Golden ring

Golden ring

It’s no secret that almost all modern girls love gold rings. With this decoration, many myths and legends are connected, there are many conversations regarding will accept, but in addition to rumors and gossip, there are many rather interesting facts. About them and will be discussed.

Features and properties

Golden rings are popular with that MEND, when people learned how to produce and recycle precious metal. With the first appearance, each girl dreamed of becoming the owner of a stylish accessory.

Golden decorations were considered a symbol of wealth, and diamond rings caused envy and enthusiastic views. And some nations were considered even that gold relies the soul of a person, to exalt it, but during an excess of jewelry, depression and extension may develop.

Why are the gold rings, which types of gold exist and what stones are the popular products?

Types of gold

Gold varieties have several features that distinguish one of the other. Mainly this test. It is an indicator as far as the net gold alloy is used in the product.

The fact is that it is originally mined not the metal itself, ready and in its pure form, but only raw materials that needs subsequent processing, in the process of which is already the usual alloy for us, used for the manufacture of jewelry.

Thus, the breakdown indicates the degree of quality and purity of the metal. The higher the sample than the cleaner gold alloy. For the manufacture of high-quality jewelry, a sample material is used 585.

Alloys and flowers are different, each of which has its own characteristic features. For example, white gold alloy may include silver and platinum, which makes it more durable and strong, but at the same time more expensive. White gold has a characteristic platinum color.

The alloy of habitual and more common yellow gold contains particles of silver and copper. To obtain a standard golden shade that has yellow gold, you need the same percentage ratio of components, otherwise the alloy can be too light or the opposite will have a reddish tint.

Red and rose gold is characterized by a high content of copper elements in alloy. Such options for alloys are more budget, since copper itself has a very low cost. Jewelry from these alloys are beautiful, but not enough durable and wear-resistant.

Black gold is a rather rare alloy obtained in combination with cobalt and chrome, as well as susceptible external processing.

In addition to jewelry alloys, there is a medical gold, widely used in dentistry.


Wide range of rings provides a rich selection of products for every taste, for people with absolutely any preferences.

For supporters of the unstasive classics there are many models without inserts, for lovers of all new and unusual, there are fair products that wear on the whole finger, and for connoisseurs, practicality among models there is a two-way ring – transformer.

With stone

Models with precious stones and natural minerals look very beautiful. For example, the product with amber looks fascinating, especially when some unusual insects are preserved inside the stone.

The model with agate looks more detached, but will become an excellent decoration of the evening dress, like a product with chrysolite, which is more transparent than agate and has a lightest green shade.

Ring with opal looks like a magic product from a fairy tale, and all because the stone is unusual and even slightly cosmic.

The product with citrine looks very luxurious, but the yellow shade of the stone will have to taste far from every girl, so there is such a ring, much less fans than the model with Alexandrite. This stone has a dark green or purple tint, deepening to the base of the fragment.

Incredibly beautiful rings with jade, turquoise, lazurite, chrysoprase, aquamarine and onyx. Natural stones have natural shades that attract attention. Unlike artificially bred crystals, they will not even lose their brilliance over time and do not lose their gloss.

The product with Pink Quartz will definitely strike with his tenderness and femininity, because the stone looks just incredible! Slightly insteaded light pink shade will look great in combination with white or yellow gold cut.

No less attractive and rings with jashed, zircon, with mining crystal, adventurine, sultanite, crystals and diamonds.


Rings can be made not only from pure gold, but also with the addition of pieces and parts from other materials. For example, gold rings with silver are popular, inserts in which they look like white gold, but cost much cheaper.

Popular fashion trend – models with enamel. Multicolored enamel are applied beautiful patterns, giving the product unusual, exclusive view.

There are unusual models made of three types of gold. Such a model, most often, is made of three thin rings, intertwined with each other, each of which is made of a certain material: white, yellow and rose gold. Such a model usually has no decor.

No less effectively looks a model with a pearl, iridescent in the sunlight.

Among unusual models, you can mark the gold ring with the skin. Rowing rings made in the form of a wide leather strap, in the middle of which is the interesting golden item in the form of buckles.

It looks beautifully a double ring, and their popularity is not losing thin, matte and openworks for several years.

If you want something more democratic and restrained, we advise you to pay attention to the classic product, and if you wish to surprise your loved ones, you should consider models with suspension and engraving.

Size and form

The size of the gold ring fully affects its cost, appearance, shape and variety applicable to the decor.

For example, a large wide product looks most effectively in the matte coating, especially if its surface is supplemented with any engraving or a neat diamond.

In addition, only wide flat models look beautifully in combination with openwork threads adorning it.

A small neat ring also has a lot of its advantages. For example, a sophisticated diamond decor, which is flexing in the middle of the product. Such options are most often selected for engagement.

Unusually looks a square product, which is convenient only in the case when its corners are slightly smoothed. The fact is that the sharp corners of such a model can scratch, cling to hair and clothes and even spoil it.

No less unusual and very effectively look the blow models of the rings. The product has some rounded seal that creates the effect of “peeing”, due to which it has a corresponding name.

In addition to choosing a suitable form, it is necessary to make sure that the product corresponds to the parameter of the female finger and will have to do. This video describes in detail how to determine the size of the finger.

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