Female cuffs

Female cuffs

Posted by the image of laconicity and grace will help women’s cufflinks – the original, unusual accessory. For a long time, he was considered exclusively male, but over time he began to use a beautiful half of humanity.

Women’s models

For production uses various metals, wood. There are asymmetric and symmetric products. The first on one side is the decoration, and on the other, just a clasp. In the second embodiment, both parts are the same.

Mounts are several species:

  • T-shaped+
  • Rotating+
  • Sharic+
  • Hard+
  • bilateral+
  • chains.

The most simple is T-shaped: a cufflink is inserted into a special slot on the cuff, the fastener is rotated perpendicular to the hole. The most complicated in use – chains and hard fasteners – the latter do not have mobile parts.

Forms of products are distinguished by the manifold. Romantic Natural Sciences will come to the cufflinks with fabulous motifs: dragonflies, butterflies, flowers, shoes, bows. Practical ladies are suitable decorations in the form of simple geometric shapes with precious stones.

Models with Swarovski crystals look very feminine and elegant, serve as an excellent solution for festive events.

Shirt under the conquest

Such shirts elongated cuffs that are called French. There are no buttons in the shapes, but there are slopes in their place, where the cufflinks are inserted. For women, the clothes of the attached silhouettes are produced – due to this, the advantages of the figure are emphasized.

Threat girls with a small breasts can choose shirts, decorated with ruffles, ruffles, swans.

In male models, classic colors are most often used: black and white. Women’s options are more diverse, there are various colors, interesting and unusual prints. Shirts under cufflinks on the collar – the accessory will become a bright accent of the image, will attract attention to the elegant neck. The main thing is that clothes are fastened for all buttons, under the throat.

If there is no desire to spend money on the purchase of a special shirt, then you can take the usual blouse. It is necessary to cut off the buttons on the cuffs, make slots, carefully wrap them – it will eliminate the likelihood that the product is broken.

How to wear?

Men must wear cufflinks with shirts whose cuffs look out from under the jacket sleeves by 1.5-2 cm. Women do not necessarily comply with this rule and wear jacket – without him the image will be no less attractive.

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