How to make a chalm?

How to make a chalm?

Turban is a headdress that came to the world of fashion from the countries of the East. He got great popularity. Chalmo began to wink not only ordinary people, but also known personalities from the world of show business: Ksenia Sobchak, Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Bonya and many others. But if they pick up the turbans and tie stylists, then ordinary people to look stylish, it is necessary to master this art on their own, because there are several ways to tie a chalms, and you can make this accessory on my head not from every handker.

Dimensions of the chalk handker

Chalma is a rather long piece of matter, which in a certain way wound on the head. People in eastern countries use for this shawl, whose length can reach 20 meters. But tie such a handkerchief will have long, and a special skill will need.

If you want to look stylish, then for the chalma you can use a scarf size of 130×40 cm. Sometimes to create a beautiful chalma, a longer canvas will be required – up to 2.5 meters long.

Too short shawl for this purpose is not recommended, because it will be quite difficult to tie it. And even if it is possible to do this, then in the process of socks of the Chalms, hidden tips can fall out. Ultimately, the entire design may fall apart.

Common ways of tying

There are many ways of tying chylma: Muslim, with harness, African and others. All of them differ from each other. Composition, complexity, final appearance.


The traditional way to winding the Chalms is simultaneously the easiest. For execution you need to take stole (Better if it will have a rectangular shape). Next, it must be put on the occipital part of the head, and the ends raise up.

The next step is to twist the ends on the frontal part and again to start them back, tie up, and the tips gently hide.

Approximately such a procedure most women are done with a towel after the head wash. Just terry towels look large and less elegantly.

For long hair

The turban can be beautifully located on the head, even if a person has long hair. To do this, you must perform the following actions:

  • Square handkerchief folded in half so that it turns out a triangle+
  • Long sides of this triangle need to be folded in the direction of the population – should form an angle with a vertex in the central part of the forehead+
  • Then the ends should be started back, cross with tension and return to the top, tolding a double knot+
  • In the final, the edges are better to fill down.

If you want to remove your hair, then you need to use the remaining third corner. Makushka can be left open and release hair out. Any of these options will look beautiful and unusual.


To get such a chalm, you need to use two shawls of different colors. Important moment – for this purpose it is better to choose scarves made of light fabrics, since otherwise the tied nodes will not be so elegant. You need to do the following steps:

  • at one corner of the two selected headscarves must be tightly tied together+
  • The node must be attached to the occipital part of the head, and the free corners of the headscarves to take to the forehead+
  • Here they need to cross and send them back, and there again cross and go ahead+
  • tie a knot and tips hide.

Fashion experts argue that such a chalms is more suitable for summer.

Unusual options

If you want to look spectacularly and surprise those around you, you can tie a chalm one of several unusual ways. These options are more suitable for women.

With zhgutami

One of the most interesting is the option with harness. These details require separate consideration. With their help, it is possible to securely fix the chalm, as well as use as a decor option. There, too, there are a lot of options: you can braid a braid from the handles, make a “basket” or “snail”.

Palantine needs to wrap around the head several times, tie, and screw the ends into dense harnesses. Further, they can be folded in one of the above options. It all depends on fantasy and desire.

In african style

African turban is very well suited to complete an exotic image. But it should be noted that More such an option is suitable for dark-skinned women or those who have Scandinavian appearance.

The secret of the coating of the palatine in this case is as follows: the tissue is wounded by numerous layers, and in the area of ​​the crown and the nape is formed a majestic landing of the head.

Strengthen the effect can be used if you use the following tips:

  • If you have your own thick and long hair, you can collect them in a bunch+
  • You need to use a big-length scarf or 2-3 medium size+
  • Make lining, which will be visually able to increase the volume.

On the African continent, such a headdress is simply indispensable. He not only adorns local women, but also helps them to carry gravity (jugs with water, products) on the head.

With a triple node

Tie a handkerchief on the head in the form of a chalms using nodes. This method is not only relevant, but also very elegant. Phased actions are as follows:

  • scarf need to be added diagonally, and then hide them all head+
  • hanging ends need to be cut off on the back of the head, and then send up+
  • On the side of them alternately need to tie three knots.

The remaining tips must be hidden inwards to succeed.

In Turkish

To make a real Turkish turban, it is better to use real Muslim scarves that have good elasticity. Step-by-step pavement scheme looks like this:

  • The canvas need to throw on the head as if it is a hood+
  • Free sides crossed on the back of the head+
  • throw up the top and there again crossed twice+
  • the ends again take back and hide in the inside of the whole design.

So that the Turkish turban looked beautifully and was securely fixed on the head, at the final stage, the ends of the palantea can be additionally tied (before hiding them).

From a square handker

If you want to make a neat chalm, then it is better to choose a lightweight square shape for this purpose. It is possible to tie it, following such instructions:

  • scarf must be smoothly folded diagonally so that it turns out a triangle+
  • Next, it needs to put on the head, but backwards: a long angle should be in front, close the face+
  • Two ends, which at the time of the imposition of the shawl must be in the hands, you need to tie into the node on the frontal part+
  • then you need to raise your head, and the straight angle to try to wrap back – so, at this stage, the person must be open+
  • free ends are recommended to start and tie back to the knot.

By tradition, the tips better hide under Chalm.


Despite the different ways of tying a chalms, there are general advice that is better not to ignore, If you really want to look spectacular.

  • In most cases, Chalma will hide the hair, so the surrounding will pay attention to the face. It is better to make gentle careless makeup, and the turban will become his excellent addition.

  • If a person has long hair and do not plan to exhibit out, it is better to make a tight beam. So the hair will not be inconvenience when winding the chalms.

  • Too weak tension during tying can harm – Chalma just falls off his head at the most inopportune moment. And if you tighten the handkerchief too tightly, after a few minutes you can feel the headache, which will only increase over time. You need to try to tie as hard as possible, but so that it was comfortable.

  • Chalma is better to tie after a person dressed, but not yet put on top clothes (if it is meant by weather conditions).

  • Silk scarves are quite difficult to fix due to material features. That is why it is better to stop the beginners in the Tissue of Chalms, made from some other material – more dense and rough.

  • It is incorrect to believe that Chalma itself is an accent. In most cases, it must be “revived” by some accessory, such as brooch. You can also put on ears massive clips or earrings.

  • Chalms have a significant advantage – it will help to hide the unwashed hair and lacking.

Chalma is a headdress that is distinguished by its versatility. Depending on the tissue and coloring, it can be worn both on weekdays and for holidays. The main thing is to correctly and securely fix the cloth on the head.

Easy Method of Tissue of Chalms from the header is presented.

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