Features of Israeli silver

Features of Israeli silver

In ancient times, silver was found in large nuggets. The soft metal is easily processed, he also possessed other unique properties, so used by people for the manufacture of various products, including jewelry and dishes. In some countries, Mesopotamia was considered sacred.


Israel is famous for his traditions. The difficulties faced by Jews in different historical periods did not disassemble the people, did not allow to waste knowledge and secrets of jewelry. Nowadays, like many centuries ago, Israeli production products are known far beyond the country. The fashionista of different continents seek to acquire decorations of famous jewelers.

Jewelry were made by local craftsmen from time immemorial. The branded metal processing style is called “Sabra” and is distinguished by some coarseness.

Sterling silver

Israeli silver is popular with buyers for several reasons. First, it has excellent quality. Secondly, Products from this noble metal are distinguished by the original design.

Sterling silver has a special sophistication. Its important feature is an unusual composition. Interest ratio of components:

  • Silver – 92.5%+
  • Copper – 7.5%.

Depending on the method of processing alloy, products are truly unique. Some acquire a matte tint, in the gloss of others the surrounding items are reflected precisely in the mirror. Over time, decorations not only do not lose their appeal, on the contrary, they become more valuable.

Sterling silver things are produced either in a single copy or small batches. The acquisition holder can be sure that it will not see a similar thing among girlfriends or acquaintances.


Israeli silver differs significantly from precious metal treated in other countries. In small workshops, which in Israel there are many, and on jewelry plants there are unique things with an amazing design. Masters products Thanks to the art of jewelers and the latest technologies combine old traditions and a kind of modern style.

The Master can give decorations of various degrees of shine: from the most bright until almost noticeable. Composite variations of Israeli silver can not be counted. Frames made of noble metal local masters are suitable for diamonds, artificial and semi-precious stones.

Variety of products

Israeli silver jewelry is primarily massive rings decorated with large stones. Most often in the frame inserted opal, agate, black stone.

According to legends, the rings possess the witchcraft forces, serve as chambers from diseases and other adversity, symbolize eternity.

Local production earrings are also massive. As a castle, a hook with a silicone plug, and not familiar to Russia “English”. Such earrings do not have to customize under the thickness of the lobe – they are suitable for absolutely everyone.

Luxuriously look silver necklaces, especially those in which there are “Roman glass”. Similar insert is not used outside of Israel. The ancient glass centuries lay in the ground, so it covered Patina.

Especially valuable items with natural stones: rings, rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants, necklace.

We use chains with intricate vintage, men’s seats, as well as wrist watches. Each product is individually elegant, gives respectfulness to its owner, emphasizes its status.

Often, jewelers make decorations in an old oriental style. It looks such products just unmatched! One view of a silver object is enough to mentally move into an ancient country. This professional will be able to make a thing indistinguishable from those who find archaeologists during excavations.

In the east silver appreciated even more than gold. He was given a special place in ordinary life, in matters of faith and, of course, in magic. Israeli silver is not only jewelry. These are charms and talismans, collectible products, religious symbols.

How to choose?

Once in a shop with decorations, a person naturally seeks to acquire at least one thing. Plastic metal itself is suitable absolutely to everyone. As for the specific product and inserts, then it is necessary to focus on the comparison of the elements and the desired result.

The same stones affect people born under different constellations in different ways. Even if you are not an adherent of esoteric teachings, it is worth listening to the advice of astrologers.

If you want to buy a gift to a close person, choose the suspension. So you are not mistaken with the size. remember, that Almost every instance has distinctive properties. For example, Hamsa (pendant in the form of a palm depicting the eye in the center) protects against betrayal and adds courage. And the star of David is most revered in Israel gives its owner a magical sustainability for any adversity.

How to properly care for silver jewelry, tells the following video.

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