How to change the battery in wristwatches?

How to change the battery in wristwatches?

In our time, the wristwatches most often act in the role of a stylish accessory. But those who are used to focus on time on them, it is already difficult to get out of the house, not fastening the wristwatch bracelet. Most devices are equipped with a battery that gradually loses charge. It periodically needs to change.

Replacing the battery in the clock

Mechanical watches require only regular platoon. Electronic devices in this regard are more convenient. With a new battery, they work correctly for quite a long time. When the wrist watch begins to fall behind – this is the main signal that the charge falsits.

The battery is easy and it is worth it inexpensive, so many make a decision to replace the element yourself. Before interfere with the wristwatch mechanism, you should familiarize yourself with some recommendations:

  1. Check if the warranty period is expired on the product. If not, even to replace the battery you need to contact an authorized workshop. As soon as the integrity of the product is broken by an unauthorized person, the warranty is stopped. If there is a breakdown with them, you will have to spend considerable money for repairs.
  2. Make sure the device has become incorrect or stopped due to the seed battery. Other reasons related to the work of the electronic mechanism can lead to a failure. If according to calculations, the battery is too early to change, then it is better to immediately contact a qualified master. Some quartz clock models are equipped with End of Life indication system (“End of Life”). If there is an EOL abbreviation on the back of the accessory, with a seashest battery, the second arrow will jump through four positions.
  3. Try to replace the batteries even before the clock will fully stop. Otherwise, the battery will flow and spoil the whole mechanism.

Battery selection

The new battery must be perfectly coincided with the previous one. If it is less, the contact will constantly move out, which will lead to failures in the work. If more – then the case cover may not close, and the mechanism and dial is deformed.

Therefore, you do not need to immediately throw out the developed battery. You can come to the store with her, and the seller will help you correctly pick up exactly the same.

The battery must be high quality. Ideally, it should work from two to five years, depending on the capacity, but the danger is not that it will quickly fade. Inside the element, zinc and salts are involved in the interaction, and with a deformed or corrosion package, a slight-quality product can flow. Most often it leads to the need to fully replace the mechanism.

The electronic clock of the last generation of Renata and Maxell manufacturers have a special design of the housing that does not allow leakage.

Batteries should match not only in size, but also by charge tank. It is indicated on the housing. But it should be remembered – the same capacity of batteries will not give any guarantees in the fact that the new battery will last as long as the previous one. If she lay down for a long time in a warehouse, then the battery could well self-discharge. Unfortunately, there is no way to find out how long she has to work.

Voltmeter will show the suitability of the battery, even if it remains to work quite a bit.

On the side of the battery that corresponds to the “plus”, marked with a type of nutrient element is applied:

  • Salt. Suitable for any model of hours, it is inexpensive, but also serves not. When buying such a battery should pay special attention to the date of manufacture, since for the year it can self-discharge by 10%. The most significant minus of this battery is that it is inclined to exit. Masters do not recommend using it for expensive hours.
  • Alkalin. Optimal combination of price and quality. She is inexpensive, serves to a year and a half. But not so dangerous as salt.
  • Silver-zinc. One of the most expensive batteries. Possesses all the necessary advantages: does not flow, it works for a long time, it is self-discharged slightly. Battery with SR-MD type – the most universal of them. Suitable for any hour mechanism.
  • Lithium. Also an expensive battery, but will serve at least three years. There are cases when a similar battery was discharged only after seven years of excellent work.


Workflow does not cause any trouble if there are special tools. But not in every house there seems a set of watch shields. Then the help will come to the rescue. For example, a knife or blade will come in handy for removing the lid.

Also in the nearest optics store, you can choose a set of screwdrivers to repair points that are suitable for working with clock.

Unscrew the back wall will be much easier if you remove the strap from the clock and clamp the housing in the vice.

The clamp should not be too strong to damage the ears. Between clock and visk, it is necessary to put a piece of soft tissue.

With a self-replacement of the battery, in no case cannot be used metal tweezers. Such a tool crosses the poles, which leads to the loss of the capacity of the element and significantly worsens the quality of its work. Pinzet should be plastic or with an isolated working part.

It is not recommended to take the batteries. Fingers leave traces that worsen her contact with the watchmaker.

Replacement method

Before disassembling the device, you must prepare a working environment. The clockwork consists of the smallest details. Eating even imperceptible particle (dust, hairs, dandruff, crumb) can lead to device breakdown.

So the table first need to wipe with a damp cloth, and then wipe it thoroughly dry.

The surface of the table should not be too rigid, otherwise after replacing the battery, the accessory will be all scratched. Shipping table white paper or tablecloth. So you can protect the decoration from scratches, besides, on the light surface it is easy to find the fallen details.

Based on this, you can pay attention, in what conditions experts work in repair shops. It is unlikely that you can trust the expensive accessory to an untidy person who works for a dirty table.

How to open the lid?

After they were convinced of the need to replace the battery, a new battery was correctly selected and the workplace was prepared, you can start work. The most difficult thing is to open the lid, not damage to the accessory and do not hurt yourself.

The back of the case can be twisted or recreated.

If there is a deepening on the circle lid, it is unscrewed. To work easier to adapt the caliper. Slide it on the width of two opposite recesses and fix the tool. Carefully check it out several times counterclockwise. However, not everyone has at home such a device and the more special key. Then you can try to unscrew the cover with a tweezers that the ends bent in the form of a paw.

This shape can be given independently.

Also the rear wall of the clock can be screwed by separate cogs. For work with such a device, a special hour turning is suitable. First, it is necessary to unscrew the diametrically opposite screws, and then in any sequence to remove the rest.

If the rear panel is smooth, then it is recreated. Carefully look around – there should be a slight deepening on the lid. Picker the lid with a small knife or thin scolder. Movements should be solid but neat. Keep the clock firmly so as not to break them.

Insert the battery

After the lid is removed, you should study and remember how the battery is attached. Most often it is clamped between two slats, one of which is movable. It is fixed with the screw. To rotate the bar, this screw must first unscrew a bit. After that, the bar can easily unsubscribe using an acute subject. As soon as the battery is not clamped, it will jump at the expense of a minus.

After that, with the help of plastic tweezers, it is necessary to carefully reach the old power item and insert the new way. At the same time, it is important not to confuse “Plus” and “minus”.

Before close the lid, you need to make sure that the device has earned.

The detailed process of replacing the battery in the clock is described in the following video.

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