Handmade leather bags

Handmade leather bags

Every girl wishes not only to look excellent, selecting the most stylish accessories for the image, but also have something exclusive and inimitable. In this case, you should read more details with the leather handmade bags and pay more close attention to them.


Leather bags, in principle, have a lot of advantages, and what to say about handmade products? This is higher quality, and exclusiveness, because it is impossible to manually manually manufacture two absolutely identical products.

Perhaps the most common type of bags – Designer. It is the models created by the famous couturier, have the greatest popularity in the fashion world, because they differ in the inimitable design and limited number of copies.

Copyrights always have the highest quality, since all materials are selected personally by designers and their quality is carefully monitored. In addition, manually executed seams look more neat and are more durable than those executed by the mechanical machine.

In addition, the features can be attributed to the fact that many masters actively use the technique of embossing, decorative thread and skin perforation. Thus, a beautiful ornament appears on the surface of the bag without using even drops of paint.

This season is very popular and very comfortable models of cross-bodies bags. Such a product is suitable for both the working outfit and for a walk with friends and for evening images. Manual leather bags with a strap over his shoulder are not just practical, but also very beautiful.

Volumetric models with small handles may have a different form: round, trapezoid, square or rectangular. Similar bags are designed to wear on the forearm or just in hand, but almost every one has an additional long strap included.

Bag – Bag is very popular in designer performance. It is in the external features of this model that everyone adds characteristic of its work. It may be some kind of decorative stripe, an abundance of beads or spikes, manually embroidered inscriptions or elements embroidered with large stones.

Stylishly look at the models in the form of various fabulous and ordinary animals, besides, such bags are not quite ordinary. Last season, among all the representatives of the fauna, owls had the greatest popularity. This season, the trend has been preserved, and bright birds in the form of bags are still happy young fashion.

Color solutions

It is very important to take into account the color of the bag when choosing it, because not every shade is universal and will be well combined with the entire color scheme of the image. Of course, black, white, brown, blue and gray colors are an unforgettable and indispensable classic and monophonic models will look very good.

But it looks much more interesting to products that combine several colors in themselves. For example, a black color in combination with pink, white or blue looks not so gloomy and restrained, and the product looks more sophisticated and attractive.

The combination of brown, sand and lemon shades can be quite often found in handmade bag models. The soft tones of the warm color range attract attention and have to themselves, besides, perfectly fit into the wardrobe, where light shades are dominated.

Beautifully look at the bags in a relaxed color scheme: muted gray, soft shade of coffee with milk, ivory color and gray pink. The main decoration of such models is inserts or stripes of bright colors – purple, orange, bright blue, emerald and yellow.


On handmade bags, the decor should be as distinctive and unusual as the product itself. The decor in the form of wooden elements is greater popularity – beads, large buttons and key chains of different geometric shapes are suitable.

In addition, metal elements and different fabric stripes in the form of flowers, geometric shapes and decorative patches are pretty well as decor.

In addition, many designers love to use in their work a variety of fabric paints, manually inflicting unusual prints on the surface of the bags.

How to distinguish genuine skin?

There are several ways to distinguish genuine skin from artificial, consider each other:

  • Genuine leather has a property to heat up with a touch with the human body. The leatherette has the same properties, but the heating occurs significantly slower, and there is a slight humidity on the surface+
  • It is possible to distinguish genuine skin in thickness. Natural material has an uneven edge and much greater density than leatherette+
  • Genuine leather is more elastic and quickly returns to the initial state after bending+
  • Genuine leather does not change the shade in mechanical exposure+
  • The leatherette is distinguished by a sharp, unpleasant odor, while natural has a rather pleasant characteristic fragrance+
  • And the leatherette and natural material has pores. And if the first they are identical, then the second they have different depths and have a chaotic location+
  • The basis of genuine leather consists of several intertwined fibers, and the basis of the leatherette is the fabric.

In addition, natural skin can be easily distinguished with temperature effects. Artificial leather does not withstand absolutely no interaction with fire, while genuine can carry out a small amount of time under its impact without receiving damage.

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