How to check gold on authenticity at home?

How to check gold on authenticity at home?

There are situations when it is necessary to determine whether the object is gold. For example, this question may occur if the thing was purchased in a pawnshop or other dubious place. Sometimes people find chains and other decorations on the street. In such cases, it is also interesting whether the value of the detected jewelry. There are many ways to check metal on authenticity, some of them can be used at home. Consider in detail it is those options that are suitable for independent mini-examination.

How to distinguish gold from gilding?

It is important to understand that gold and gold-plated products are not the same. The first is completely consisting of noble metal. The latter only have the top layer of gold. Its thickness can be different, but, regardless of this, the main part of such products is made of another, cheaper material.

To understand the first or second option in front of you, you should not rely on visual inspection. Even the analysis carried out with the help of sunlight will be useless. A more accurate result will be able to use an acute subject (for example, it can be a needle or a saw). Slightly Draw Metal at an invisible place.

If scratch remains, it means that the thing has only a small spraying. If no noticeable damage remains, you are noble metal.

Another easy way to determine the authenticity of the jewelry is to search for a sample. On decorations with gilding, it does not put it. To detect the cherished number, you should take a magnifying glass. On gold, the number of samples and weight of the product in carats are usually written. There are other numbers. For example, it can be the marking of the manufacturer’s factory.

Depending on which product in front of you, the sample should be sampled in a specific place:

  • Earring or bracelet – on a fastener or handickeeper (if English Castle)+
  • Ring – on the inside+
  • Clock – on the inside of the lid.

A couple of words should say about the meaning of the number on the sample. Higher Sample – 999. This is the purest gold. True, today it is almost impossible to meet.

Good options: 958, 916, 750. Numbers 585 and 375 say that in the metal there are many extraneous impurities. However, this should not be embarrassed. Do not put the goal to purchase a product with a number starting at 9. Pure metal is too soft, so such a decoration can be deformed when used. But the sample 583 is considered very good. Many products of Soviet times have exactly such a number on the surface.

If there is no sample, this is a fake. An exception is decorations made by individual order. But such rarely can be seen in the pawnshops. Usually these are values ​​that are considered familymen and are inherited.

Methods for determining

Exterior signs

To distinguish gold from brass, copper or other metal is not easy. There are many gold shades, so it can look like a different way. Today, you can find jewelry from white, yellow, red gold. But if a sunny day was issued, you can still try to visually determine the authenticity of the subject.

Initially, you need to hold it in the shade and carefully consider. Then the product must be taken out in the sun and look again to its features.

Real gold and gold-plated things look equally with different lighting. Other metals can change the degree of shine and even a shade.

Another way to recognize the authenticity of gold is the sound. Throw the decoration on the table or other surface. Ideally, you must hear the exquisite ringing, resembling crystal. However, this method does not allow one hundred percent confidence. For a more accurate result, it is better to resort to other verification options.

Well, of course, it is worth calling for help logic. If the sample is pricked bad, the metal has an uneven shade, roughness, it speaks of low product quality. Most likely, it is either an alloy with a slight content of gold, or ordinary jewelry.


This antiseptic is at home practically everyone and it can be safely used to distinguish metals. For checking, you will need a cotton wand and something sharp. Many use a needle, but the ordinary knife is also suitable. At an invisible place (for example, on the inside of the ring) you need to slightly scratch the subject. Then it should be dipped with a cotton wand in iodine and take it slightly on the resulting scratch.

If the substance is glad and began to evaporate, then before you fake. If the dark color of the liquid is preserved, and evaporation does not happen, the subject is genuine.

In this case, it is necessary to immediately wipe the blurred area to remove the stain. Otherwise it may remain forever.


Some check whether the present is gold, with vinegar. The substance is poured into a transparent container. Then the object is lowered into the liquid and wait a couple of minutes. Fake things under the influence of vinegar quickly darker. Noble metal does not lose the purity of the shade and shine.

Lyapis pencil

This device can be found in the pharmacy, it is inexpensive. As part of a pencil is silver nitrate. This is the secret of this method. The product requires checking, you need to wet. Then you should spend on it with a pencil. After that you need to rinse it again.

If the metal remains on the metal, then before you either fake, or the gold is very low quality. On the noble metal of high sample you will not see anything.

Acid and reagents

This method is quite dangerous and requires great caution, although it will probably find out how valuable is the subject. For example, Jewelry buyers apply with acid and silicon slate examination. Losing a product about a stone, dripped on it with a chemical. On the present gold product remains a trace from the stone even after the reaction with acid. With fake metal he evaporates.

If there is no special stone, you can do without it. Take a metal container and place the bottom item to check. Carefully drop on it nitric acid. If you see the appearance of a green shade on the surface, know that the product is not gold. If a blot color appears, it will say that the item is made of noble metal, but has many impurities in the composition. If the decoration does not change its tone under the influence of acid, it means that you are high quality gold.


Real gold things are not magnetic. Only products with a small deposition layer made of heavy metals are attracted.

Having a small home magnet, you can easily check out what your decoration is made.

“To the tooth”

This method is quite primitive. They used in past centuries when the metal was actively used in trade. Today you can also bite the subject and check whether traces from teeth will remain on it.

However, experts do not advise rely on the result. First, only the purest gold differs softness. And today, even products with good samples have additional components. Secondly, on softness, noble metal is similar to lead. Therefore, they can be confused.


Check, the present is gold, you can use a conventional ceramic plate. The main thing is that there is no glazed coating on it. You can use tiles. Take a metal object and spend the ceramics. Push should be small but tangible.

If the formed band has a black color, fake decoration. If the trace has a golden shade, it means that the upper part of the subject is precisely made of gold.

When using this method it is important to remember that it does not allow you to check that is inside the product. It is possible that gold is only a spraying. Therefore, if you want to get a more accurate result, complement the study by other options.

Hydrostatic method

This method is not too simple. It implies the definition of the product weight in different conditions and exercise on this basis of certain calculations. Invented the Greek Mathematics method Archimedes. The advantage is that it is not necessary to disrupt the integrity of the product (scratching it, exposed to chemicals).

However, there is a flaw. This option for determining the authenticity of gold is suitable only for objects without stones and other extraneous decor elements. It will not be possible to do without special jewelry scales.

The remaining components of the experiment is in the house of each. You will need only a transparent glass and thread. So, at the beginning, the product is weighed. “Dry” weight in grams is written. Then distilled water poured into the glass (you need to fill the container at least than half).

After that, the glass is placed on the scales, the verifiable product is gently lowered into it. If this is a ring, you can use thread. So it turns out to avoid the collision of the item with the walls and the bottom, which is important for the purity of the experiment. “Wet” weight is also fixed. After that, the first indicator is divided into the second. Next, the level of density and, accordingly, the quality of the metal is determined by the special table.

Tips for specialists

In order not to suffer at home by checking the purchase of authenticity, save yourself from problems and purchase decorations in proven jewelry stores. Avoid pawnshops and small suspicious shops. The fact is that unscrupulous sellers sometimes collect decorations from different parts. For example, the earrings clasp can stand a sample, as it really is golden. The rest of the product can be made of cheaper metals.

When buying, check the trial and documents for the decoration. Do not believe if you are convinced that some foreign manufacturers do not brand jewelry products from precious metals.

Determine whether gold is offered to you, you can also. Too cheap it can not be, even if the store holds an action.

How to check gold at home, look in the following video.

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