How to tie a scarf?

How to tie a scarf?

Modern fashion turned a scarf from an element of autumn-winter wardrobe in a beautiful, stylish accessory, which can be worn not only with top clothes. Elegant silk, gas or chiffon scarf will be a decent decoration and addition to the trouser costume or evening dress.

Methods for tie scarf on the neck

It would seem that it is easier – to tie a scarf. Cross the ends among themselves, stretch one end in a loop and tighten. This option is known to all since childhood. The easiest, fast and uninteresting. Modern fashion offers hundreds of different, simple and complex ways beautifully tie a scarf.

Choosing a suitable way you can safely experiment with the image, because each new version allows you to completely transform one and the same bow. Here are some of the most interesting and unusual options:

  • “Base”. The option is very simple in execution, but the scarf tied in this way looks very effectively. The scarf is twice and put on the shoulders, the ends are squinted in the resulting loop and are delayed. Loop can be located directly or move slightly. This option is perfect for a short scarf.

  • “New York”. One of the varieties of the basic option. Sharchik fold twice and put on the shoulders. Then one end to sleep in the loop, turn the loop and push the second end to it. Scarf spreads all ready!

  • “Infinity” – option for lovers of bulk scarves or collars of the claw. Scarf ends are binding to each other, the scarf is thrown on the neck and twisted. The resulting loop again throws on the neck. Beautifully draped circular scarf collar ready!

  • “Twist”. This option looks very nice on a long, air scarf. First he puts on his shoulders so that the ends are symmetrically hung on both sides. The neck neatly turns into two ends of the scarf in turn. The ends are beautifully stacked in front or fixed and hide under the scarf folds.

  • “Necklace” – one more option for thin, weightless silk scarf. First, the scarf folds into striped and put on the shoulders so that the ends have the same length. Slightly retreating from the neck, the weak knot is tied. After a few centimeters, the following nodules are tied and so on until the length of the freely hanging ends will reach approximately 4-5 cm. Now the resulting braid gently put on the shoulder, and the ends of the scarf are tied to its main part. Scarf spreads all ready!

Option that is great for jackets, down jackets or coats. Scarf places on the shoulders ends forward. Then the double knot ties just below the neck. Ends rise upstairs, communicate with each other and hide in the sharp folds.

These ways are suitable for decoring rectangular shape of scarves. However, there are several interesting options for square scarves.

  • For example, “flower”. For this, the scarf turns into a triangle, and its lower ends are associated with each other. Then the nodule is put on the arm, and the left edge goeshes the loop and picked up by hand. The right edge twice crosses the left edge. Then the edge of the handker is pulled under the nodule so that he is in the middle, and in his hands it was on the tip of the scarf.

Now you need to carefully pull the ends in different directions so that the knot turn into a lush, beautiful flower. It remains only to fix the flower on the neck and stylish accessory is ready! The method is quite complicated, but it looks like such a scarf very effectively.

  • Unusual and very interesting option “Corner”. For this method will suit a wide scarf or brazer. The scarf is thrown on the shoulders so that one thing is much shorter than the other. Now the left corner of the long part is raised upstairs to the neck and refills inside. Scarf spreads the corner.

  • There are some more simple and fast ways to beautifully and gently tie the scarf. For example, “Ferewn”. To do this, one end of the scarf roll over the other and leave loose free. Another variation of this method: both ends of throwing each other. Around the neck turns out a wide, bulk loop, and both ends of the scarf hang out ahead. At the ends, you can tie a nodule or leave so.

Volumetric versions of tying are perfectly suitable for motley, multicolored scarves. Single ships, scarves or scarves can be draped by more complex ways.

  • For example, “Mopic”. For this, the scarf is folded in half and puts on the shoulders. Both ends are encouraged in the loop, twist and once again go to a new loop.

In winter, when the time comes for warm knitted scarves, I also want to look no less fashionable and stylish than in summer. For bulk scarves, a lot of interesting and unusual tying methods are invented, which are used with top clothes: down jackets, coats, coats, coats or fur coats.

  • “CHOMUT”. The scarf is tied with a loop, twisted in the eight and puts on the neck. Depending on the scarf length, the finished clamp can have one, two or more rings. Scarf can be tightened tightly if it’s cold on the street or leave freely hanging.

Another very interesting option. The scarf is thrown on the neck, on one of his ends it knives a free, soft knot. Then the second end of the scarf is stretched into this node.

Scarves can be not only part of casual wear. This is also mandatory Element of fan escort! Such a scarf must be tied in such a way that it can be at the right time to quickly and safely remove and support his favorite team. Therefore, the most common variant of the tie is a loop, when both ends of different lengths are encouraged in a bent scarf loop.

Fan scarf can be simply tied by interlacing it. The node can be strained differently or shifted on the side. Scarf can be tied back in advance so that the ends are from behind, but the loop in front. One end of the scarf can be simply free to throw over the shoulder and leave it not tied.

How to tie a scarf on your head?

Scarf – not only part of autumn-spring or winter wardrobe. Real fashionists do not cost without flowing, air scarf and in the summer. It can be thrown on his shoulders, use in the form of necklaces, decorate your hairstyle and t.D.

To the accessory become a real decoration of the female head, you must choose the appropriate scarf. It should be sufficiently light, thin, long and dense. It is best to choose one-point scarf. If a multi-colored scarf is used, then its colors must correspond to the total colors of the image.

One of the most beautiful and spectacular options is the “rim”. To do this, scarves must be folded into a narrow strip or tighten the harness and connect the node from behind under the flowing hair.

Variations on this topic may be a lot: the rim can be located on the hair, above the hair line, on the forehead. Long scarf ends can be tied to a knot or stay freely hanging. The nodule may be behind or side. Bezodes can be supplemented with decorative flower or decorate brooch.

Another option resembles an oriental style. For this, the middle of the scarf is placed on the back of the head, and the ends crossed or binds to the forehead. Next, the ends can be placed on the back of the head and tie there either to hide under the decorative buckle or broody it is necessary for the forehead.

Another option resembling a beautiful dressing. Scarf puts on his forehead, the ends come to the back of the back and tightly tightened, spinning in the harness. The knot can be tied on the back of the head, side or translate harnesses and tighten them to forehead.

Bandage can be decorated with brooch.

One of the most popular hair decoration options with a scarf is a turban. To create it, it is enough to place a scarf under the flushed hair, and the ends should be crossed by forehead, omit them to the back and fix. Turban can be left in this form or decorate a large beautiful broken.

Gas scarf can simply cover the head, cross the ends and tie them with a free knot from behind on the neck. Or the ends can not be crossed under the chin, but immediately start back and tie a node.

Scarf can not only whole or partially cover the head. It can be used and as decoration hairstyles.

Elegant beam: hair gather in a horse tail on the back of the back and tighten with elastic band. One end of the scarf is also attached to elastic. Hair disassembled into 2 parts, one of them is wounded by a scarf. Then the second part is intertwined with the first, and the hair is attached to a beam on the back. It turns out very stylish and feminine hairstyle.

Another option: the scarf is folded with a thin ribbon, put on the forehead and is attached to the sides of the invisible. A braid braid from the loose hair using a scarf.

Muslim traditions prescribe women to walk with a covered head. Modern fashion with respect relates to this custom and offers different options for beautiful labels of hijab – traditional Muslim clothing.

Hijab is a sufficiently bulky headdress, so a scarf for its creation is selected long and wide. First, the scarf is thrown on the head in such a way as to completely close the hair. Hijab’s ends thrown back and tied on the back. The short end turns around around the forehead and is attached on the other side of the head. The neck turns around the neck, and the end itself is attached on the opposite side. The free end challenges on the back of the back so that there remains a free wide part, covering the neck and chest.

Fashion options

Modern trends do not dictate some clear restrictions on the choice of material for scarf. Any handkerchief, a scarf or palatine can be tied so that it looks spectacularly, both from the evening and with everyday and even top clothes.

It is important to combine materials correctly. For example, a scarf performed from the finest silk or chiffon is suitable for an elegant evening set or dress. And with a jacket or jacket, it will be great to look a scarf coarse, embossed mating.

Of the most fashionable and relevant options for tie screams on the head or on top of clothing, you can mark several:

  1. Turban or Chalma. Eastern topics is popular for many years. Asian motifs can be traced in the colors of the scarf, and in its color scheme, and in the style of clothing or hairstyles.
  2. Other relevant options include all sorts of variations with asymmetric tying, for example, a corner.
  3. More elegant and feminine options are suitable for coats, fur coats or sheeps: “Rose”, bulk braids, lush knots, twisted harnesses and t.D.

Beautiful and stylish images

Stylish and modern. Freely touched by a beautiful checkered scarf looks wonderful on the background of a straight coat of sandy color. Perfect option for every day.

Chalma – Trend of the New Season. Very feminine headdress, which looks perfectly with an inquiry suit, long dress, as well as an elegant coat.

Warm knitted scarf can be a worthy alternative to fashion today. Thick, the embossed mating is beautifully combined with the most different overhead clothes: down jacket, jacket, coat.

See the following video, which shows the various methods of scarf tying.

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