Gold 24 karat

Gold 24 karat

In the modern world, gold found multifaceted use in various fields and sectors of human activity. And this latitude of its use from year to year increases its value. For investors, precious metal is an excellent tool that allows you to receive a stable profit. And for jewelers around the world, this shining alloy makes it possible to implement your creative ideas for creating products that bring joy and delight to people.

Produced by the jewelry industry is estimated by several indicators: the practicality, aesthetic attractiveness and purity of the metal. But the greatest price for the formation of the price is the real cleanliness of the alloy fixed by the breakdown.

What is it and what is this test?

Gold is mined in different ways. But any of his appearance: nuggets, gold-containing ore or paint is not distinguished by natural purity. It always has many other impurities. Similarly, jewelry contain additives. The quality of the alloy itself and the things made from it are dependent on their quantity. Indicators are clearly regulated at the legislative level and are provided by the process of branding. Special marking is applied to each product – sample.

In order to determine qualitative indicators, one of the four systems. Russia uses a metric, which shows using a three-digit number, showing how many grams of gold in 1000 grams of alloy. For example, 1000 g of sample alloy 958 contains 958 g of noble metal. The remaining 42 g belong to additives.

In the Russian Federation, 5 samples are standard. In 375 sample contains the smallest amount of precious metal – 37.5%, and 62.5% accounted for on additives. The largest 999 sample has 99.9% gold. This composition is called pure gold.

The rest of the states enjoy other methods of calculus: carat, spool and lots. European countries, China, UAE, America preferred a punishment sample, showing part of pure gold in 24 parts of the alloy. Carat samples too 5. The lowest is 9, corresponding to 375 metric. The highest – 24 (999 in the metric system). So, 9 carats is 9 parts of gold from 24. And the gold is 24 carats means 24 parts from the maximum 24 (999 sample).

Price of pure metal – an important economic indicator that humanity uses for a long time. During this time, the value of metal did not fall at all, every year becoming more and more. therefore People around the world prefer to buy gold bars, investing their money in them. One gram today costs 2313 rubles at the rate of the Central Bank. But this value is used only for metal operations at the state level. And for individuals, each bank has its own actual course, which is always different from the quotations of the Central Bank and the London Exchange.

At the moment, the price is 1 gram of 24-carat gold in gradations 3320-3340 rubles.

Composition and properties

Gold 24 carats corresponds to the 999 sample and in its composition has 99.9% of pure gold. Admissible admixture of 0.01% with additives from palladium and platinum. The density of pure gold, equal to 19.32 g / cm³, helps with its prey, ensuring a greater degree of extraction from the breed. In the pure form, the metal is very plastic, it can be pulled out in a wire. It goes into a sheet of translucent gravestone gold about 0.1 mm thick.

Pure gold soft and prone deformation under the influence of physical effort. Possessing high chemical resistance, it does not react to oxygen, nor on sulfur. Resistant to moisture, does not interact with acids, alkalis, salts.

Able to dissolve in the mixtures of some acids and easily forms amalgam, connecting with mercury.

Shades of alloys

The natural color of the noble metal is yellow, but the masters have long learned to give him a variety of shades. Pure gold, featuring a characteristic glossy yellowness, looks very elegant both in small products and in large ingots. In the assortment of jewelry salons there are decorations of other shades. They are also in demand and tremendous success. The color palette of gold products depends solely on the finds of metallurgists and chemists, as well as the prosperous fashion.

Color Metal Indebral Additives.

White color creates platinum and palladium ligators. Nickel gives white shade barely catchy yellowness. Popular red gold has a high copper content. Pink gold is done when fusing with copper and silver. Today, the trend has become black gold products with silver ligature, nickel and cobalt. 24-carat 999 samples gold, having an insignificantly small amount of impurities, never changes in color and is always distinguished by bright yellow.

Where use?

Gold – one of the 7 elements familiar to humanity a lot of millennia. It began to use it from ancient times. And the rarity of the shining metal during its neurotic beauty made it really very valuable. The greatest share of the global volume of gold mined is traditionally sent to the production of precious jewelry. Also, this noble metal is used in the manufacture of crowns and dentures, electrical contacts, it is contained in the medical preparations.

Great demand in it and in the food industry. Since food gold has bactericidal properties and its use in food production is expanding worldwide. It is registered with the food additive E175, allowed to use in the food industry in the Russian Federation. In some countries, Goldschlager gold flakes are popular – Swiss Schnaps worth $ 300 per bottle. This is the most amazing alcoholic drink in the world contains real gold in flakes – approximately 13 mg per liter.

Italian company Florence “Carry Dante” released a limited series of high-quality vegetable soap with pure in 24 carats gold, in which you can see golden splashes. After applying on the body, gold sparks flas out, and gold drops remain in the soap. Also produce pizza, coffee with the smallest gold particles and much more.

As for the production of decorations of 999 samples, it applies little to this end, as it has increased fragility and ability to be launched and deformed, so jewelers rarely work with such a metal. High cost also does not contribute to the popularity of this material. Jewelers prefer to use for products alloys from 9 to 23 carats. Of the highly subject alloys, 958 samples in 23 carats are used, which has 0.42% of impurities in its composition.

Sunny metal marked with high 958 breakdown, is intended only for original handmade copyrights created in single specimens. Although it is possible to note the traditional popularity of precious products made of purest gold in the countries of the Middle East region. Japanese also consider it necessary to have pure gold things. The rest of the peoples prefer gold in alloys.

It should be noted that On the banking ingots that make up the state golden reserve, and on the anniversary coins is a sample of 999.99. What is right only in part. They contain gold 999.96 samples with lead grades, antimony. Of course, the additive materials should not exceed 10%.

Trial 999.99 Get very difficult, it has found wide application only in the chemical industry for galvanic gilding surface of the product from nickel, brass or copper. Electroplating gilding – an inexpensive way to enjoy the product. Pure gold is used for top coverage – this is a tinsel.

As an example, the Gold Olympic medal can be brought, which actually consists of 925 sample silver with 6 grams of pure gold.

How to choose products?

Jewelry products will always be in demand. Therefore, it is often faked, replacing it with cheaper yellow metal. Natural gold substitutes exist a lot. The most famous golden color mineral with metal glitter – pyrite. It should be paid special attention to the quality, and not only on the design.

In order not to buy a fake from “Samovar Gold” should be used by a universal advice: buy only in a safe place. However, entering the salon with a loud name, bright advertisement and unraded to a convenient location can always be “running out” to jewelry consumer goods at the price of high-quality products or sales of the seeded products that have passed a repeated polishing with cleaning products.

Therefore, before making a purchase, it is necessary to carefully produce a visual inspection of the stamp, which should be clear. Uneven numbers, fuzzy signs and sample symbols – a sign of fake. All parts of the decoration must be pierced, it ensures that each detail is made of precious material.

Attentive examination through the magnifier will help to see if the sign has a sample. Or this impression – just meaningless letters and numbers. The unverified seller can easily happen. Folk methods either do not guarantee authenticity. After all, iodine and acetic essence will interact with the surface of the product, without coming to the internal composition.

But if the desire to make sure authentication at home is strong, then all experiments should be carried out on the invisible inner side of the surface.

Golden decorations are actually considered investment and accumulate by the population in huge. Only a small part of the jewels returns to the market in the form of a scrap. Now there is still a method of profitable storage of funds. Typically, the most popular investment methods are the purchase of ingots and coins. The cost of bars maximizes the cost of gold. The weight of large ingots, as a rule, can fluctuate both in the large and smaller way. Also in large ingots, the gold content is not very high, approximately 99.5%. In small ingots, weight is more accurate, and the content of gold is 99.9%.

On the second plan there is a purchase of coins – Krugers and Periov. Other types of coins are more expensive. Bars and coins are recommended to store in the original packaging without removing it. Otherwise you have to prove the authenticity of the product. Yes, and banks reluctantly take them in disruption of packaging integrity and only at a reduced price.

The advantage of this method of capital investment is in its reliability and stable growth of products.

About how real gold 999 samples used for casting, look in the video below.

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