How to get gold from radio components?

How to get gold from radio components?

Gold is virtually no comparable material. It has unique properties due to which it is widely used not only for the manufacture of jewelry products, but also in various industries. In the past, gold quite often used in radio components. Therefore, many are now trying to get an additional income, removing the noble metal from electronics. How to do it right and safely – you can find out by reading this article.


First you need to know exactly where and how to extract gold. So that such a “mining” was more efficient, it is necessary to learn from which elements of radio equipment can be removed the maximum volume. For these purposes, there are catalogs of radio components in which the amount of gold is indicated. You can also find out this by examining the passports for radio equipment. And further their efforts to search exactly such gold-containing products.

By itself, this business is quite interesting and, despite the efforts spent on the extraction of gold, will bring good profits.

It does not require huge costs and specific knowledge, you only need to have electronic equipment containing gold, chemicals and time for painstaking work. But in this case there is a small feature. Only specialized organizations and enterprises can engage in the buyer of precious metals. So before organizing large-scale production and sale of gold to explore the regulatory acts to understand – legally or not it in your country, will there be any problems with law enforcement agencies in the future.

Which details contain gold?

Many people are interested in why this noble metal received such distribution to cover parts in the electronics industry. For instance, Silver cheaper and has better electrical conductivity, as well as less electrical resistance. The answer lies on the surface: the ability to oxidation from gold is much lower than that of silver, and this allows it to serve in devices for a longer period.

The maximum number of precious metals can be learned from the details of Soviet times, especially those used for military purposes.

Attention must be paid to the domestic electronics released until 1985-86. At this time, the amount of gold used to cover radio components was decent.

Surely many in the garages, in attics and in the storage rooms are stored old equipment, maybe even the worker, which is a pity to throw. In these Soviet devices: TVs, tape recorders, radio receivers are many radio components that have gold in their composition. It cannot be said that in the details of foreign manufacturers it is not, it is present there, but only in very small quantities.

Approximate list of gold-containing elements of radio equipment:

  • Transistors, quite a lot of precious metals are in the CT series+
  • Microcircuits+
  • Connectors of the Soviet period were covered with a small layer of gold+
  • Radiolamps, you can find other precious elements+
  • diodes.

    AND It is worth paying close attention to capacitors – you can get up to 8 grams of gold. But since they are most often used in the military sphere, they are very difficult to meet them. Also, some metal can also be found in modern products, for example, in motherboards (and the age of their older, the topics there are more), in SIM cards for phones and memory modules.

    Extraction methods

    As mentioned in order to allocate gold from radio components at home, you will need time, chemicals, details containing this precious metal, a separate room with good ventilation and some skill. You can pay gold in various ways, but the most efficient and proven two is chemical (it is called affinent) and physical (selection with electrolysis). The first option is easier and more affordable, as it is easier to get chemical reagents than to find or make a bath for electrolysis. And in financial costs it is much more profitable, but more dangerous to health.

    With the help of “royal vodka”

    To obtain gold from radio components and separating it from other metals, we will need a very strong oxidizing agent. It may be cyanides, but their big concentration is very dangerous for health, so they are applied only in specialized agencies. For self-infinite, a mixture of nitric and hydrochloric acid is ideal, this solution is called “tsarist vodka”.

    It is required to clearly comply with step-by-step instructions.

    1. We disassemble radio components, if possible, we remove not containing precious metals. To improve the process, you can crush the remaining items.
    2. Get rid of organic substances, burning details.
    3. Open the windows or turn on the ventilation indoors.
    4. Cooking the solution, mixing salt and nitric acid (Proportion 1: 3) in a special dishes. The mixture must be prepared immediately before use.
    5. In the finished solution, we lower the prepared parts, heated on the electric stove and leave a maximum of 6 hours. It is so much time you need to dissolve and fell into a precipitate. The volume of “royal vodka” should be average 3 times higher than the weight of gold-containing materials.
    6. After gold is dissolved in the liquid, it falls on the bottom of the container in the form of small, almost imperceptible particles. To highlight the precious metal from the solution, it will be needed to add 0.5% hydroquinone. It is preparing so – 5 grams per 100 grams of water.
    7. The prepared liquid is very careful add to acid solution (1 ml of solution per 100 ml of acid). After that, all mix and wait for about 4 hours.
    8. As a result of these actions, a precipitate with gold on the bottom of the dishes. We drain the liquid part of the mixture, and the remaining part is evaporated and dried.
    9. From the dry mix produced, we pay the precious metallol, to make it better in a special crucible (it minimizes losses) with burner.

    Without heating

    If you have enough time, you can use the processing method without heating. However, it will take about 7 days. Gold components are immersed in a solution that consists of hydrochloric acid and hydrogen peroxide in a 2: 1 ratio. Liquid need to mix daily. After a week, gold separated. After that, the solution must be filtered and rinsed with a methyl alcohol precipitate. The resulting precipitate, as in the previous case, you need to dry, and then remember.

    There is a legend that you can get gold from parts without acid use. So here is not true!

    Applied in such cases, the battery electrolyte is also acid, although it may not all know.

    Another numerous option for which you need to have a special container – gold chloride and hydrochloric acid.

    In addition, gold is needed 999 samples, which will act as an anode, but some experts advise to use stainless steel, and new gold in the process of electrolysis will accumulate on the cathode.

    To have a reaction, you need to connect a permanent current to the cathode and anoma. Then just carefully remove the finished metal from the cathode. All methods of prey of precious metallol at home can lead to a loss of about 10% of the volume of gold, and it is not always clean. It will take another additional cleaning, also leading to loss of metal.

    Precautionary measures

    It should be understood that the production of gold with the help of concentrated acids – the process is quite dangerous, and to keep health, it is necessary to comply with security measures in these works. After all Even a small amount of acid that has fallen into the skin can cause a strong chemical burn, and malicious evaporations can hit the respiratory organs and vision. To this not happen, you need to work in protective gloves and glasses for saving eyes and skin. And it is best to have a complete set of protective clothing.

    When acid hit, it is necessary to urgently provide first aid. The affected place is washed under running water at least 15 minutes. After that, a soda compress is made of 2% soda solution for 10 minutes. Next compress is cleaned, the skin wipes dry. After these events you need to visit the doctor.

    The room in which the process of affinage passes must be well ventilated or have an excellent ventilation system.

    In that case, When the solution shed, it is necessary to fall asleep this place with sand, then remove it and throw away. After cleaning, this part of the flooring then need to be treated with a soda solution and rinse with clean water.

    Compliance with these elementary precautions will save your health and life.

    As you can see, Getting gold from radio components is profitable, although complex and time consuming. There will have to spend a lot of strength to search for materials containing precious metal, on reagents, suitable location and t. D. And again, do not forget about the health hazards associated with this occupation, and the possible criminal subtext. Both can be warned by studying the instructions for working with chemicals and the relevant laws.

    The following video presents the process of obtaining gold from electronic boards at home.

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