Green amber: what it is, properties, choice and care

Green amber: what it is, properties, choice and care

For many centuries, minerals are mysteriously attracting people. From the following gems, experts make jewelry, talismans and charms, and also design interior items and dishes. People believe that stones have not only aesthetic properties, but also magical and medical.

Folk healers use gems to get rid of patients from various ailments, and magic and sorcerers – for magic rituals. Among the huge number of precious stones, experts recommend paying attention to rare green amber, which, despite the high price and the complexity of production, is in high demand among buyers.

What it is?

Green amber – precious mineral, which is mined in small quantities and is not in all countries of the world. The general global level of green amber production does not exceed 2%. Geologists celebrate a wide shade of stone stone, which is in the range from gentle-sea color to green-blue, but the most popular color is brown-yellow.

This mineral originates from a long time, when global warming and trees have come under the action of high temperatures, it began to highlight a huge number of resin, which froze and formed amber deposits under the action of wet sand and clay deposits. Thanks to the gradual penetration into the dark resin of green leaves and herbs, the stone acquired a pleasant greenish tint.

Often, experts are considered in the mined breed even small insects, pieces of leaves and small pieces of trees.

The mined gems come in various sizes and can be a diameter of both less centimeter and more chicken eggs. Most of the stone consists of carbon – 80%, and the level of hydrogen and oxygen is in equal proportions and is 10%.

To improve the precious gems, jewelers use gold, silver and platinum. Precious metals give elegance, sophistication and high-rise mineral. Such jewelry such as pendants, earrings, rings, pendants and beads are used in the greatest demand.

Where are mined?

The greatest amount of rare gems is located on the island of Haiti in the Dominican Republic. On the territory of this country, the brightest and beautiful mineral, which has a bluish-green color. Small deposits can be found in Mexico, France, Colombia and Nicaragua. The shade of minerals produced in this area has less bright and unsaturated colors with cold chip. Stone mining is a complex process, most of which is manual labor. Employees of specialized companies with simple hand tools dig a gem of sandy quarries, which is later sent to processing. The following methods of mining of gems are less popular:

  • Saccha – catching stones with coastal zone+
  • Examination – raising stones with sea sand bottom with special mechanical installations+
  • Mine – mining of stones in the shafts.

The most primitive method of mining gems is manual collection of minerals on the shores of the seas and lakes.

The main stages of the processing process.

  • Rowing – gradual removal of an unnecessary top layer using special grinding tools and files. Simultaneously with cleaning, experts carry out the initial formation of the desired form.
  • Alignment – smoothing of all sharp corners using sandpaper.
  • Grinding – Processing the surface of the stone of the finest sandpaper.
  • Polishing – The last stage of alignment of the surface with felt or felt. To impart brilliance, jewelers cover the surface with chalk, paraffin and various oils.

For maximum brightness, experts use thermal support and warming up with the simultaneous intake of a certain amount of oxygen. Only after reaching the maximum smoothness and the perfectly smooth surface without cracks and chipping, the processing process is completed. A qualitatively treated product has a glittering surface.


Green Amber is an amazing mineral, which many centuries people empowed magical and medicinal properties. The stone of a pleasant green color not only has a positive effect on the human body, but also contribute to the beginning of a new, stable and prosperous stage in life.


Many magical rituals do not cost without this gem. Over the centuries, magicians use gem to strengthen their supernatural abilities and to obtain the most effective result.

Occult science specialists recommend to wear silver decorations with data mineral. Jewelry can be a strong talisman who will save a person from negative and fill his soul in good.

The stone performs the following magical actions:

  • Elimination of emotional stress+
  • Neutralization of the offense and evil+
  • Brings good luck+
  • Help in the prosperous beginning and completion of cases+
  • Protecting women in the period of tooling the fetus and birth of a child+
  • Baby frowning from evil eyes and negative+
  • Return of vitality and faith in a good future.

People practicing yoga use amber amulets for meditation, disclosure and cleaning aura. To preserve love and mutual understanding in the newlywed family, it is necessary to purchase an amulet with a green amber.


People’s healers have many hundreds for many years Use a precious mineral for the treatment of the following pathologies:

  • Cardiovascular diseases and blood systems+
  • Violations of the central nervous system+
  • Prevention of development of depression, stress, emotional disorders and insomnia+
  • Prevention of eye disease development and preservation of visual acuity+
  • Treatment of headaches and migraines.

Who fits?

Green Amber – a unique mineral that can bring harmony and peace. Astrologers are recommended to acquire this stone good, calm and positive people, which at the time of stress and anger, it will save from rash and rash actions, and will also quickly restore strength and returns vital energy.

Astrologers recommend paying attention to green amber to all fiery signs. Energetically strong stone will help not only doubt the temple of Lviv, but will also lead them to the desired result, as well as improve the relationship with the opposite sex. Assistant in business and career Amber will be for good and purposeful Sagittarov.

This sign must be remembered that any negative thoughts may suspend the magical effect of gem.

No less benefit decoration with mineral bring earth signs. Capricorn he will give confidence and purposefulness. Virgines with the help of mineral will acquire the required amount of forces to overcome all obstacles. People who belong to the sign of the fish, gem will give good health, self-confidence. The same influence of the sign will be on the life of twins and scales. Mineral will simply be a beautiful decoration for scorpions, calfs, water and rashes. The assistants of the signs of signs are other stones, but they should not refuse beautiful jewelry with green amber.

As decoration stylists recommend amber products to wear blondes, And representatives of another appearance need to select clothing under gems. Stylists for their collections use green amber as decoration for cufflinks, keyfobs and tongue clamps. In order for the stones to not look at Alapististo, stylists recommend worn one decoration.

Check for authenticity

High price and increased demand for this mineral provoked the appearance of a huge number of his fakes. Unscrupulous sellers are often issued for amber launches and benits treated with special chemical compositions and resin.

Signs of natural mineral.

  • Lack of coniferous smell – only fake has a pleasant aroma of needles. Real minerals do not have specific smells.
  • Tangible weight – even a small gem has a certain mass. Fakes are always very light and air.
  • High temperatures resistance – real amber will completely retain its integrity even at the maximum heating level. Resin fakes will quickly change their structure and become soft and plastic.
  • The presence of scratches – long-term wearing decorations and their contact with various solid objects must necessarily leave strips on the surface of the mineral. Artificial stones do not change their appearance during the fall and in contact with solid products.

No less significant signs of natural stone are a pleasant and warm surface, electrolysis by friction about clothing, ascending to the surface of salt water and the presence of a glow under the action of ultraviolet.

If there are even minor doubts in the authenticity of the mineral, it is necessary to seek help to experienced jewelers.

Storage and care

In order for the acquired product to please their owners for many years, not enough to purchase high-quality and expensive decoration. Experts recommend before purchasing a product with a stone carefully examine the rules for their storage and care for them. Amber must be stored in linen bags that must be neatly folded into small boxes. The most suitable place for jewelry is a bedroom box. Experts are not recommended for a long time to leave the mineral in the bathroom, where the high level of humidity will have a negative effect on its brightness and shine.

It is strictly forbidden to store Amber ahead with other decorations and leave it for a long time under the right sunlight. The long-term impact of the ultraviolet will not only lead to the fusion of the mineral, but also will make it fragile. The contact of the mineral with metal products is also undesirable and will lead to its turbidity. Spoil the appearance of amber can perfume cleaners and cleaning products, as well as creams and aromatic oils.

In order to remove dust and contamination, you need to moisten a sponge in salted water and rub it products. To impart brilliance, it is necessary to rub the surface of the mineral flannel cloth within a few minutes. Regular water procedures will help not only clean its surface from pollution, but also to warn the drying of the mineral.

Special attention should be paid to the storage of amber bes, which are not enough easy to remove into the box. It is necessary between each decoration element to put a soft fabric that will prevent the stroke of the links about each other.

In the next video you can look at the ring with green amber.

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