Features of the highest gold sample

Features of the highest gold sample

Many, when buying gold jewelry, seek to purchase the item of the highest sample, but is it justified? What is it, the highest test of gold used in jewelry art? Our article will help to answer these questions, will tell about the advantages and disadvantages of gold products with different content of this noble metal, and will also give recommendations how to choose a high-quality gold jewelry that will delight your owners for many years.

Main characteristics

In Russia, as well as in the CIS and Europe countries, all gold products are mandatory undergo the procedure of pursuing – that is, the application of special stamps indicating the content of pure precious metallol in PROMILL. The highest sample contains 999.9 ppm or 99.9%.

Such a grade of gold is also called “four nines”, this number reports that in front of us – almost 100% pure metal: in 1 kg of the ingot of it contains 999.9 g and only 0.1 g accommodates.

Main property This precious metal is amazing bagpost and plasticity, so that it can be rolled into a foil or pull it into a thin wire.

Gold is no wonder called a noble metal: it does not react with other chemicals, due to which a long time does not lose its luxurious appearance.

In order to increase the strength of jewelry, as well as reduce their weight, and make the price more accessible, Masters-jewelers are added to the alloy alloying substances – copper, silver, as well as platinum, palladium, zinc or nickel. In this case, the percentage of pure gold in such an alloy decreases, respectively, the price of the product is reduced, but its strength and wear resistance increases at times.

The alloy in which the content of the noble metal is reduced by adding ligatures, has a lower sample. Currently, there are the following metric indicators of gold content: 958, 750, 585, 500 and 375.

In the USA, Canada and Switzerland used carat system Definitions of the amount of precious metallol in alloy, where 1/24 part of all its mass is taken as the basis. Accordingly, the highest sample in metric system, which is equal to 999.9 ppm, corresponds to 24 carats, 958 sample corresponds to 23 karants, 750 – 18, 585 – 14, 500 – 12, 375 – 9.

Of all the above, it becomes clear that “Four nines” are practically not used in jewelry. Such decorations are too short-lived, roads, and also have an overly high weight. For the manufacture of jewelry masters prefer to take Metal 750 test and below, and the optimal ratio of the price parameters – quality has Gold 585 test.

Nevertheless, the present standard of quality is considered to be Gold 750 test – And no minor. It includes 75% of this precious metal, and silver, copper, and palladium and nickel are added to increase the strength of the jewelry.

Thanks to such additives, gold alloy gets different shades.

To create real jewelry masterpieces, experienced masters prefer to use precious metal precisely 750 samples. Such gold products possess a truly noble appearance. This alloy retains sufficient softness and pitchiness inherent in the present native gold + from it you can order complex openwork, decorated with fine carvings or air ornaments.

At the same time, thanks to alloying components, such decorations are much stronger than products from pure metal, they can be worn without fear of applying jewelry.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of the precious metal of the highest sample, which is used by jewelers in the manufacture of jewelry, are primarily its noble warm shine and rich, rich color. Such a jewelry will emphasize the status of its owner, giving it an elegance and refinement. Gold earrings, rings and necklaces, as well as clocks decorated with diamonds, sapphires, pearls, other precious or semi-precious stones, never lose their beauty and will not come out of fashion.

This is a wonderful investment, because gold, unlike any currency, does not fall in price.

Due to its property, this noble metal is not engaged in chemical reactions with other substances not oxidized in the air and in water, it can be worn almost without removing.

Another thing – Next to mechanical damage and deformation. Due to the softness inherent in gold high, including 750, samples, which is widely used in jewelry, with frequent use of such jewelry, they can be covered with scratches and wrap the primordial shine.

Golden alloy 750 samples Easy in processing, Such products are often covered with jewelry enamel.

These are very expensive jewelry, wearing who can afford only quite wealthy people.

Where used?

Gold “Four nines” is rarely used by jewelers for making decorations in our country. And this variety of precious metal is not very popular in America and Europe. But in the countries of the East, people prefer to buy gold products in 24 carats, which just corresponds to our 999 sample. However, how authentic such decorations are unknown.

In our country, the sample “Four nines” is used for the manufacture of ingots, which are stored in the Central Bank of Russia and are the golden stock of our country.

This variety is rarely seen on the shelves of jewelry stores, it can be purchased in the form of gold coins in which it is convenient to invest your funds. However, it should be borne in mind that such investments will soon pay off.

The precious metalls of the highest sample goes on the manufacture of gold foil, which covers churches heads to protect the roof from the unfavorable conditions of the external environment – because gold is not susceptible to oxidation and does not rust.

In art workshops are used Alloys 950 tests, Materials make various decorations and art objects. Such a coating is often applied in the form of gilding on objects of art and architecture, as well as ordinary household devices, such as phones.

Gold 750 and 585 samples go to the manufacture of jewelry and enjoys the highest demand.


The price of gold products depends on what percentage of pure precaretal is included in their composition, as well as on the quality of the ligatric components. When adding palladium or platforms to the alloy The price of the product increases significantly, When replacing a piece of gold with copper or nickel – becomes lower. Recently, some countries have established a ban on the use of nickel as a doping substance due to its elevated allergenic properties.

The price of 1 gram of noble metal establishes the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. To date, this figure is significantly higher than a few years ago.

Gram Gold 750 samples cost more than 3000 rubles, its price is determined by the manufacturer.

How to choose products?

When choosing a jewelry follows pay attention to the presence of a sample, which is usually applied to the inner side of the ring, the fastener of the earrings or the case of the clock. The sample must be a clear + in order to evaluate its quality, you need to ask the seller a magnifying glass or bring it with you. On modern Russian gold jewelry, prints are performed in the form of a female head in Kokoshnik, immediately you can see the numbers that correspond to the number of pure precious metal in PROMILL.

When buying gold jewelry Avoid fakes, Purchase a thing in jewelry salons and proven sellers, preferred well-known brand. In no case do not buy gold products from hand, especially during tourist trips abroad.

Gold the highest sample has great softness, Previously, the authenticity of gold coins was tested “to the tooth”: a trail remained on the surface of the golden.

To verify the quality of the jewelry, you can bring it to the magnet: real gold is not magnetized, so it will not be attracted.

At home, you can check the authenticity of the Golden Decoration, dipping it in Acetic acid solution. High-quality product will not change its color.

How to catch the gold ingot of 999 samples – look in the video below.

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