Jade: Properties, Colors, Types and Applications

Jade: Properties, Colors, Types and Applications

Excrete and semi-precious stones since ancient times are highly appreciated – in the era of the absence of plastic and other bright and durable materials, it was these minerals that diluted the severity and monotonance of being. One of the most famous stones was always jade, which today enjoys a certain popularity.

What it is?

The jade description should be started with the fact that in the untreated form this gem it looks relatively unbelievable – a modern person by mistake could take it for a piece of green bottle glass of a strange form. At the same time, such a mineral is much stronger glass (in this regard, it exceeds even granite), but it is curious that stone processing is relatively simple. The resulting products show impressive durability, not to mention the fact that in a grounding form a piece of jade acquires very gentle green overflows with the engagement of other shades – this makes it a jewel.

Excessive proof of reliability of jade products is that archaeologists even today find various amulets and figures from it, dated millennia to our era.

Because of its reliability, the mineral could have and practical importance, for example, in the same ancient Egypt, it was sometimes made from it, although they, of course, were worth the expensive. In addition to the jewelry itself, the crumb from jade was also used to sleep clothes. Sometimes very large crystals were used even when building buildings.

In the chemical plan, nephritis is a complex compound, in whose composition includes calcium, magnesium, iron, silicon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms. The resulting breed is characterized by a high viscosity at the level of steel and similar to it.

Nephritis in public opinion is often associated with shades of green and it is really the most common color, but the color gamut mineral is much more wide. In essence, the stone can even be white or black, although light greenish notes are still present almost always.

What kind of curious, The most valuable is precisely the pale green variety with a characteristic fatty shine and significant transparency. At the same time, the thickness of the stone may not pass the light at all until the large piece is cared for thinner plates. Among other things, nephritis is also also high heat capacity, so it can be productively used as a heating.

Place of Birth

To form nephritis (and some other minerals similar to it), it is necessary that the hot magma penetrates the sediment of sedimentary rocks – it is such a way of occurrence of geologists the most common. Alternatively, the same magma should penetrate the deposits of serpentinite.

Jade fields are inextricably linked with shale and marble deposits. As a rule, this mineral is produced either in places at the bottom of water bodies with fluid water, or in jade quarries. Industrial mining of gemstone is possible on any of the continents. In Russia, fame received acting OPINSKY MOE, as well as already exhausted Ulan-Khodinskoe. In addition, there are sources of valuable mineral and in Tuva, and in the Northern Urals, and in neighboring Kazakhstan.

If we consider other states, then a lot of high-quality jade mined in New Zealand – there are good stones not only with practical, but also from aesthetic point of view. Large deposits are located and in North America – in the states of Alaska, Montana, California and Washington, as well as in Canada. Another major nephrite is China.

Meaning for man

In different cultures and at different times, nephritis could have a different meaning, but in many regions it was perceived and perceived as a symbol of power. Soft green tones in many nations are associated with life, respectively, such power is kind, she protects its people from the troubles.

In China, this stone is considered literally a national symbol, it is still very common as a popular material for the manufacture of gift souvenirs. The Chinese believe that nephritis is able to change the behavior of a person, because it is often awarded to products with inflicted symbols of this or that good. So, peach, applied to the jade, symbolizes longevity, fish means wealth, bat is the wish of luck and t.D.

In general, in the east, nephritis was associated with harmony, calm, deliverance from the worldly fuss. This is not surprising, because Psychologists have long proved that green tones in the design of something pronounced pronounced soothing effect. In Europe, the deep jade greens associated with another: a specific shade was associated here with magic, because the stone was in demand with fortunellers and other myrthars.

New Zealand Aboriginal People Maori widely used jade products in their religious rituals. Representatives of this nation still consider this stone by one of the main symbols of the native country, and since 1997 the local government has even conveyed all local deposits of this stone in the management of indigenous islanders.


Since ancient times, this mineral has been attributed to various healing and even the magic properties that the stone did even more expensive. The current name of the breed comes from the Greek word “kidney”, in particular, because the mineral was actively used to treat diseases of this organ and bladder. The beneficial properties of jade for the body are also in positive psychological impact – Jade product eliminates any alarms, insomnia and nightmares.

Therapeutic effect is also marked for the digestive system.

Real useful effects of jade is that He, unlike many other stones, is never cold – this breed is perfectly held heat. Before use, it is additionally heated as a heating, but then it retains the desired temperature for a long time and allows you to warm the abdomen that with many symptoms really has a beneficial effect.

Among other things, even today you can get to the massage session performed using special jade balls. It is noted that from a cosmetic point of view, the condition of the skin is definitely improving.

Also nephritis still applies in various magic rituals. According to the Chinese presentation of the universe, this stone symbolizes the transparency of the sky and the hardness of the Earth. Among other things, it is also a symbol of eternity and wisdom. Confucius, being a philosopher, and not by a magician, endowed jade products with the ability to disclose the mental abilities of the owner, as well as to assist the preservation of prudence and a humane approach in all situations.

In the European tradition, nephritis – to a greater extent way to communicate with otherworldly worlds. Some authorities in the world of magic and esoterica argue that this Stone is also an excellent opposition for any natural disasters. If we talk about a separate person, then for him it is a good wanted from the evil eye, it also effectively protects from enemies and getting into a bad company. Nephrite also supposedly contributes to the establishment of durable and trust relationships inside the family.


The color gamma jade is very extensive: contrary to popular belief, it may not necessarily be green. Classification of species is often produced in color of the stone, and it happens a wide variety of shades, and such color “anomalies” is also perceived differently.

  • White version of jade It looks very unusual, from the side of the product from it resemble a filling ice with its characteristic gloss. At the same time, a similar mineral (already rare) is no pure white – there are almost always grayish, slightly yellow and greenish shades in its structure.

This can be attributed to a special shade, known as the “Barbuses of Fat” – in appearance brilliant polished stone of this variety really looks like this, and in the world is one of the most expensive types of nephritis.

  • Green jade is the most famous, but it does not make it least in demand. In particular, such a stone is required for various magical purposes – its shade in public understanding is inextricably linked with supernatural. Most Chinese beliefs associated with jade amules also concern exactly green varieties of material.

  • Black stone It has only slightly noticeable greenish tint. This type also applies to rare, and any specific properties are attributed to it extremely rarely. The main use of such material is the jewelry industry.

It should be noted that Thanks to extraneous impurities, the color of the jade crystal can be completely any – In nature, there are even red, blue or pink stone options. In this case, the impurities are rarely uniform, much more often they act as well visible foreign inclusions. Above all, of course, the homogeneous material is valued, especially if it is inherent in a bright tone and a high degree of transparency.

Spotted version, provided that the stains are monophonic and scattered evenly, it may also look good. Stones with situational engines are usually valued too high – Foreign fragment spoils the overall impression of the crystal. At the same time, specific patterns on the surface of a piece of jade can be successfully beaten by jewelers, which will further emphasize the beauty of the plan of Mother Nature.


In antiquity from jade, a variety of products were made: in the regions where there was no shortage in such material, its strength was highly appreciated, because even the tools of labor could be made from the mineral. Today, globalization led to an increase in demand for this stone, but its reserves, naturally, did not grown, because Now there are usually either decorations or various talismans and amulets. Both variants of products should be considered a little more detail.

In the role of Talisman or Oberega, this stone debuted, apparently, before: As we see from history, in China, and in Europe, they were attributed to special properties. It is believed that This is a very effective whaling from the failure and misfortune of any kind. Especially effective such a product may be for lonely people if it is selected for manufacture white grade.

With the acquisition of such a thing, you can expect that with love and marriage in the future the situation will be placed much better.

Children are often given a pendant from jade, which depicts the castle. This is a kind of symbol of life, the wish of health and longevity. For adults wishing to achieve career heights without prejudice to family life, it is best suited White Jade Incruited Ring.

Jade amulets are good as the fact that they are attributed to the ability to strengthen the positive effects of other decorations with esoteric subtext. Mineral itself allegedly stimulates the work of the mind, and also provokes manifestations of courage. This is not the stone for which large size is fundamentally important, even on the contrary, the products of modest sizes help the owner to overtake the opponents and quickly climb up.

If the green and other most common tones of jade have a common esoteric value, then the bloody-red variety of mineral is attributed to completely different properties. Such a stone, first of all, is considered a faith not for a person, but for housing – he protects him from natural disasters.

A separate embodiment of jade – as a material for various jewelry products, especially for women. Beautiful green color with transparent overflows Or even outsidated “muddy” enclosures of ancient times like people, because even in antiquity this mineral was used in the production of decorations. Today, nephite inserts are present in rings and bracelets, they make pendants and beads, and it does not always concern exactly the green variety. If we talk about larger ornaments, you can find on sale Jade statuettes, able to decorate any exquisite interior.

In addition to the applications described above, another use of jade is allowed. It has already been mentioned above that this stone perfectly keeps heat, at least due to this, it is used by various folk healers in the form of Analog Fraxt Or For Specific Medical Massage.

In addition, no impressive strength of the mineral is never done, at the expense of which it can be used for the manufacture of almost any household items.

Who fits?

Nephritis refers to those stones that are theoretically approach to representatives of any sign of the zodiac, although esoteric experts warn: This mineral is able to drastically change your life, because a person who has chosen this material for a mascot or decoration should be ready for sharp changes in everyday life.

  • If you really navigate the signs of the zodiac, then the best of all, according to experts, jade is suitable for weights – He calms them down and balances. However, not everything is so simple, because representatives of this sign of the zodiac need just not green, but a white stone version.

  • For devnets, nephite products are also very useful – They allegedly should help in establishing family life, because they are responsible for love. Another thing is that for the result described, you need even more rare red stone. The fiery color mineral will give another effect – your professional initiatives will be appreciated by the authorities.

  • For crayfish and fish The most recommended are also unusual jade shades – they give the owner of the talisman forces and energy for new achievements.

  • Capricorn – the only sign of the zodiac to which the classic green jade is recommended, most common in nature. On the representatives of this sign of the zodiac, such a stone produces a soothing effect – they become less aggressive and impulsive, so that the probability of achieving the goals has increased significantly.

  • Despite the fact that nephritis is considered by universal stone, The least is suitable for such signs of the zodiac as Taurus and Sagittarius.

How to distinguish natural stone from fake?

The modern world is distinguished by a special feature – there are many fakes in it, only imitating the original. On the one hand, it is good, because poor people now can also wear decent looking decorations, on the other – fraudsters can deceive inexperienced person, selling him cheap goods at the price of expensive. In addition to natural crystalline jade, there is still at least Two options for his fake.

The first chemical composition is all the same jade, only Made from jade dust by pressing the press – at all other matches such a production method, of course, does not closely gives the expected strength and durability.

Second and is plastic at all, which existed externally resembles the original.

Since natural jade is not so cheap, when buying You can check its authenticity one of several ways.

  • Natural stone no less solid than steel And no needle to scratch it impossible. Extruded block, not to mention plastic, always yields to such an impact. There is a real jade, scratched with a needle, but about his quality conclusions are easy.
  • At the time of the first touch Nephritis will probably seem cool, unless stored in a hot room. Try it to warm it in the palm of your hand, and then set aside. Check in a few minutes, how the temperature of the mineral changed: if it is real, then after 5 minutes it will still be warm.
  • If you get jade beads, It is possible to check the degree of naturality of raw materials with sound. Here, of course, the experience would not hurt, but in general it is said that when a collision of two real nephite beads, the resulting sound should be melodic.
  • In the event that your jade product is quite thin, To skip the light, take a closer look at it. In the bright rays of the real mineral in the thicker should be noticeable well visible interlaced “fibers”.

    Conscientious sellers may not hide that their goods are artificial. In this case, the properties of the plastic are known to each modern person, but about the pressed jewelry made of crumbs and dust, the opinions disagree. On the one hand, it is all the same mineral, because his magical and medical properties should be maintained even contrary to partial loss of strength.

    On the other hand, it should be understood that the pressed stone is unlikely to remain holly, because the mass for the fixing effect Add various extraneous ingredients like glue or plastic, Due to what many properties, even purely physical, are lost.

    How to care?

    Jade products are famous for their strength and durability, but if the owner wants to keep the thing in pristine beautiful form, the minimum care for her must still be. Difficulties with this usually does not occur, since the shockproof material is difficult to deform (except that you have a product with very tiny details), and it is quite difficult to scratch it with something sharp.

    Nevertheless, the precious product is not recommended to store where it fell, a special solid box is best suited for such purposes, upholstered from the inside soft to the touch cloth. As an alternative storage location, you can use a special tissue bag of dense material, for example, felt.

    In principle, jewelry stores often use exactly such packaging, and if you bought the product from them, then in the kit it was probably a container for him.

    Like most stones, Nephritis does not absorb pollution, but sometimes its surface must be loosen from dust and puffed dirt to restore the initial shine and transparency. With caustic detergents, it is better not to experiment, but an ordinary soap solution for such needs is quite good, but even its completion of the procedure, it is necessary to diligently wash off under clean running water.

    If the contamination is not so serious, the product can not be washed, limiting the simple wiping of its surface with a damp cloth of soft material. To give a special brilliance, you can thoroughly rub the product with the same cloth, as if polishing it.

    Additionally, nephrite and its properties will tell the following video.

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