Gold 14 karat

Gold 14 karat

Gold 14 carats is an excellent choice for a wedding ring or any other jewelry. Such a beautiful and durable metal has a reasonable price. In this case, the color may differ depending on the alloy.

What a sample is?

Gold 14 karat means that It contains 41.5% ligature and 58.5% yellow metal. As the most supportive of all metals, it is an ideal material when creating elegant jewelry. 14 K is a mixture in which there is zinc, nickel and copper. Since the metal itself is relatively soft, it means, Alloyed metals enhance its properties.

14-carat gold is used for the manufacture of wedding rings, suspension, earrings and other sophisticated jewelry. It is a beautiful and durable material for everyday socks.

General characteristics

Composition and properties

14 K gold is definitely present. Contrary to popular belief, no jewelry is manufactured using 100% pure metal. The reason is simple: Clean gold 24 K is extremely soft, so it quickly remain scratches even with minimal mechanical exposure. Moreover, it is easily deformed and bends.

To make metal more durable, silver and copper are added to it, as well as other metals. Depending on which element is included in the gold, its properties may differ.

The most popular metal is considered red gold, it is the most durable. If you add silver, the material will become plastic, it is easier to process.

Zinc in the composition gives white color due to it manages to reduce the melting point of the material. Harder and plastic gold becomes from nickel, it also gives the composition and magnetic properties. But in the presence of copper, gold is subject to more corrosion, although more durable. If you want to achieve the desired elasticity, then it is better to add to the gold platinum.

Shades of alloys

When choosing a 14-carat gold, you can see a few shades: white, pink and yellow. Although externally, they are very similar, each material differs in composition. The choice of metal color for the wedding ring or decoration should be based primarily on personal preferences.

White is a mixture of pure gold and white metals, such as silver, nickel and palladium. This option of jewelry looks especially stylish on people with light skin.

Benefits of white gold 14 K:

  • Currently more popular than yellow gold+
  • more affordable option than platinum+
  • alloy is more durable and resistant to scratches+
  • complements the white diamond better than yellow gold.


  • It takes to clean every few years to save the color and shine decoration+
  • Nickel is present in the mixture, causing an allergic reaction in some people.

The various colors of gold 14 K are practically no difference for the price. Despite the fact that white metal is similar to more expensive options, such as platinum, this is a reasonable solution with a magnificent ratio of price and quality.

Yellow Gold has a zinc and copper.


  • This is the most hypoallergenic metal of three species+
  • Historically, the most popular option for wedding rings+
  • the most pure alloy of all+
  • long retains his shine+
  • Easily processed.

Disadvantages: subject to scratches and dents.

Pink gold always has copper, it is she who gives such a shade. Than it is more present in the mixture, the greatest gold.


  • Suitable for both men’s and female decorations+
  • Usually a more accessible option, because copper is inexpensive+
  • Durable metal.


  • is not hypoallergenic, can cause an allergic reaction+
  • You can find not in every jewelry store.


No matter who is a decoration manufacturer, no one has the right to apply stigma. Such a prerogative is only in the pure chamber. On Russian gold 14 K there are always 4 elements:

  • letter+
  • Female silhouette in Kokoshnik+
  • digit+
  • frame.

Western labeling others. In the US, gold jewelry do not have a stamp indicating purity. Instead, the logging product is marked on the package. Some manufacturers are stamping their gold letter “K”, while others use “CT”. Both options mean the same. 14 K is one of the most common stamps used to indicate that the decoration is made of 14 carats.

Some countries have their own marking laws, where it is indicated that the country of origin must be removed on the jewelry, if it goes to export. Some products can also be minted with a specific city, region or a sign of the Table Chamber.

Also, acquiring the product on the Internet, it is worth remembering that sometimes the company’s logo can stand on the sample.

14 K 585 or just 585 – This stamp shows the amount of gold in the alloy for 1000 units. 14-carat contains 58.3% pure gold or 583 grams per thousand. Maybe 583, but this is, in fact, the same. Price of gold jewelry embossed 585 and 583 identical. No difference in cost or clean. It is important to know that there are other common gold marks, which include the term 14K. These include the following.

  • 14K GP. GP means gilded, that is, the product has only top of the gold layer.
  • 14K GEP or 14K GE. GE or GEP means galvanic coating. That is, the model is only covered with gold with electroplating – a process in which the thin layer of metal is applied to the main material with an electric current.
  • 14K Gf. GF means that the outer layer is wrapped around the main metal.

As we mentioned above, not all countries require from manufacturers of gold jewelry stamping their products. Thus, if the product is not stamped, it does not necessarily mean that it is not gold.

How to distinguish fake?

By purchasing a product on the Internet, you can run into a fake. High probability stumble upon deception and abroad. Where our tourists are often brought from gold products as souvenirs. If on the territory of our country in the store will meet a decoration with carat marking, then it is rather brought product, and here it is sold illegally. Import gold may not reach the specified 585 or 583 samples.

When the goods are imported to the country legally, He necessarily goes on quality check. The examination is engaged in the chamber. In this case, two labeling will stand on decoration when selling, the second is a guarantee that the client does not deceive. The sample today fraudsters learned to falsify, so it may not always be proof of metal purity.

First of all, it is worth paying attention to whether the grooves are not clogged on the brand, as a trial is well read and how clearly the numbers are applied. All this is often a distinctive feature of a real stamp from fake.

You can find a lot of tips on how to find out the chemical method, whether the decoration made of gold was made or only covered with them from above. However, finding royal vodka and other reagents are not so simple, and you can just spoil the decoration. Gold plated products have a sample 800, 830, 875, 925 and 960. If it is a gilt, then in a few months it will erase and darken.

If this is an imported decoration, it is worth seeing whether KGP abbreviations on it. If it is, then this is a gilt.

Features of care

You can save longer to the attractive appearance of gold, if you can care about it correctly. These are not those products in which the dishes are worth cleaning in the house. Gold after constant contact with chemicals loses its shine. Negatively affects its attractiveness and decorative cosmetics. If the decoration is stored in the box, it is desirable to provide for it a separate packaging. Fabric bags allow you to minimize friction, scratches do not appear on the surface longer.

Jewelers do not recommend using abrasive to clean. Perfect soap weak solution.

There are specialized means for cleaning gold jewelry that are sold for a small price in the store. If you follow such simple rules, gold will glisten longer, and the decoration to delight your owner.

Knowledge and ability to distinguish real gold from fake makes it possible to successfully invest your funds. These simple rules are easy to remember. If you do not want to lose your money, then it is better to buy a product in a proven store. If you decide to buy online, then you should first ask the seller a certificate for products or act at your own risk.

How to clean gold yourself, look in the video below.

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