Female tie

Female tie

Recently, the unisex style is dominated in fashion, which is designed to erase the face between the male and female sex, making them equal. It concerns clothes, shoes, perfumes, accessories. A bright style representative is a female tie, which will have to taste independent and self-confident girls!


Tie is an accessory preferably made of fabric that is tied around the neck. Its name is translated as “neck scarf”, and for a long time he was an exceptionally male element of clothing.

For the first time, he was followed by a Frenchman – the Duchess of Louise de Lavalier, who lived at the turn of the XVII-XVIII centuries. And only at the beginning of the twentieth century, this element of the Gentelmen set finally settled in the wardrobe of beautiful ladies.

The tie on a woman attracts increased attention to himself, so it should be high quality.

This accessory has not so many features. One of them – a tie can be made practically from anyone, even very unusual material. From Lace and Denim to Skin or Bead.

Female tie usually above the waist line, often it ends at the level of the neckline. The classic length model will be appropriate in the business image, and the short one will suit the informal image.

With the width, too, there are no restrictions – it is allowed both completely narrow, the size of the ribbon and the widest possible. In any case, the second end of the accessory must be hidden behind his face.

What is different from male?

As you already understood, the women’s model is distinguished by sophistication, and in this its main difference from the male. Tie representatives of strong floor Always strict geometric shape, symmetrical and long.

A man can wear a female tie only if he is a fan of non-standard outrageous images. Woman, on the contrary, can safely wear a male accessory, just shifting a node down.

The thing is that the gentlemen put on ties when they want to emphasize the solidity and significance of their image. Today, they often use them or in a business wardrobe, or by a solemn case.

For a lady, this unusual accessory, it allows you to show my originality, create an unusual look to pay attention to. Be sure that you will not be unnoticed with a tie.

Views and models

The bow tie

Perhaps the most popular kind of tie, which for many girls is the usual accessory. This accessory has the status of “unisex”, that is, men’s butterflies do not differ from women’s. Since the size of the straps is regulated, you, with your young man, can wear one bow tie in turn. Is that he can refuse frankly “Girl” print – hearts, flowerfish, Barbie inscriptions.

Galst Tie Bow

One of the first women who started to wear a bowbow, was the famous writer Georges Sand. It is noteworthy that it is a cut of a tissue that can be tied in the form of a bow, and you can be tightened and familiar – both options are good.

Tie jabr

Such a spectacular tie in the form of a frill of fabric or lace is perhaps the most familiar for a woman. By itself, Jabs often can be found on various shirts and blouses, especially they were popular last season. Accessory will help in one instant to transform the blousekin.


With this model, not every man is familiar, not to mention women. It is a tie in the form of a lace with a clamp, to which an ornament or an original pattern can be applied.

It is believed that this accessory originated from the Indians, so he is most popular in America. However, look at the old photos of your grandfathers – in the 50-60 years, the bolo tie was popular and on the territory of the former USSR.

Tie Regat

Model with an already ready-made factory node that is ideal for those who cannot master the art of tie tying.

It has a rubber braid that is fixed under the shirt collar. In the classic male wardrobe such an accessory is undesirable, but he is perfect for girls.

For girls

The tie is often an integral accessory of school uniform, he dilutes the rigor of the image, giving him a bright accent. It can be a short classic tie, butterfly, bow. Popular triangular ties for girls, which looks very stylish and easily adjustable by volume with a button.



Dear, elegant, attracting attention to the accessory, which can be sewn from a guipure or hooked. Such an accessory will ideally complement a festive image, if you decide to visit the event not in the dress, but in a trouser costume.


Looks stylish and never comes out of fashion. Thanks to the structure of the fabric, it looks expensive, suitable for evening exit. One of the advantages of natural silk – he does not attract dust.

Care for expensive accessory must be appropriate – if they put a stain on it, it is better to take in dry cleaning. If you want to wash it at home, use for this baby soap and in no case press.

Under the “silk” often imply ties from brilliant synthetic materials – polyester and microfiber. As if the manufacturers did not try, the low cost of the accessory will be noticeable in terms of the quality of the fabric, so it is categorically not suitable for evening exit! But this is an excellent solution for every day – so that natural silk tie can save for a special case.

From satin ribbons

Tie from tapes – fashionable innovation, this is an exclusively female accessory, which adds a highlight image. He has a very simple pattern, therefore, even with minimal needlework skills, it can be done independently. In other matters, now on sale you can find ready-made models that needlewomen make with their own hands.

From beads

Bead tie is almost a necklace. So far, it is rare, so its owner will definitely boast before girlfriends a unique accessory. In addition, it is almost always 100% Hand-Maid, so the analog you can hardly find.

For weaving most often used openwork equipment and mosaic weaving. If you know how to work with beads, you can soar an unusual accessory personally.


For every day, choose one-picture models of calm shades – black, dark blue, brown, olive, khaki. Especially such colors are appropriate in business images.

If the look in free style, the bright tie is suitable – green, red, yellow, orange, blue.

Creative fans like models with prints. It can be cartoon characters, abstraction, flower, hearts and more.

How to tie a good and beautiful?

It is worth noting that there are no strict requirements for the tying of the female model. The knot can be classic and negligent, tightened tight and bold relaxed.

Step bypass Consider the nodes that will be combined with different images.


Classic, will look good in the business bow.

  • Near the accessory on the neck+
  • Cross the ends so that the wide end was on top+
  • Get it under a narrow part, move it right and stretch through the loop+
  • Carefully grind a wide part in the ear.
  • It remains only to straighten the resulting nodule.


Fully corresponds to the name, it is worth mastering the girls, because it is suitable for popular girls of thin ties.

  • First, throw it on the neck and expand the wide part with the wrong+
  • Get it under a narrow and stretch from the bottom-up through the loop+
  • Turn the work end in the ear and disappear nodes.


It is created for silk ties, so it should be put up for weapons if you plan to enter the light.

  • As in the case of a classic knot, start with the fact that you put the product on the neck, insertion down and cross the ends+
  • The narrow end is on a wide one to put on top of the resulting loop+
  • Throw it in a loop from top to bottom and put on top of the node+
  • Once again, pull down the cervical loop from top to bottom and thread in the ear+
  • It remains to accurately straighten the knot.

Since this technique is very complicated, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the detailed video, which will help to visually understand the features of the crusade tying.

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