

    Dubai decorations may be such colors:

    • White with blue or greenish sweat+
    • Yellow+
    • White-golden+
    • Pink+
    • Lemon color+
    • Saturated-golden.

    The coloring of the material depends on the proportions of the elements included in its composition.

    Mass and properties of Dubai gold is determined not metric, and carat units.

    Thus, genuine gold that does not contain any inclusions is estimated at 4 carats, metal corresponding to 985 sample – at 23, 750 samples – at 18.

    The cost of such jewelry is significantly lower than the price of decorations from precious metals and does not exceed 1.5 thousand. rubles per unit, it depends on the mass and use of the auxiliary elements.

    It is worth considering that bargaining is considered the base of market relations in the East, so the cost is initially overestimated.

    Exclusive decorations from Emirates wear rich people. They serve as an equivalent replacement of products for everyday socks, allow you to decorate the appearance without the highest costs. Over time, the structure and color decoration do not change. The manufacturer gives a guarantee that the product will retain its original appearance for 3 years.

    Dubai decorations are almost the only jewelry, which is suitable for people suffering from allergies.

    What differs from the usual?

    Visually can not be distinguished with genuine gold from the car. The last of the same coloring, also glitters and shines under sunlight. Similar features are inherent in high policies. The mass of alloy and gold in similar decorations will be identical.

    From the material corresponding to 375, 500, 585 samples, the alloy is distinguished by color. From Russian gold, the appearance of which is essential for people of our state, is the lack of a reddish shade, because its composition includes. In our country, gold 585 samples are used for the manufacture of jewelry, which is practically not used in European countries and states of the East. In these countries, decorations are created from gold at least 750 samples.

    Besides, The ligature contains a large amount of silver. Because of this, the decorations produced in Dubai, much brighter those are manufactured in our country and have a yellow subton. And the main difference in jewelry alloy and gold, not containing additional inclusions, is low cost.

    When purchasing jewelry, large parties can be safely saved.

    Where applies?

    Metal alloy in many cases use for decorations, differing in large sizes and brightness. They can be made in an elegant form or, on the contrary, brightly decorated, corresponding to oriental trends. Plastic material used in the production of exquisite handmade products or stamped products.

    Jewelry jewelery has made great popularity among locals and travelers who stay in these edges to rest. It gives a kind of impetus to the manufacture of a large number of female and male decorations. They can be decorated with precious and semi-precious stones.

    The range of decorations from alloys is quite extensive. The alloy refers to expensive, it is used to create jewelry and souvenir products. Even the most demanding buyer will find something interesting to his taste: earring, chains of unusual weaving, bracelets, rings, necklaces, decorated by semi-precious elements, pendants with a variety of emblems.

    Jewelry from the jewelry alloy are produced in a variety of stylistics. You can choose products for both an official image and more liberated. In the manufacture of the last type of products, precious and semi-precious stones are used, such as pearls, ruby, turquoise, opal.

    How to choose products?

    Going for purchase, it should be remembered that in the markets in the countries of the East You need to be able to bargain. There is practically no price tag here. And if it still exists, it is much larger than the amount for which the seller is ready to sell goods.

    Before buying a product should be carefully inspecting. In the case when the decoration is made high quality, it is worth buying. If one and the same seller is purchased at once several products, the total cost of purchase can be reduced.

    Those who acquire decorations more than once already know where high quality goods are offered.

    When purchasing jewelry from the jewelry alloy, the recommendations of experienced purchases should be taken into account:

    • Acquire products only in retail outlets that have a permit to trade like things and can show a document confirming product quality+
    • Be sure to bargain with sellers – this will allow you to knock down the cost of half+
    • Check the product for marriage.

    Following these advice, you can purchase a quality product.


    Large product should have a big weight, Otherwise, this means that the decoration hollow inside and will not last long, since it is not so hard to damage.


    Among the many merchants there are both low-quality trading. Such decorations can be easily distinguished from the original. It is necessary to carefully examine the decoration, in this case you can notice the shortcomings in the manufacture, the curves of decor elements, the absence of symmetry, jar.

    Trade occurs under the control of the highest persons of the state and specifically the city of Dubai. Jewelry alloy is a kind of attraction of this settlement. Almost every traveler attending the Emirates acquires for himself and as a presentation of decoration or souvenir products. At the point engaged in the trading of such products, there will be a license that allows this type of activity.

    If the merchant is trying to sell a fake, then it threatens with a review of permission to engage in trade.

    Composite elements included in the material for making jewelry, expensive. Because of this, low quality things are not profitable. All elements of jewelry will be created at the highest level, regardless of whether they are made manually or in a machine manner.

    As already mentioned, You can buy jewelry on the eastern bazaar, which has large-scale sizes. On its area there are many shopping pavilions and trays. A visit to this place is even included in the excursion program.

    This is The largest place of gold trading on the Arabian Peninsula, There are up to 300 shops that traded hundreds of thousands of decorations and souvenir products. This market has existed for several decades.

    Features of care

    In order for the purchased product for a long time pleased its owner, you must comply with the following rules for its care:

    • Keep separate from other decorations in a woven bag or box+
    • clean at home without applying aggressive washable+
    • Do not allow splashes of alcohol-containing substances.

    Compliance with these simple rules will allow the use of decorations for a long period.

    About where to buy Dubai gold, look in the following video.

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