How beautifully tie a scarf on the neck?

How beautifully tie a scarf on the neck?

Fashion, beauty and style – unchanged factors, daily disturbing all girls who carefully follow their appearance. But it’s not so easy to keep up with fashionable trends, because they are very volatile and fleet.

It is difficult to keep up with all the “rules” dictated numerous fashion couturiers dictated, and in pursuit of style, sometimes, it is easy to get lost and not to see some kind of special qualities in any item, in addition to functional.

One of these things is a scarf equal to the day with fire you will not find, because this product provides not only heat in the strongest frost, but also helps beautifully and stylishly add an image.

What is a scarf and its purpose

The scarf is called a warm woolen fabric, which in the old days was intended only to protect the area of ​​the neck from cold winds and drafts.

Before the scarves were made only from woolen, functional materials and only with the variability of fashion trends in the fashion world, scarves from fine materials were brought, used as a decorative element.

It is worth mentioning that scarves can be worn not only tied by neck, but also as a headdress.

Varieties and distinctive features of models

The scarf falls under the category of those products, the consumer on which will always be and everywhere, regardless of weather conditions and circumstances. And it is this factor that causes a mass creation of more and more unusual models that can satisfy the stylistic needs of fashionable customer.

The oldest and most famous model – Scarf Kosinka, represents a square cloth. Most often, such products are made of fine tissue, for example, silk or chiffon and are used as an accessory suitable for a lung summer dress.

Thin scarves can also be rectangular shape made from one or two layers of material, depending on the structure of the fabric.

Shawl – scarf, externally resembling a traditional golk, because it also represents a square-shaped cloth. The main differences are in the sizes of products, as well as in the material from which the shawl is made – usually this is a natural wool yarn, from which the thin cage knit, or mild angore wool, from which the product is obtained using the felting technique.

The most elegant and luxurious scarf model made of fur (most often natural), called bitter. Such a product is combined with a coat, creating a semblance of a fur collar, or used as a decorative element complementing an evening image.

A recent unusual novelty – Skaych, It is a fleece collar from a sweater with two elongated stripes, the width of each of which is about ten centimeters. This model is a favorite and popular among athletes and lovers of skiing.

Another unusual model is Scarf transformer, representing a non-standard product that can be used not only for direct purpose, but also to wear as an unusual top, but in some cases, even as a kind of mini dresses.

Speaking about scarves should not be remembered about such favorite models like Palantine and Snud. Palanta is a long wide product of rectangular shape made of thin gentle cotton or warm, soft cashmere. Snooth scarf is made of many varieties of yarn using numerous mating methods.

In Soviet times, it was not accepted by the “little” clothes, and weaving fabrics were available and paints for paintings are far from all shades. Therefore, fashionables of that time had to be content with what is, but always wanted something more unusual and bright.

Lovers of calm shades in clothes will be mistaken by light scarves from the materials of bed tones. Cream, creamy, light beige and gentle pink colors profitably shade the skin, giving it a healthy look and emphasizing the light blush.

Dark shades belonging to warm colors, also look very beautiful. Warm scarves of coffee, chocolate, beige and brown colors will create an inner feeling of heat and comfort, and the girl will give more cute, feminine.

Bright colors, such as pink, yellow, orange and green will also find their fans and become indispensable when creating a stylish image with “screaming” details. Scarves of these shades are decoration, both light and warm winter dress.

Cold shades can also be very beautiful and fascinating, depending, from tone giving a picture of a softness of softness or rigidity, peculiar romanticism or cold inaccessibility.

Deep blue color, elegant cornflower, fascinating sky blue and gentle lilac will be the perfect option.

In trend and other, more ripe and juicy shades that give the image of notes of seriousness and solidity, as well as emphasizing femininity and passion of nature. Wine tone, deep color of Marsala, dark lilac and emerald, as well as unusual color graphite will look incredibly luxurious.

Among the prints are also a lot of diversity, some of which are more popular, while others are more and more for the season, but only for a while, since we all know that any new fashion trend is well forgotten old.

For a long forgotten flower print acquired unprecedented popularity in the past season, continuing to replenish the army of his fans. Incredibly spectacular looks pattern of red and pink flowers with juicy green leaves shown on white, cream, black or blue background.

It looks bright and extravagantly, the animal print, suitable confident young lady in light notes of droalls and keenness in character.

Such a drawing is an image in the form of coloring the skins of different animals: snow leopard, tiger, zebra or the most popular – leopard.

Beautifully looks in striped scarves and a cage, width and size of which is chosen exclusively from individual preferences. No less popular and “pea” print, thanks to which you can create an image in the best traditions of retro style.

Classic methods

But it’s not enough to choose a beautiful product of a popular tint, because not every girl knows how to wear a scarf in such a way that he looks not some ordinary thing, but the subject of luxury and chic.

Right and beautifully tie a scarf – far from the easiest task, since certain methods are not suitable for each model, so it is worth inener into this question and consider it more.

  • Slim scarf.

Tie a thin scarf, for example, silk, can be in several ways, depending on the model, even for the same scarf – there are two options.

  1. The first – it is necessary to fold the product in the form of a triangle, and then it is so that the triangular tip is minimally braked or at all, remained invisible under the bent part. You can then learn it on the neck, just throwing or wrapped twice, and secure a beautiful bow or a node suitable for a tie. The same way converges for rectangular lung scarves.
  2. The second – it is also necessary to add a triangle from square brazers, then throwing it through the neck, tie a small elegant knot. The product will give up a little, and the folds will be like small waves and will look just charming!

  • Warm winter scarf.

Tie a winter scarf can be where much easier because many knitted models just wrap around the neck without resorting to the nodes.

This method is applicable to the Palantine, but this product looks more beautiful, if tied with a loop. It is necessary to fold the product in half, throw it through the neck and turn the free ends of one side to the loop resulting on the other side.

Models square woolen scarves tie pretty just. For example, shawl – throwing on the shoulders you can cross the ends under the breast and bore at the back, to create additional heat.

Round woolen scarf to wear much easier because it does not need any specific string. Just twist it in such a way that he formed eight, then folding in half, to push into the hole. All ingenious – just!

With a more detailed description of these methods, as well as with some other options, you can find in this video, where the most popular and beautiful methods of scarf tying are presented.

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