Features of pink gold

Features of pink gold

People, far from the world of jewelry art, are often asked about what rose gold is. Indeed, such an alloy looks unusual and beautiful, but its composition and samples cause some doubts – the cherished labeling 925 is simply not happening. About why the rose gold managed to become a jewelry trend, how to choose it, to pay attention to care, it is worth talking more.

What it is?

Rose gold is a jewelry alloy species having a non-pure metal color. Its surface has a characteristic more or less rich shade, depending on which percentage of ligature is contained in the composition. The alloy looks unusual due to the impurities of copper, which gives red color. However, if the composition is only copper and gold, it means that it is red gold. More tender and delicate coloring can only be obtained by adding silver.

Rose Gold – Material, which for many years has been chosen by jewelers as unsuitable for use. In the Middle Ages, when experiments with metals were actively carried out, only uniform materials were valued. In the future, it was repeatedly attempts to improve the properties of gold, improving its strength. Pink gold entered into fashion already in the 90s of the XX century.

In search of new design solutions, the jewelers paid their attention to the alloy of an unusual colors, which allowed to beat the radiance of precious stones in a new way.

Composition and properties

Rose gold refers to color varieties of alloys based on the chemical element AU. And its chemical properties directly depend on the composition. Here is always a combination of 3 elements:

  • Pure gold top 999 sample+
  • copper+
  • pure silver.

Such alloys are called deformable because they remain fairly soft and plastic. The admixture of silver varies from 2.75% to 9%, the metal shades can be designated as “Rose” (for more bright tones) and “Pink” (for the brightest). The higher the content of the ligature, the stronger and the lots of rose gold are more durable.

The optimal balance is considered in the 585th sample, not afraid of mechanical damage, resistant to scratches, oxidation under the influence of external factors.

Comparison with other species

The main difference between pink gold from the usual yellow lies in the shade of alloy. Jewelers prefer to make it from the ingots themselves, mixing the ingredients in the right proportions.

Related Red Gold Pink is also different, and not only the content of copper (it is in each of these varieties), but also the presence of silver. Of course, it is impossible to call such a precious metal – the volume of ligature in it is significantly higher. But the finished products are obtained very durable, light in processing, resistant to deformation loads.

White gold is valued above all, while the difference in price is predominantly admixture palladium. This rare metal increases the physical properties of gold, but does not reduce its cost. Finished products remind of their shade of platinum, combined well with colored stones. White alloy makes complex jewelry compositions – this is a wonderful background of the rim.

Disputes about what gold is better, go for quite a long time. If we talk about current trends, then Pink and white alloys today are at the peak of fashion, the leading jewelry houses are chosen for their collections. But it is worth considering that gold shade of morning dawn is very difficult to combine in products with colored stones, because it requires transparent or similar to the color of the addition.In addition, the current trends include pink alloy to the category of materials for youth and wedding jewelry.

Mature women it is better to choose noble shades of red, white and yellow gold.


For rose gold characterized by prostanovka 3 types of samples, in its face value of the corresponding pure metal content in the composition. As additional components that determine the unusual color, copper and silver are. The saturation of the color of the metal and its shade depends on their content.


In this form of pink metal of pure gold, it is contained only 37.5%, as much as it is copper, and silver occupies 25% of the total. Ready alloy has a rich dark pink shade. Such rose gold is more like a red or worm, produced in Soviet times according to the 583rd Sample Standard.

From this alloy rarely Make art jewelry, but he can be used in the production of large and volumetric things as a rim. With a frequent sock, the alloy is oxidized, gradually acquiring not too aesthetic species. In the carat system, the pink gold of the 375th sample corresponds to 8 karants. It is worth considering, acquiring products abroad.


Rose gold with a pure metal content in the amount of 58.5%. Silver accounted for 9%, copper – 32.5%. The resulting alloy has an original gentle pink color, very popular with jewelers. Hewell-processed, while pretty durable, not as soft as ordinary gold.

Silver in the composition gives metal gentle pearl pink shade. It is the pink gold of the 585th sample especially in demand in the design of jewelry. In the karat metric system, it corresponds to the figure of 14 carats.


The highest of existing samples. Due to the large volume of pure gold (75%), the alloy is obtained yellow, with a light pink subtock. It is less durable, requires more thorough and attentive care. In addition to gold, a silver is represented in the amount of 9%, as well as 16% of copper. The pink gold of the 750th sample is not so original and decorative, like its other types, but very valued for the high content of precious metal. Such a alloy corresponds to the indicator of 18 carats.

Jewelry alloy with similar characteristics is pretty Popular in the manufacture of mass and artistic products. Among the shortcomings, the appearance of scratches can be distinguished, the need for periodic polishing.

Rings and earrings from pink gold 750 sample will also be the most unstable to deformation.

Who fits?

Rose gold jewelery managed to become a real hit of the wedding jewelry fashion. It is for the brides that the largest plants and private workshops today make a wide range of products: rings, earrings, pendants and headsets, allowing to make an image as harmonious as possible. Beautiful in this performance look Vintage product options, as well as retro. Design in pre-revolutionary style is considered special chic, it is interesting and not too banal.

It goes rose gold to people whose skin tone is close to white. The brighter coloring, the more difficult it is to combine pure yellow metal decorations with him. Wrouders of pale pink skin and at all it is worth choosing close by shaded options to avoid excessive test of jewelry on a general background.

It’s believed that Colored metal alloys worth wearing young people. Indeed, even the design of such jewelry is more focused on young people. But natural blondes who prefer pastel gamut in clothing, this ban can not be observed: In their image, jewelry made of rose gold fit perfectly at any age.

Do not wear jewelry with copper, people with allergies for this metal. With increased skin sensitivity, irritation appearance inevitably. An exception can be the product of the 750th test, but also it is worth exercising caution.

An unsuccessful choice will be rose gold and for owners of dark skin, because in their image, gentle tones are simply lost.


Gold-based, copper and silver alloys have both technical and jewelry. They can be covered with less noble metals from which is manufactured bijouterie. Such products in the mass of their own inexpensive, but at external attractiveness may not yield to the best jewelry. Designer products of handmade with a gilded coating and may cost more than the factory stamping presented in stores.

Rose gold 375 samples is quite rare. It can be seen as the basis of a large mass crosses and grains. Apply such an alloy and in the manufacture of brooches, buttons for designer clothing, accessories, complementing bags and leather goods, in the housings of written accessories, men’s connoisseurs, cigarette.

Sample 585 is distributed most. Assortment of jewelry from such rose gold is maximally wide. This includes:

  • chains+
  • rings+
  • earrings+
  • Sharma+
  • Coulombes+
  • Bangles+
  • necklace+
  • clips+
  • Diadem.

Of course, the mass production provides not only a variety of names. Rose gold is often combined with diamonds and fianits, used as part of jewelry with white and yellow alloys, creating real masterpieces for quite reasonable prices. Popular products and pair products: in male and female performance.

Freeway designer decorations made of alloys of the 750th sample. This is no longer a massive product, but an exclusive product, most often created by individual sketches. The cost of such products from pink gold will be one of the highest. Quality also does not cause complaints. Implement such products on a par with other premium decorations.

There are also collectible series from famous jewelry houses, where unusual shades of precious metal are used to create exclusive, accent things.

Features of care

Rose gold in care is not capricious than yellow varieties of this noble metal. However, certain rules must still have.

  1. Exception of contact with acids. They can react with the alloy or its components, having a negative impact on the state of jewelry.
  2. Protection against deformation. The higher the sample of pink gold, the sternally it will be. When removing contaminants from the surface of products with stigm 750 or 585, it is necessary to use only special tools and soft materials. Completely excluded cleaning abrasives.
  3. Thermal impact protection. High copper content makes alloy unstable to high temperatures. Pink gold products are not recommended to boil. They are wedged only in warm water using special shampoos or other liquid compositions. Before cleaning the dishes or plumbing rings remove or protect the hands with special shopping gloves.
  4. Mechanical cleaning soft brush. With severe surface pollution, pink gold jewelry is allowed to be treated with a soft solution applied to a soft brush. Here is a toothbrush for sensitive enamel.

Given these tips, you can always support products from rose gold in an optimal state, keep them shine and gloss for many years.

More information about different types of gold, see the following video.

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