How to care for pearls?

How to care for pearls?

Pearls – a gem that is not considered an independent mineral. 85-90% it consists of calcium, 7-10% falls on organic matter (the konchioline forms the frame of the pearl), and the rest falls on the water.

The value of natural pearls is ensured not only to rarity and natural origin, but also by the fact that it is not eternal. The stone is subjected to gradual decay and has a certain expiration date. Over time, organic substances underlying, dry out, which is expressed in the appealing yellowness on the surface, then in resolveing ​​and full destruction. Since pearls are quite fragile, the right care is very important. So that the products serve you as long as possible, use the tips from this article.

How to store?

Natural minerals are very old and whimsical. Despite the fact that it is an organic stone, pearls – rather fragile. It is easy to scratch, it may not survive the fall even with a small height or sharp contact with a more solid surface.

That is why before going out, it is recommended to put on the last place when all the clothes are already on you. The same rule works in the opposite direction – returning home, remove the decorations are first.

But the careful appeal includes not only.

Need to follow:

  • Behind the temperature – high temperatures adversely affect the material+
  • For cleanliness and humidity of air – too dry medium will lead a faster decay+
  • Behind the lack of direct sunlight+
  • Avoid the mineral of chlorinated water, cleaning and hygiene.

Do not forget to shoot the decorations when you go to the pool, sauna, relax on the beach or in nature, especially if you are going to wash the dishes or started cleaning in the house. It is better to shoot rings, earrings and suspension before bedtime, pre-removing traces of socks soft slightly damp cloth.

Folding pearls better in velvet boxes or boxes, it is desirable that the stones do not come into contact with other, especially more solid minerals.

How to clean?

Pearl can be returned to the past, evenness, refresh the stone.

However, the incorrect choice of funds, which, in your opinion, should restore the decoration, can become a fatal error. We advise you to take recommendations very carefully and not improving using folk ways.

  • Best Pearl Cleaner – Professional Jewelry Pasta. It is applied to a soft tissue without solid particles in a pile. Each bead is rubbed separately, even if you have a massive necklace with a lot of balls. Cleaning should touch each element. After wiping, the paste will need to re-process every bead, but already a dry cloth without a pile. Minus such a professional approach – it cannot be used too often, otherwise active ingredients in the composition will negatively affect the pearls.

  • Quickly and efficiently at home, return the gloss using a soap solution. Type water into a small container, add soap to it without fragrances (liquid or twist solid, enough one spoon on the liter of water) and lower the products into the solution for several minutes. After the procedure, remove moisture and the remains of soap with a soft cloth without a pile. You can also use cotton disks.

  • You can care for pearls with olive oil. Apply a few drops of oil onto cotton tampon and treat the pearl. After removing the remains of the oil with a clean dry fabric without a pile or fresh cotton disk.

  • Another way to revive the decoration – the use of starch. Take a piece of velvet fabric, sprinkle it with a small amount of starch. After put the dirty pearl on the fabric and neatly scroll beads. Powder residues can be removed with a damp cloth or cotton swab, and after it is necessary to wipe the pearl dry.

A separate row in the care of jewelry from pearls is a necklace. The difficulty lies in the fact that nylon or silk threads are used for binders of natural stones. They are less durable than stones and wear faster, Therefore, care (and in any case it will be mechanical) should be special and divided into two parts:

  1. Care for beads+
  2. Cleaning thread.

Safely and carefully the thread can be laundered with potato flour. Just leave a product for 24 hours in a container with flour. After time, get the decoration and remove the flour with a soft dry cloth.

Care for jewelry

How to handle a natural stone, you now know, but it is less expensive, but more common artificial pearls, which are also required to care. Consider how to do it right.

Artificial option, the so-called Roman beads, stronger than a river or sea pearls, so you can contact him not so tremendous, but still correctly. In no case cannot be jeweled in water with high temperatures, eliminate the possibility of getting acids, vinegar and caustic domestic products.

To necklace or ring with artificial stones glistened, you can wash the surface with the help of cool tap water and a small amount of children’s soap.

Jewelry with precious metals

Rules of socks and concern for the right storage of such heads should concern not only pearls, but also the metal that borders stones. Consider that silver and gold darkens with time, and even if the stone itself does not lose his gloss, the decoration as a whole will acquire an unclear look and will require correction.

When buying specialized cleaning products, it is better to clarify that the composition is not too concentrated, After all, pastes or powders will fall not only on the metal, but also will touch the stone. And what is well acting on one element, can destroy another.

Use the most gentle care options, for example, a weak soap solution, and if you understand that the dirt is not mine at home, we strongly recommend contacting the professional.

Energy Cleaning

Not all belong to this type of cleansing seriously, some do not consider such procedures to be needed, but warned – it means armed. It is better to be aware, suddenly your opinion will change over time.

Wash home decoration with soap and water – action is simple and you need to take. It helps to support the appearance of the stone. But if this is your favorite ring, earrings or pendant, which you wear constantly, in addition to physical, you will also need energy cleaning. If there is a natural stone in the product, it will absorb the energy of the owner, both in good days and in bad.

Special attention to energy cleaning should be paid if the decoration got to you as a gift or passed from another person inherited. There is a belief that, along with a gift, you can get the fate of a person who wore a product to you. Most likely, you do not want to adopt other people’s stories, so then we give a few examples how you can clean the aura of stone.

  • Effective in terms of energy cleaning and safe– Cleaning in whole grains of rice is considered. They will not affect metal, they will not damage the stone, it does not change its color and structure. Place the product in a small container filled with rice, and leave it there for 24 hours. Rice cleaning can be used again, but it is impossible to use it in food.
  • Some use non-standard option of getting rid of someone else’s or negative energy – sound vibrations. People or read over the jury of the mantra and prayer, or put in the record the ringing of church bells. You can relate to such a non-standard way in different ways, but you agree, it is impossible not to notice a pleasant ease in the shower, when you hear how loud bells are ringing.

In the recommendations for cleaning stones, you can often find salt, sun and fire. But in the case of pearls from such methods, we recommend strictly refraining. Perhaps the energy you will be able to send to the right track, but externally, it may be irrevocably ruined.

Now that you know everything about storage, remembered the rules of wearing, and you will be correct to use cleaning techniques, your pearls (marine, cultured or artificial) will serve you for many years.

Pearl care tips are waiting for you in the video below.

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