Green Agate: Features, Properties and Applications

Green Agate: Features, Properties and Applications

Agate – valuable and very beautiful mineral. Green variety uses specially popularity – this is the most expensive view from which you can perform very beautiful decorations. Green agate is not just a solid and rich stone. Since he has a magical strength, he is very valued in the circle of magicians and healers.


The stone is based on the colorless SiO2 silicon oxide, and the green shade is obtained due to the impact on it of scattered ionized nickel atoms. Mineral is valued for homogeneity and saturation of the color, for its transparency and unusual drawings on the surface. Under the microscope consider green agate very interesting.

Agate can have a few shades of green – it is pale green, and salad, and dark green.

A total of several varieties of green agate stand out. So, a translucent mineral with high hardness and juicy green color called chrysopaz. Some of his copies may contain blue splashes – this kind of stone loved Alexander Macedonian. Such an unusual color is explained by the presence of vanadium and chromium, the cost of chrysopase depends on the content of these elements. Venate jewelry raw materials are emerald chrysopases.

Dark green stones got a name plasma. This species is rarely used in jewelry, it is often used for the manufacture of paintings, mosaic canvases, souvenirs.

Prase – This is another translucent variety of agate. He refers to the most rare. This species got a grayish tint and less solid structure.

Absolutely opaque variety called heliotrope Differs high density and hardness. The selection contained in the composition is the cause of complete opacity. By itself, this stone is dark green with red streaks, it loves to apply it when finishing churches and churches. Mokhovaya Agat It is born by layering volcanic rocks resulting from diffusion of solutions through silica. Skipping a lot of impurities, silica adds a stone not only dark green shades, but also gray-white, cream, milk and other colors.

Place of Birth

Green agate is a rather common mineral in the earth’s crust. For example, chrysopases are made in Poland, Germany, Kazakhstan, Australia, America, Africa, in the Urals. Often this kind is near nickel ore. Industrial production PRCDA organized in the mountains of Germany, Salzburg Alps, Scotland, Brazil, Austria, England. In Russia, it can be found in Altai and the Urals. Heliotrope are found in Uzbekistan, India, Egypt, Brazil and the Ural Mountains.


Predated green agate was considered healing stone. It was grinding into powder and made medical medicines. In order for the semi-precious mineral as much as possible to give his healing power to a person, it was placed in a copper frame and used as suspension. It is believed that the stone has the following properties:

  • Prevents the emergence of infection+
  • contributes to maintaining a healthy weight+
  • Displays slags and toxins+
  • improves the work of visual bodies+
  • reduces intoxication in the poisoning and bite of dangerous insects and snakes+
  • helps to get rid of bad habits+
  • positively affects the nervous system, helps to cope with stress and depression+
  • confronts a panic attack and protects against insomnia+
  • Strengthens the immune system+
  • Enhances hemoglobin+
  • contributes to the effective work of the genital organs in women and men+
  • Provides a beneficial effect on people suffering from diabetes+
  • Reduces the frequency of epileptic seizures, reduces the headache+
  • protects against skin ailments.

In the world of psychic, green agate is valued for its magical properties.

Translated from Greek to Russian, the name of the agate is “happy”, it is such qualities to him and attribute to him. It is believed that green agate brings happiness, kindness, warmth and comfort in the house.

In ancient Egypt, this stone was used as protection against evil spirits, and in Greece it was assumed to believe that he brings harmony to all human activities, improves well-being and mood, gives success and good luck. In ancient Rome, it was customary to give decorations from green agate with his beloved in the sign of eternal love. In some nations, green agate was placed on the threshold of the house, So that he attracted good, warm and good guests.

Around its owner this magical mineral creates a positive energy, charges his good aura. Under the influence of magical power, people become more successful, successful. For example, a good mood contributes to eloquence, which is very important in many areas of activity. Stone allows you to concentrate attention to the most important things and helps to seek the goals.

It is believed that the mineral clears thoughts from the negative and dreary memories, gives strength, opens the way to clairvoyance, thanks to these properties, green agate is often used in meditation. Those who prefer to wear agate as decorations remain under his protection against damage and evil eye, rumors and gossip.

In the east, this stone is a symbol of courage and courage. It was also assumed to believe that agate is able to protect the landing from lightning, so the balls from the green mineral were laid in the holes during the sowing.


In jewelry, green agate is used to create unique products. Warm green shades are taken to dilute gilding, and cool colors are beautifully combined with silver. Less often used white gold. There are even such special rules on the wearing decorations of green agate, as:

  • Golden ring and earrings with green agate very harmonious fit into an elegant image, for example, they are beautifully complementing a suit or black dress+
  • If the ring with a green stone is not made of noble metal, it is recommended to wear it on an index finger+
  • Green agate beads are suitable for both the festive along and to everyday clothes + they are well combined with other stones+
  • If we are a sharp bracelet on your left hand, it will not be simply solid and feminine, but will help his owner to cope with excessive irritability and nervousness+
  • Silver earrings with green agate are an indicator of wealth, so they are customary to wear in a circle of successful people.

Green agate is used when designing various souvenir products, for example, when decorating the boxes, dishes, VAZ. Even a coffee table, decorated with green stones, will receive a unique design. Permissible to combine the use of agate with other minerals. So, the magical properties of green agate can be strengthened when it is combined with a pearl.

Many parents give green stone to their children. This subject is able to improve physical health and mental development. Under the influence of the mineral, the child becomes more focused, attentive, inquisitive, he seeks to know the world of literature and art, passionate for intellectual games. But it is not necessary to constantly use the protection of agate, the stone should be given periodic rest.

The continuous wearing mineral is energetically hard.

Fake green agate rarely, especially since it has a not very high price. Sometimes the market can be found analogs of plastic. To distinguish them with a tactful way. Natural agate is cold, it is heated long in his hand, and its plastic imitation has a warm surface. You can also distinguish a natural product from a fake with a knife. To scratch a real stone with a blade, you need to try to very much, and leave the defect on the plastic analog is completely simple.

Who fits?

Amazing energy and therapeutic strength of this stone make it useful for the following people:

  • Employees of professions related to people with people – Green Agat will create energy protection against negative thoughts around+
  • Those, by the nature of the activity, it is important to present some kind of teacher project, lecturers, sales representatives, managers, advertisers – for people of these professions it is very important to have a gift of eloquence, green agate will improve this quality+
  • Agat is useful and for those who work in eastern practices, for example, yoga instructors – the mineral has a beneficial effect on the development of the gift of clairvoyance, clears from bad thoughts, allows you to achieve peace and peace+
  • Unmarried ladies Stone helps to make a choice in favor of the right one, and those women who are already married will allow to become softer and feminine, which will have a positive effect on the relationship in the family and energy at home+
  • It is useful to wear decorations from agate to people who are too susceptible to any changes, emotionally unstable, worried about each occasion + stone will help to take yourself in hand, not paying attention to small failures, will calm the nervous system.

As you know, when choosing the decoration is worth contacting the world of astrology. So, green agate is not suitable for all zodiac signs. For example, astrology Do not recommend to wear this mineral of Aries and Sagittari, since he will make an unnecessary bustle in their life, makes nervous.

Most of all green agate is suitable for tales and twins, these signs of the stone will help to achieve the goal and find a worthy application to their talents.

Capricorn It is better to choose agadas in cold and dark green shades. Such copies are able to protect representatives of the data of the signs of the zodiac from the influence of energy vampires. Lions Stone will help restore strength and make it correctly look at various life situations. Virgin, which are green agate, may not worry about the atmosphere in their family, there will always be warm and cozy. A good effect has a stone and family relationships Scorpions, crayfish and scales. Fish Green Agat brings good luck, supports health, allows you to save the internal balance. Aquarius, inclined to the manifestation of an unexpected explosion of emotions, can use a mineral to preserve mental equilibrium and positive thoughts.

How to care?

Defending its owner from negative, the mineral quickly absorbs poor energy, so every evening it needs to rinse in water and lay it on. In the case of contamination, the stone surface is recommended to be cleaned with a soft cloth moistened in the detergent. It is important to take care of the amulet from falling and more often thanks him for protection and help so that it did not lose his magical power as long as possible.

In the next video, you can watch the charm of green agate in jewelry.

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