Indigolite: characteristics and properties

Indigolite: characteristics and properties

Indigolit is a rarely found species of the mineral tourmaline. He just like the last, is part of rocks. On its colors, this stone is blue, dark blue, bluish black. Rarely, but you can still meet greenish-blue copies.

Natural fields

In nature, this mineral can be found in the form of prismatic crystals in voids of residenting rocks. Currently, it can be found in the Mountain System Pamir in Tajikistan, as well as in countries such as Afghanistan and Pakistan. In addition, the Indiigolite deposit is located on the territory of Finland and some States of America. In Russia, the field of this stone was opened at the end of the XIX century. Basically, they are focused in the Valley of the Urulga River, but a small amount is available in the Irkutsk region.

The leader in terms of the produced indigolites in our time is undoubtedly Brazil. The country supplies 75% of these stones, so this mineral is often called Brazilian sapphire. Minas Gerais mined in a particularly varied color and beautiful indigolites, known worldwide.

origin of name

The name of this mineral is formed from the word “Indigo”, which denotes the shade of blue between dark blue and violet. In Russia, Indigolite was previously called Baus. This name belonged to all precious and semi-precious stones of blue (kianite, sapphire).

Often indigolit is called ural or Siberian sapphire. He, in fact, looks very very much reminds Sapphire, although he is inferior to him in strength.

Chemical and physical characteristics

Indigolite is a mineral that belongs to silicates. They have a complex structure and chemical composition, so the color of the stone depends on the specific composition of the rock. Blue color due to a large content of iron. Indigolitis is inherent pleochroism, i.e., the mineral with the same lighting and, depending on the angle of view, can change its color from dark blue to blue. The stone has a characteristic glass shine and is able to refract light.

Fragile mineral crystals, have a form of prism or columns, a transparent or opaque structure. The indigolite is inherent in trigonal sinhonia, characterized by a break with irregularities and the lack of spikes. Stone hardness is 7-7.5 on the Moos scale (mineral hardness scale).

Scope of application

This mineral most often finds use in the jewelry industry as an insert in decorations with a cut in the shape of a square or a rectangle. In order to reveal all the beauty of the stone, use, as in working with diamonds, a facet. Unprocessed stones because of their attractive appearance are popular with mineral collectors.

Thermoelectric properties of the indigolite allow you to apply it in electronics. Small, unspoken, having many third-party samples are used in optics. They are interpretable and added to the glass.

Not very high-quality minerals are also used for interior decor (as inlays of door handles or as part of wall panels and paintings).

How to distinguish the original from the fake?

In order to get confident in the authenticity of the stone, you should pay Attention to the following properties that the original always possesses:

  • Natural Indigolite is heterogeneous in color shades and color intensity+
  • From the natural mineral, the feeling of coolness remains for a long time, if you warm it in hand or lose+
  • The presence of cracks is also proof of the authenticity of the stone+
  • In kind of mineral there are often bubbles of gases.

Influence on the human body

It is believed that this mineral is associated with Chakra Vishudha. It is used during meditations, as it helps to concentrate on positive emotions. Consequently, Indigolite strengthens the nervous system, eliminates depression and insomnia (especially if you keep it under the pillow). It is useful for strengthening the immunity and the work of the endocrine system. The stones of the greenish tint have a beneficial effect on the liver, blue Indigolit is healing the diseases of the central nervous system, and the bluish mineral eliminates headaches and normalizes vision.

Stone is not suitable for pregnant women. He is contraindicated and people suffering from allergic diseases. If you have a bleeding start, you need to immediately remove the decorations with this mineral.

Magic stone

It is believed that Indigolite makes a magical manner of its owner a wise eye on life and sanity. It is able to neutralize aggression and manifestation of negative emotions. In addition, pendants and suspensions with this mineral make the voice more pleasant and confident. If you wear a stone on your right hand, you can find good luck in any endeavors. But the indigolite decorations on the left hand are worn to draw the attention of the opposite sex.

This mineral is also used as a family talisman: it retains married loyalty and harmony in family relations, prevents quarrels and conflicts.

Mineral and zodiac signs

Indigolit is most suited to representatives of the fiery element, that is, lions, firemen and hairdies. All these signs he gives good luck in conceived, success in affairs, good health. In addition, this stone protects Aries from envy and gives them bravery, and it gives them confidence in their forces and stability. Of the signs that are not related to the element of fire, the Indigolit is of great importance for the weights that helps to make faithful solutions.

It should be remembered that this mineral is categorically contraindicated to people born under the sign of Capricorn.

How to wear decorations?

It is best to acquire an indigolite in a silver frame that can reveal all its positive parties. But you can wear this stone and combined with gold. In order to overcome serious family conflicts, decorations with this mineral should be used to both spouses.

Indigolit is well combined with such stones as Rubin and Alexandrite, as they have a similar energy. This stone is rarely used in rings due to the complexity of the cut, so it is better to choose bracelets, earrings and pendants.

Recommendations for care

Possessing good strength, this mineral stopping mechanical impact. But he is contraindicated hot couples and high temperatures, because they destroy the structure of the stone. It is recommended to use soft tissues and a weak concentration soap solution. Place the storage of decorations with an indigolite follows the darkened, cool, inaccessible to sunlight places. It is better to wrap their fabric with a soft structure.

Indigolit – inexpensive, but very beautiful stone, fascinating a variety of shades of blue. This is therapeutic and magical mineral that makes people wiser and happier.

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