How to remove earring carnations after puncture gun?

How to remove earring carnations after puncture gun?

Punch of the uche of ears in the cabin, as a rule, is carried out by a gun in which a special sterile carnation earrings is filled. Since in the process of procedure, the machine fixes the fastener is very tight, it is not always easy to remove when it comes to change the decoration.

If you compare carnations with earrings with an English lock, then in both cases the products are closed in two clicks, allowing you to adjust the density of the searches of the earring to the ear of the ear, but in the second case, it is much easier to remove the decoration due to the movable part. In the first, it is not always possible to cope with this task manually. Everyone who has come across this problem ever wondered how to remove the surgery-carnation after the puncture of the gun so as not to injure the ear.

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When the time comes to get medical earrings from the ears, it should be understood that the place of puncture needs careful handling after a recent healing, you need to act as accurately. Not having auxiliary means, it is not always possible to cope without damage to the ear, so you can only manually stroke the clasp, without trying to remove it completely.

Next, you should prepare cotton discs and healing hygiene products for the care of the probe (hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, chlorhexidine), and scissors with rounded ends, which should be placed in the fastener holes.

Before the procedure, it is necessary to handle the uhah, hands and scissors. Holding an earrings for the carnation itself, to reveal the scissors, the ends of which are inside the fastener, and pull.

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