Gold earrings with stones

Gold earrings with stones

Earrings have long been one of the most beloved and popular female decorations. Today such an accessory can be seen even on the smallest girl. And gold earrings with stones have always been considered a special kind of decoration. They can be transmitted from generation to generation as a family relic.

Such a gift make girls or women on a special occasion. It is expensive and favorite decoration that is not worn every day, but only for solemn events.


  • Gold earrings for many hundreds of years do not come out of fashion for several reasons. Gold – hypoallergenic material that does not cause redness and skin itching. That is why gold is shown almost to all women.
  • Gold never loses its value. Beautiful gold earrings look relevant and expensive at any time. Especially if they are combined with precious stones.

  • Gold – Practical Metal. He can darken over time, but to return him the original shine is very simple.
  • Finally, gold is a very plastic material. Thanks to the fantasy of designers, today you can buy very beautiful earrings of any design. They are real jewelry masterpieces.

More worthy rim for precious stone difficult and imagine. Golden glitter gently emphasizes the radiant radia, rubbish, sapphire, emerald or any other stone used for decoration.


Among the variety of modern models, which designers are offered on the sophisticated taste of fashionistas, you can select several of the most popular gold jewelry with stones:


Traditional neat earrings in the form of droplets are relevant for many years and still do not give up their positions.


Earrings in the form of a triangle, rhombus, rectangle, a circle or other geometric shape always look very stylish and elegant. Clear lines, strict design, gold + gem – perfect decoration for all times!

Fantasy forms

A huge group of jewelry in which designers give out their most bold creative ideas. This includes earrings with multicolored pebbles in the form of a mosaic, with cats, with architectural monuments, with insects, with colorful colors and animals and many-many other models.

Particularly original decorations harmoniously look at young girls, older women are best to stop their choice on more neutral and discreet accessories.


Long, elongated earrings always attracted attention. It can be decorations in the form of chains, sparkling threads, flower garlands.


Elegant, laconic ornaments, universally suitable and under the daily outfit, and under a business suit, and under the evening toilet.


Original model in ethnic style. Water loving on the ear shell of a vegetable or other ornament is mounted on the urine of the ear.

Types of fasteners

In addition to the appearance and stone, the earrings differ from each other with the type of clasp:

  • English Castle. Classic English Lock when the hook is fastened with Schwenza. The characteristic click suggests that the earrings is reliably fixed on the ear.
  • Italian fastener. Complex castle, which is most often found on expensive models. Reminds clips with pin.
  • French castle – loop in the loop.
  • A loop. Not a very reliable castle, most often used for long suspension models.
  • The bracket is the easiest and enough unreliable type of attachment.
  • Ring.
  • Cuff.



Fashionable combinations of the season

Gold and gem – one of the most beautiful and noble combinations that you can imagine in women’s decorations. Among the most beloved women models, gold seagles with stones can be allocated as follows:

With turmaline

Unique mineral, which is found in almost any color (blue, green, colorless, brown, yellow, red, black, blue, pink), each of which has its name. No wonder tourmaline call more Rainbow Stone.


Rare, incredibly beautiful semi-precious stone collected the properties of amethyst and citrine. Inhomogeneous coloring includes several tones at once: from transparent to violet with small spraces. Stone symbolizes harmony and unity of opposites.

With onyx

Mineral with a variety of color. For this stone is characterized by parallel-striped layers of different colors. Earrings with onyx are well suited for every day, and on the evening event.

With grenade

Noble, beautiful stone has therapeutic and magical properties. Stone of all lovers, as it is also called. Symbolizes friendship, love, sense of gratitude. Pomegranate earrings put on a special occasion, to evening dress or elegant trouser costume.

Among other popular accessories, you can select earrings with moonstorm, diamonds, sapphire, emerald, ruby, amethyst, pearl, turquoise.

How to choose the color of the stone?

If gold is considered a fairly versatile metal, which looks harmoniously with any clothes and suits women of different age and color,, the color of the stone is selected more carefully. The choice of it depends on the color of the skin, eye, hair, face shape, character and even the age of a woman.

For example, the owners of an oval face are suitable for almost any sulfur options, except elongated. So the face will seem even more elongated. If the face is wide and round, it is visually pulling out to help long earrings. Neat round accessories will help switch attention from square chin.

As for the choice of seague in color of stone, then accessories with black, white or transparent decoration are quite universal. They are perfectly suitable for any along and will be beautifully combined with other decorations and accessories. Such earrings are equally spectacular look at women with different hair color, eye, leather.

Holders of brown eyes Designers recommend earrings with red, red-brown, greenish or golden stone, for example, pomegranate, ruby, emerald or topaz.

The beauty and depth of green eye perfectly emphasize earrings with green or purple stone (Emerald, Tourmaline, Alexandrite, Green Sapphire, Chrysolite, Beryl and Other Minerals).

Gentle blue-eyed blondes are perfectly suitable earrings for different shades of blue, purple, golden colors (topaz, sapphire, amethyst, lapis, tourmaline, zircon). It can be neat earrings, decorated with stingy small stones, or decoration with a large blue stone, for example.

Gray eyes can be spectacularly highlighted by earrings decorated with pearls, mountain crystal, amethyst, cat eye, turquoise.

Gold earrings with stones must be perfectly combined in color and design and with selected clothes.

  • To the business strict costume, uniform, school dress is best to choose the most laconic and restrained earrings: Puses, drops, small tracks with inserts from transparent or nonsense in color pebbles.

  • For a festive event, a youth party, graduation party, a wedding, a family celebration, the selection of Serygr can be much more diverse. The decoration is performed, both in classical and fantasy design. Earrings can be with pink, bright blue, purple, red, green, blue stone depending on the color of the chosen outfit.

Earrings with cameras – one of the most original and fashionable decorations in the new season. Such an accessory will be an excellent addition to any festive along. Whether a dress for a hike in the theater or an elegant trouser suit for dinner in a restaurant.

How to choose earrings with stones?

To purchase a truly valuable and beautiful decoration, you must carefully follow a few simple rules:

  • Do not buy earrings in retail outlets, shops, stores, dubious reputation boutiques. It is best to read the store reviews best. In addition, branded products are always accompanied by quality certificates from the manufacturer. At this point you should always pay attention.
  • Gold decoration must necessarily have a stamp indicating the sample and branded sign of the manufacturer. In addition, the attached tag will give complete information about the weight, cleanliness, the diameter of the stone and other useful information for the buyer.

  • Before buying, it is necessary to carefully consider the decoration in the shade and in bright light. It should not have any damage, dents, dimming, inclusions and other defects. The lock must be absolutely good.
  • Often the stone itself chooses a person, and not the opposite. Suitable for energy decoration nice to keep in your hands, I do not want to release it. And vice versa – the wrong stone does not cause any feelings and emotions.
  • The price of gold earrings with a good stone can not be too low. This or fake, or low quality product.

Care for gold earrings with stones

  • To favorite decoration pleased the mistress with its beauty for many years, it needs careful, careful and timely care.
  • Every time after removing the earrings, you need to wipe the soft napkin from suede or microfiber. Periodically, decorations should be given to the jeweler for professional cleaning.
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