How to tie a turban?

How to tie a turban?

The turban is called a traditional headdress that wearing residents of the countries of the East. However, now he has become a global trend that does not lose its position that season. Today we will talk about how beautiful to tie a turban on their own and that it can be used for this.

What can be made of chalm?

The main thing is to pay attention to, the quality and structure of the fabric from which Chalm has to be twisted. Hard matter type of flax is not suitable for these purposes, since rough angular folds look unattractive.

You can try to use silk scarf or gollfish, both monophonic and print. Silk is beautifully overflowing in the sun and draped well, but this material is quite slippery, so in the process of socks it can lose the form.

Autumn-Winter Option – Use Cotton or Woolen Palantine. Due to its increased length and the width of Chalma, it will turn out higher and voluminous.

In the summer, when there is an unbearable heat on the street and the sun bake, you can hide your head, wound on it a T-shirt. This is also a kind of variety of turbans, most often used by men.

Do not forget also that Chalma can be worn not only on the street. Recall that you wind up when you leave the shower with wet hair? That’s right, Towel.

It adsorbs excess liquid, and the curls become land. The main thing is not to twist it too much so as not to harm the hair.

Traditional ways of tying

Let’s proceed to study the ways of Türban tying. And let’s start, of course, with the easiest.

Option number 1

A long scarf will need. Color and Print Choose to your taste.


  • Collect the curls in the “Gulka”, secure the rubber band+
  • Lower the head down, cover it with a handkerchief – as a result, it turns out the back of the head, and the edges of the scarf should freely hiss forward+
  • Cross these edges in the frontal zone, then wrap them with “Gulka”+
  • twist the tips of the handkerchief between themselves until they are bounted to such an extent that they can be “hid” under drapery and fix.

Option number 2

It is suitable for those who love to wear a turban dressing with loose hair.

Algorithm of actions:

  • Cross the curls, spread+
  • Holding your head straight, skip the scarf under the hair, without hiding them+
  • Cross the scarf’s tips in the forehead area, wrap them with them, and do it until it turns out to remove them under the turban+
  • In front of the center it is recommended to place a decorative brooch (if you like such jewelry) or leave the knot.

Exotic techniques

Now, when we learned to the basic techniques of Türban tying, you can go to more complex ways.

With twisted

There are several such options.

  • Fold the scarf, palatine or pareo along half, sketch on the back, sending ends towards the face. In the frontal zone, tighten them in the tight harness (by type of how you twist a bath towel).

This harness should be “gathering” the head, and his tip is subject to him in the forehead area.

  • The selected accessory folds the same way, as in the previous case, but make it up on the forehead, and take the ends to the back. There twist them with a harness and, leading around the head of the head, return to the occipital zone and fuel the tip of the harness under it.

  • Another interesting way – with a “bagel” in front. First we do the same thing as in the first case: we throw a scarf on the back of the head, we take it the ends to the forehead, twisting them. And then we begin the formation of “snail”: we wrap the resulting harness on its base circular movements. As a result, the volumetric “Gulka”. The tip of the harness hides under it, you can fix the pin.

However, this method of Türban tying assumes bright catchy makeup and large accessories.

With loop

This option can be worn both with loose hair and with fully hidden under the Turban.

  • Selected accessory (scarf, handkerchief) Take on the back of the head, ends out to face. In the frontal zone, overlapping their crosscright.
  • From one end to form a loop and thread through it another tip of the scarf.
  • Putle tighten. Free Ends of Sharfi Get down the head and hide them under the resulting CHalma.

In Turkish

Another original way. You will need a beautiful bright handkerchief or brazer.

  • If you have chosen a square handkerchief, fold it diagonally to get a triangle. Sketch it on the back. The “Top” of the triangle should be on the forehead.
  • The ends of the handkerchief tighten forward, in the frontal zone twist, after removing them to the back of the back and again twist.
  • It must be done until the tips will not become very small (10-15 centimeters). They should be tied up with a nodule and fill under the Turban.
  • “Vertine” of a triangle, the one that is on the forehead, you need to throw back and fill under the resulting harnesses.

In Tunisky

Women’s option wearing a handkerchief in Tunisia is a hijab, not a chalma. Special canvas for its formation are sold in the eastern markets and have a huge color variety and excellent quality.

However, you can try to tie hijab using a regular handkerchief. True, its parameters must be no less than 1.5×1.5 m.

  • Seat a handkerchief on one side by approximately 15 centimeters, put it with this edge on the forehead.
  • Secure the hijab under the chin using a simple pin. And attention: one hanging edge should be longer than the other.
  • That tip, what is shorter, put on the neck, and the long wrap it up a couple of times (as long as the length is enough), it is beautifully dragged and fasten the brochalter in the area of ​​the clavicle or in the temporal area.


We all saw photos of exotic women in Africa, and very often bright turbans are banging on their heads.

Let’s learn correctly form African Chalms.

  • To begin with, shook your hair upstairs and tighten them into the “Gulka”. Pretty lock it with a rubber band.
  • Next, take the scarf, sketch it on the back of the back, capturing the “bump”, the ends output.
  • Cross them in the frontal area, take again to the occipital. There again scrub them, send to the face.
  • Move towards “Gulka”. You will need to spin the scarf around it, completely screaming.
  • When Scharfi will remain tips with a length of 10-15 centimeters, fuel them into the folds of the received turban or under it in the head of the head.

With zhgutami

To implement this option, you can use two scarfs of different colors, for example, gray and purple, black and tiffany, green and red. In mixing shades will be a special chic.

  • Put one scarf to another, cover your head from above and tighten the tight knot on the back. Hair should not be visible.
  • Loose ends of the scarf start to twist, as if weeping braid. Do it in an arbitrary order: you can braid one pigtail, you can twist 2 flashes, and then twist them with each other – your fantasy can be raised with might and.
  • Next, the resulting harness is displayed on the head to face, moving along the semicircle. Scarf’s tip hide under the turban, fix the pin.

Male option

Indian Calma Tying Variation, Suitable for Adult Men or Boy.

For these purposes, the handkerchief will not suit – will have to get a cut of a tissue of about 6-meter length. Its width can be 10-20 centimeters.

  • If the hair has a long man, they should be collected in a bundle and fix.
  • Next, you can wear a special hat (Fesca, Tubette, Petka) or Bundan, and you can start winding the chalm on uncovered head.
  • After that, the main work begins – the formation of turban. The selected cut should be closed diagonally with layers, moving first to the right left, and then on the contrary. It is necessary to ensure that each previous layer “peeking” from under the next.
  • You can close the top, freeing one layer of winding from above and distributing it on the head.
  • The remaining tip of the cut is refilled under Chalm.

Stylists tips

Now let’s get acquainted with the recommendations of fashion professionals.

  • Pay attention to the face. This means that pale and tired appearance and Chalma – things are incompatible. Remember Eastern beauties and their bright makeup! Even if you do not like to paint, remember: a smooth skin tone, well-groomed eyebrows and long eyelashes is a necessity, not a capric.

By the way, it is recommended to focus on either in the eyes, or on the lips – choose something one thing to not look vulgar.

  • Use accessories: Large earrings, necklace, chains. They will add exotic. You can also decorate the turban itself beautiful bloss.

  • Decide whether you want to wear a chalm with loose or with her hair removed under her. In the first case, it is recommended to tie a high “rod” and fix it with a rubber band, in the second – to dissolve pre-washed and dried curls, thoroughly combing them and then form the turban. Straighten them or wind – the case of your taste.

  • If wearing a chalms are not a tribute of religion, but just part of a fashion bow, Try to the ears slightly “peeking” from under it.

  • When tying turban Do not diligence and pull your head with all my might – So you can only harm yourself, causing a headache.

Beautiful images

Well, now it’s time to look at our photo crying and try to repeat the image like.

  • Magnificent colorful turban in an African style is complemented by a pair of massive gold gray-drops. Pay attention to the makeup of the model: carefully emphasized eyebrows and bright eyes are perfectly combined with almost nude lips.

  • And this is a modern version of Hijab. As you can see, the handkerchief in the muted colors perfectly complements the business bow of beauties. “Smokey Ice” together with a lipstick of corporal color.

  • The turban of this type is often screwed when go to the beach. It harmonizes well with dark glasses, round gold servants and bright red lips.

  • But such a chalm, created from a conventional checkered scarf, can be worn in everyday life, combining it with a leather curtain, jeans and rude boots or boots. Massive hoop necklace complements the image.

  • Another excellent exotic option: Turban with a harness in golden-beige tones perfectly combined with large pearl earrings and the same necklace. Focus in makeup aim.

Next Watch the video on how to tie a turban.

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