How beautifully tie a belt on the dress?

How beautifully tie a belt on the dress?

Modern fashionista knows that such accessories, like a belt or belt, have long ceased to be an exceptionally functional element of the outfit. Today they are able to emphasize the uniqueness of the style, spectacularly allocate a woman from the crowd. To beautifully tie a belt on the dress, you need to master some simple techniques and take into account the type of shape.

Features and advantages

Modern belts are diverse, they are performed from different materials, differ in a rich selection of style and colors. Thanks to the design of the model, you can choose a universal version, which will be successfully combined not only with the dress, but also with a tunic, skirt or pants.

Such an accessory emphasizes the waist. This is an important detail of the female wardrobe, thanks to which you can make solemnity in any, even a laconic dress. Each model is subordinate to a specific case and takes into account not only the place, but also time of day. Therefore, to choose a belt to treat thoroughly.

In addition to the decorative function, the belt is capable of visually correcting the figure, hiding its shortcomings and advantageously emphasizing the advantages. He creates a sharp horizontal, distinguished by a figure, eliminating the imbalance of the figure, distracts attention from them. Creating the desired focus, you can visually lengthen the legs or torso.

In addition, the belt can smooth out the belly by making it less noticeable.

The peculiarity of the tie of the belts is the moderation of fits. Tightly tied, he adds extra kilograms, it creates the impression that it is time to sit on a diet. Overly free on the Waist Accessory says that you need to review the wardrobe or dial lost weight. To avoid this effect, it is better to lower this element on the hips.

The belt is also unique in the fact that depending on the style and color, it is capable of changing not only the silhouette, but also the style of women.

Who should underline the waist?

Any belt is able to visually form a figure, regardless of the type of female figure. It is important not just to wear what I like: There are certain rules for selecting a model of the belt type.

Beautiful and fashionable to tie a dress belt every woman. However, one should not disturb the harmony of combinations:

  • If the female torso is short and full, the ideal solution will be a radical width belt. It will create the desired optical illusion, lengthening the body and reducing its fullness.

  • Slender and high natures will suit absolutely all the patterns of belts. In this case, it does not matter what the style will be or color.

  • If the torso is elongated, it is worth choosing wide model belts. However, you should not fall in extremes, since too wide style is able to visually shorten the length of the legs.

  • Nature not possessing a thin waist, belts are not recommended. But if you do not want to give up, it is better to wear accessories, covering the sides with a cardigan or unbuttoned jacket (this is a shorter of the horizontal in front, making the waist already).

As a basis, you can take the rule: the higher the woman, the greater the belt width.

Before tie the belt, you need to make sure that the model is suitable for the type of shape and the selected dress. In addition to the type of figure, it is worth considering other aspects:

  • The contrast color of the belt is good on a flat belly girls+

  • The model in the tone of the dress simulates the silhouette, without breaking it into parts+

  • A narrow accessory with a decor is better suited to the dress from the flowing material+

  • Choosing a French Length Dress (Midi), the belt tie a little higher than the natural waistline+

  • If the dress of Greek style, the only location of the belt is the breast option+

  • The dress-case is a great option for tie to the belt on the hips (it is unacceptable to tie the accessory on the hips, if there is a tummy).


Little nicely tie a belt on the dress, you need to know which models today in fashion. This season, one of the most popular cannis belts are:

  • Superman belts of the Corset Plan (Kushaki)+

  • Thin products in the classic style (without decor or with butterfly bows)+

  • Wide belts+

  • Sticks with large buckle and accessories with reptile skin imitation

  • Openwork options made of thin skin+

  • Crocheted Accessories+

  • Combined models with decor.

Belt is not only a modest accessory. It can have a diverse decor, due to which it becomes unique. In addition to the finishing lines, the belt is decorated with a variety of fittings made of wood, metal, fur, textiles, semi-precious stones, crystals, plastics and glasses.

Often the models decorated with fringe, colorful embroidery, painting on the fabric, ribbons, buttons, beads, lace and pearl threads.

So they contribute to the style of uniqueness and originality, tied up not only in the traditional way with an emphasis in front or behind, but also, for example, on side or hips (Indian).


Since the belt does not only functional, but also a decorative load, various materials are used for its manufacture. The more unusual material, the more interesting the product.

Vators adoring classic, designers offer models from genuine leather of different textures. Leather belt is practical, emphasizes the status of a woman and perfectly combined with dresses of different style.

In addition to the skin, a velvety suede velvet suede is used, the skin reptile, saffyan, plastic and even metal.

From the most simple in the work of the materials today is popular textiles. Such accessories do not limit the methods of tying, allowing not only simple, but also complex nodes.

Especially popular products in fashionistas are belts from satin, silk, chiffon, as well as new ribbons, brilliant threads, wicker and knitted products.

The special group consists of combined models consisting of two different materials (leather + textiles, leather + plastic, etc. ).

Color solutions

The choice of color is more often associated with a shade of dresses. The belt can be selected in one tone with a dress or be a soft contrast.

Fashion trends always leave the classic place: white, black and beige shades of the accessory are considered the favorites of the season.

Brands that suggest fashionable shows are offered to pay attention to soft and muted paints: in the fashion, sand, brown, coral shades, as well as models with a metal and pinkish color metallic.

In a bright palette, yellow, orange, blue, sensual red and green.

In addition to monophonic models, multiple prints are popular.

As can be tied?

Belt can be worn on the waist, under the breast and on the hips. To properly and beautifully tie the accessory on the dress, you need to decide on the way of tying and perform step by step every stage. The belt style will depend not only on the width of the product: length and texture are not less.

Simple ways

There are many methods of tie belt on the dress. The simplest embodiments of the accessory include:

  • Simple knot – the middle length belt is crushed on the back side and tie the usual knot, straightening free ends+
  • Double knot – the method repeats the previous one with the difference that tie the knot twice+
  • Records – the belt twisted several times, then cover the waist from the back and tie in front+
  • Free loop – the accessory is twice in length, cover the waist from the back, they have free to make free ends on one side into the resulting loop on the other+
  • Loop on two sides – an analogue of a free loop, the difference of which is the alternate product of free ends towards each other+

These methods are ideal for thin leather accessories, synthetic substitute, suede and non-slip textile varieties.

Options with a leather strap look in a new way and differ from the classic wearing accessory:

  • Classic with a thin strap. The unallone narrow strap wrap around the waist, they are in a buckle, make two turns around the belt towards down. The remaining tail is done in the resulting loop near the buckle, one more turnover is performed around the belt towards the buckles and hide the free end inside. If the length of the strap allows, the free edge can be left in front.
  • Lights with an unbroken strap. The belt is thrown in the standard way, they are in a buckle, the free end is lowered down, performing one turn around the belt, then the remaining end is made again in the buckle, but on the other side (with the invalid). Front it turns out the loop released from buckles.
  • Option with wicker belt and wide buckle. The belt wrap around the waist, the free end is made in the buckle and turn it on the front of the eight, closing the buckle (to make the edge in the loop in front after wrapping and hiding the end of the back).

On this basis, it is possible to tie not only leather, but also narrow textile belts (for example, in the form of harnesses) from dense material.

Tie the belt from light fabrics

Textile accessories tie easier. Fabric of more fuel to drapery, crossing and formation of bows.


For this method, textile accessories of large and medium length will be best. To make the belt for all the rules, comply with the instructions:

  • The accessory is set on the waist by the passage, the free ends cross the rear and bring forward+
  • Aligning the length of the ends, they are tied with a single node and spread.

This method is good for materials of non-slip textures. If the fabric flows, it is better to fix the belt with a double knot.

To those who do not like hanging ends, you can improve the design: after the free ends are removed and crossed when the node is fulfilled, one of them hides a wide part on one side, another – with the second. It will remain to straighten the accessory – and the fashionable style in the form of a semicussion is ready.


Tie a belt on a Japanese-style dress is easy. There are several ways to design such an accessory based on the design of the bow. However, the most popular traditional, based on a long length:

  • The long belt is applied by the side of the transfer and turn around the waist, crossing the free ends and pulling them forward+
  • Then one end is applied to another, lowered down and turn around, forming a node+
  • Plane free ends and making two loops on both sides, tie a bow.

If the length of the belt is slightly smaller, you can modify the bow:

  • Accessory wraps around the waist, applying his middle in front+
  • crossed ends from behind, they are removed forward, tie a double knot so that it is not twisted and strongly tightened+
  • Running free ends, they alternately felt in the knot front, forming a loop and identical tails+
  • Aligning the length of the loops and ends, the knot is tightened, lay the bow.


To make a corrugated bow, you will need a wide belt from the air fabric. The most difficult thing is to fold the harmonic belt several times. Then they cover the waist, applying the middle of the back. You need to try so that the product does not twist and remains direct. In front of it tie up a double knot, not allowing to deform the middle. It will remain straightforwards – and a stylish bow will decorate any dress.

It is worth noting that the textile belt on the waist looks better than on the hips. Leather and dense analogues are not losing the form, do not twist on the hips, so if you want to emphasize their line, it is better to make it a leather accessory. Textile accessories in the sock can be lifted, so they are constantly being corrected, while leather do not create extra fuss.

There are some more ways to beautifully tie a belt on the dress. The following video will tell about them in more detail:

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