Features of silver 84 samples

Features of silver 84 samples

Use silver people started in ancient times. The use of beautiful silver metal and today does not lose relevance. Jewelry and cutlery are made of silver with a breakdown of at least 800. However, in antique stores you can find products with breakdown 84, and they are quite expensive.

What it is?

Sample 84 does not mean that we are Silver very low quality. The digit is related to the sample spool system, which was introduced in Tsarist Russia in 1798. Its action continued until 1927., when it was replaced by metric. The basis of the construction of the system was taken by a Russian pound consisting of 96 spools. The spool in those days was used as a unit of mass measurement, it weighed more than 4 g.

Like any sample system, the stenser meant the amount of precious metal in the alloy.

Thus, the stigma wizard with a number 84 showed that from 96 parts of the alloy on silver there are 84 parts.

The lowest indicator was 36 spools, the highest – 96, which corresponded to almost pure silver.

Learn what silver 84 samples. This number is not difficult to translate into a familiar and convenient metric system of measures. To do this, it is necessary to divide the spool sample by 96 and multiply by 1000. By producing simple actions, we get the result 875.

Today 875 sample silver is considered not the most expensive, and from it do not make luxurious jewelry.

But it is an excellent material in industrial production of cutlery.

Pros and cons

As is known, silver is a rather soft and flexible metal, so the material without impurities is not used for the manufacture of products. The properties of the material depend on the quantitative and qualitative composition of impurities. In Russian silver 84 samples there was a significant content of copper, which caused both positive qualities of products and negative.

Plus quite a lot.

  • First of all, copper gives strength to silver alloys. Products are obtained strong, which allows the use of material for items that use every day.
  • The alloy is highly resistant, does not grieve, which provides a long service life of products. They do not lose an attractive appearance for a long time.
  • Things are resistant to mechanical effects, scratches are not formed on them.
  • Products are well amenable to washing and cleaning, not afraid of sweating.

However, some disadvantages are present:

  • The alloy is not suitable for exquisite jewelry+
  • Because of the large copper content of silver has a yellowish tint+
  • The work has not always been accurate due to the strength and hardness of the metal.

Composition and properties

Silver – representative of a group of precious metals. Otherwise they are called noble, as they do not oxidize and are not corrosion.

Among the precious metals silver – the most common.

His distinctive feature – Beautiful white-silver color.

However, silver in this group is the most unstable metal. And his other feature is a gradual darkening. This happens when contact with some chemical elements. Nitrogen, oxygen, carbon on silver do not work. Active yellowing and darkening cause sulfur compounds. Their small concentration is always contained in the air, as this is a product of metabolism of living organisms and humans, as well as sulfur widely used in industry. Changes in the appearance of silver can cause iodine and bromine.

Due to the large plasticity, pure silver is used as spraying using an electrolytic method to improve decorative properties and protect products from other metals and silver alloys. To give precious metals of certain properties, ligatures are introduced into them – additional elements. They help increase the hardness and durability of the base metal, and can also change its color.

Main ligature for silver – copper.

In silver 84 samples, its share is 12.5%. This ratio makes silver resistant to mechanical damage and wear, but the metal is well sufficient for forging. And also due to copper has a specific shade.

In some cases, the masters could add other impurities. For example, platinum contributes to an increase in the durability of products, but at the same time makes them more expensive. And zinc, cadmium, nickel could be added.


In Russia, interest in silver arose under the influence of Peter I. Manufacturing of the first service occurred in 1711. In accordance with his order. Then talented masters began to appear, products manufactured technologies were improved. Under pressure from Peter I in the country there were transformations, European customs were part of the nobility. It has become fashionable and prestigious to have in everyday life of beautiful silver items.

Table silver has become commonplace for serving in rich houses. The composition of the settings was extensive: spoons, forks and knives, dishes, trays, cup holders, other elements. Essentials for 6, 12 or more persons were especially appreciated. Table silver became familiar, passed by inheritance.

Besides lunch sets, It turned out the use of tea with samovar, coffee, wine sets.

The use and collecting of silver objects determined the status of the family. Purchased buckets for cooling wine, candelabra, vases, cigarettes and silver tobacker, desktop writing. Cutlery, accessories and decorative objects made in Faberge workshop were especially highly appreciated.

Antique value

Many factors affect the cost of silver, some of which belong to the field of economic processes occurring today in the world. The price may increase and decrease in quite a short time. For example, During the last year, the price of silver 875 samples fluctuated in the range of 26-36 rubles per 1 g. And in the pawnshop or buying it will be even smaller. Ready products will cost much more expensive, as the cost of work will be taken into account.

Although the test 84 corresponds to the modern indicator 875, talking about how much gram of antique silver is hardly appropriate, because products are cultural and historical value. They are often assessed as an artistic work, exhibit as exhibits in museums. Often such things are in private collections. The global antique market gives high assessment of Russian silver.

Since the alloy has high stability, many products are well preserved to this day.

Items to which the stigma “84” are today have a high price, as it is antique things.

For example, The cost of silver dishes can reach 50 thousand. rubles. In addition to the test, on products there are stigma wizard, which can also increase the cost. The fact is that until 1899, there was no uniform stamp, each workshop or the masters it was his. The stamp could contain the data on the name of the Master, the place and the date of manufacture of the product.

Caring for products

Valuable things require a competent approach to storage and care to ensure their good appearance. Them periodically will have to cleaned from the appearing plated. Make it best in the jewelry workshop where the cleaning will hold professionally. This especially applies to products that have a decor of enamel or inserts from stones.

Objects without inserts can be cleaned independently at home. Apply to the use of special products designed for silver, which in a wide variety are offered by modern manufacturers. It is important to follow the instructions attached to the medium.

The subject can be washed in hot water using a soap solution. If there are reliefs on the product, you should use a brush (you can dental) with non-rigid bristle. With this method, it is necessary to carefully dry the product with a napkin or towel to avoid the appearance of divorces. After washing the surface, it is advisable to polish.

For polishing, you can use special creams or fluids, which are also sold in stores. Special compositions will protect silver from the effects of aggressive substances contained in the air will provide shine.

Upon completion of the procedure, the product is again washed with soapy water to remove the residues of the polishing agent, and wipe dry.

      Store antique silver items in the room where there is no excessive air humidity, and it is also necessary to ensure that they do not get the sun rays.

      Next to silver products should not be objects from other metals.

      With the peculiarities of the brand of silver can be found in the following video.

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