How to store wristwatches?

How to store wristwatches?

Dear clock – not only a functional accessory or a wonderful decoration. This is also an attribute of a successful person, an indicator of its financial consistency. Naturally, such an item needs special care. This applies primarily to choosing a watches storage space.

How and where to store?

For expensive, rare models or instances representing jewelry value, today there are many of the most different storage devices.


The most common option. Wooden, metal, plastic, stone casket is probably in every home. Jewelry or valuable things are stored there. There can be stored and chronometers.

Timmers and Vindergings

It is also a kind of caskets for storing clock with auto-cutting. Such a repository will greatly save the accessory from entering it moisture, dust, mechanical damage. In addition, this device is a special rotating bowl whose oscillations are very accurately mimicing the movements of the hand of a walking person. Times usually have a glass door through which you can watch the pendulum vibrations of the chronometer.

The clocks in such a device are always ready for work and have almost the maximum charge. Permanent movement is necessary for mechanical models, otherwise their mechanism ceases to function normally.

Safe and Safe Bag for Transportation

The perfect place to store high-value copies, whose cost or aesthetic value does not allow them to store them in open access. Outwardly, they have nothing to do with the familiar bulky codes. They resemble, rather, unusual details of the interior, so noticing their uninitiated visitor to the room is not so easy.

Such safes are equipped with code locks, special sensors to “memorize” fingerprints, GPS system, auto-shock and other functions.

For storage of chronometers, you can choose less exotic options. The main thing is to follow simple recommendations:

  • You can not store accessories with a quartz mechanism next to the sources of electromagnetic waves. It may be a mobile phone, radio, radio or other subject+
  • Take care of the watch from moisture, dust, mechanical damage (scratches, blows). It will largely extend their service life+
  • It is recommended to choose a permanent place to store chronometer. It can be a special stand for outdoor hours, a small box, a rack, holder or miniature hanger. Accessory should always be at hand.

Special boxes or safes with multiple compartments can be purchased for storage. Common storage will not hurt the clock mechanism, especially since a special compartment is provided in the box in the box.


Today they are presented in a huge assortment and allow you to perform 2 functions at once: the storage locations of the accessory and the interior decoration element.

  • Poropolone pads, covered with atlas, silk or other beautiful cloth. Allow you to carefully and beautifully place the clock so that they always remain before our eyes.
  • Multi-level velvet rollers. Such a product is used for storing and displaying jewelry, bracelets, chains and hours.

  • Vertical stand. This option is most often used in stores. In combination with a soft highlight of the watch looks as impressive as possible.
  • Tablet. Such a product has a soft base and rubberized substrate.
  • Holders in the form of all kinds of figures. Interior little things that allow you to beautifully place the clock and take them at any convenient moment.

In what position to store mechanical clock?

No clear recommendations on how it is necessary to position the clock. Usually they are located dial up to warn the clock from scratches.

Copies with moving details or high-value models are best stored in special cases that are attached by manufacturers together with the purchase. As a rule, they are already equipped with everything necessary for reliable and safe storage.

Caring for the bracelet

The leather or metal bracelet needs periodic cleaning to save their original shine and beauty for a long time.

Metal bracelet unpretentious in care. Sometimes it is enough to clean the links with soapy water with the help of an old toothbrush.

One of the methods of cleaning the metal bracelet is shown in this video.

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