Jasper: Types of stone, properties and scope of application

Jasper: Types of stone, properties and scope of application

Many superstitions and legends are connected with precious stones and minerals. Magic stones used commander and tyranans, astronomers and chemists, fans and lovers. Ancient scientists have mixed and heated various substances in retort, trying to get a philosopher’s stone.

Modern physicists and historians when studying petrified remains of insects in Yantara, try to find confirmation of the evolutionary theory of Darwin and get answers to the cornerstones of the universe.

What it is?

The greatest number of legends and superstitions in the folk epic can be found about the amethyst, jaspea, sapphire, amber, ruby ​​and emerald. In the consciousness of many people, Yasma causes memories of Egyptian pharaohs, shamans, magicians and sorcerers. Women to protect against the evil eye wear charms, amulets and pins with jasper bead. Young giving each other wedding rings with an inset of jasper.

Psychics, applying a stone to a patient, by changing gloss, determine the diseases of the internal organs without X-ray and analyzes. Gathering for a new job, a responsible interview or a difficult exam, superstitious girls challenge from the back of the lapel jacket “to protect the envious and evil eye” a golden pin with a bead from this mineral. Cufflinks, beads, bracelets and pendants of dark yellow jasper in appearance can not be distinguished from natural amber. Wedding rings made of gold, silver, platinum with jasper inserts.

Yashma – a semi-precious diverse stone, consisting of 95% of SiO2 silica with an admixture of quartz, mica, manganese oxide and other chemical elements.

In the micronic pores of this mineral under the action of bright sunlight from carbon dioxide, sulfur, nitrogen, iron and water with the participation of blue-green algae and chromium as a catalyst on the seabed, the process of chemosynthesis (photosynthesis without chlorophyll) occurs. For this reason, in the afternoon from the seabed and from the surface of the volcanic cliff, a loop consisting of small oxygen bubbles rises on the surface of the water.

Jasper is attracted by a permanent magnet. These properties of the stone are explained by the presence in its composition of iron-containing mineral – hematite. Precious stones and minerals, according to astrologers, are of particular importance for humans. They restore the aura, absorb negative energy, protected from damage and evil.

According to geologists and geophysicists, the most likely ways of the origin of the Jasper are considered as follows:

  • Underwater eruption of volcanoes with a release of hot magmatic lava in marine water+
  • Long interaction of sea water with limestone deposits at the bottom of the sea and on the surface of the underwater rocks+
  • Saturation of groundwater salts calcium, magnesium and carbonates between limestone layers and halcedone at high temperature and pressure.

This mineral in all centuries was attributed to such supernatural qualities as:

  • Eastern wise men believed that he brings health, wealth, good luck, family happiness+
  • In China, jasper made caskets for storing jewels, family relics and important documents+
  • In Greece, pendants and beads were made from green jasper, which were removed from their owner from curses, bad influence and evil+
  • Ancient Romans treated jashed non-healing wounds obtained in battle+
  • In Western Europe, Yashma was lined up in temples and churches for their protection against unclean power+
  • Pendants from Jasper decorated the clothes of the lords and kings+
  • Cross and amulets did in Russia from Jasper+
  • Hindus from it made rosary.

      It is worth briefly reminding the following historical facts known to all:

      • In the church of Wat Phra Keo Don Tao in the small town of Lampang (Thailand) rises Buddha statue from green jasper weighing 5 tons+
      • Bologav Bogdan Khmelnitsky and Khan Amina were also encrusted with precious stones and jashed+
      • In the Hermitage on Palace Square (St. Petersburg) there is a giant vase from a green jasper with a diameter of more than 5 meters and weighing 19 tons+
      • Jasma lined fireplaces of the Moscow Kremlin+
      • Great Russian poet Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin to strengthen health wore a bracelet from green jasper on his hand.

      Jasper looks very impressive and striking with its colors, shades and texture.

      Full color palette, with the exception of blue, with pearlescent gloss inside gave the second name to this stone – Saspis, that in Greek means “motley”. Mineralogic specialists determine the yashma as silica contaminated with a large number of impurities. The stone has a presentable view of a fairly low price.

      In professional literature on materials science and geology in the description of the Jasper of volcanic origin, is indicated for a wide variety of color palette (except for dark blue, whose color determines a large amount of copper and cobalt sulphate). The composition of the jasper, except for silica, includes almost all elements from the periodic Mendeleev system.

      History of origin

      The extraction of this stone and the manufacture of amulets and decorations began in the era of Neolithic. The most highly appreciated the stone of emerald. Wise men and priests believed that green brings good luck and happiness in married life. The emerald color of the stone is due to the presence of chromium impurities in its composition, which simultaneously attached high strength with a beautiful tinge. Neanderthals from this semi-precious mineral made tips for arrows and wooden tools of labor, blade for a knife and an ax, a spear for a spear and crossbow.

      Due to the lack of laser mass – spectrometers and other reliable devices for identifying precious stones (then they have not yet been invented) – leaders tribes very often instead of a rare green emerald received a gift very much better than a cheaper yashma. In the East for a short period, this mineral was used as a transcendental money (equivalent for commercial exchange).

      The first references to the findings of the diverse stone in European territory belong to the XVIII-XIX centuries. Rudokop Fyodor Babin, his son Peter and a student of Cyril Cyrus from Yekaterinburg at the same time opened four deposits of motley (multicolored) Jasper along the River Tura in 1742.

      Place of Birth

      The deposit of this diverse stone is located in the zones of increased tectonic activity, which fully confirms the hypothesis of its volcanic origin. Large deposits of this semi-precious stone of high quality in Russia are located in the Urals near Zmeinogorsk and in the North Caucasus near Mineral Waters.

      Stones of exotic colors are extracted from the field on the mountain Colonel near Orsk and near Miass, in Crimea (in the Karadaga region), in the North Caucasus and in Uzbekistan. According to data from open sources, there are 656 industrial fields of diverse stone in Russia. When extracted in the open method, a semi-precious stone draws a rotary excavator bucket in quarries.

      It can also meet as an accompanying mineral in the extraction of other minerals (“empty breed” during iron ore extraction).


      Ancient magicians and healers used minerals not only as a shield from the evil eye, protection against damage, but also as a folk remedy for the treatment of chronic and incurable diseases without drugs. Folk healers use them to protect against ill-wishers, prevention and treatment of Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and cardiovascular system. According to psychics and folk healers, they are able to protect against the evil eye and ill-wishers, restore the disturbed metabolism, return calm, mental balance and confidence in their forces. The impact of this therapeutic stone depends on the following factors:

      • Color and texture+
      • The location of the amulet on the body+
      • Material from which the frame of the amulet is made+
      • Religion of a man who carries amulet.

      Healing action

      Ancient signs argue about the relationship of therapeutic effects of amulets and fabrics from a jasper with a stone color, namely:

      • Matte black color Quickly soothes pain in the injuries, normalizes the pulse and blood pressure+
      • Golden yellow color Heals the disease of the gastrointestinal tract, female infertility, neutralizes poisons, helps in the treatment of infectious diseases+
      • Emerald green color normalizes the work of all organism systems, relieves stress+
      • Ruby red color Treats blood disease, heals the wounds, stimulates the work of the kidneys.

      Amulets and amulets from jasper soothe nerves, improve sleep, save the feeling of anxiety and fear, cleanse the aura from negative energy, rejuvenate the skin and internal organs, prolong life. Pregnant women from jasper reduce the symptoms of toxicosis, strengthen immunity.

      Magical action

      According to specialists in bioenergy, jasper amulets can be used for such purposes as:

      • Protection against thieves of money, securities and jewels+
      • Rain challenge in drought days+
      • Exile of dark forces from home+
      • Improving logical thinking+
      • Protection of warriors, sailors and travelers+
      • Strengthening love attraction+
      • Finding lost documents+
      • Improving mental abilities+
      • Guard of dwellings from thieves and from fire+
      • Protection against the attack of wild animals on the hunt+
      • Acceleration of adaptation to new work+
      • Acceleration of promotion.

        Jasper cleans the aura and thoughts of a person from extreme thoughts, charges positive energy, harmonizes the work of the internal organs, develops clairvoyance, enhances intuition.

        The positive impact of the amulet and the overag of the jasper does not depend on whether the person believes in the signs or not.


        Professionals are building a classification of a healing mineral in color as follows:

        • Heliotrope – It can be emerald or black with scattered over the surface with large red dots + it is also called the bloody jasma+

        • Mukita – volcanic jasper from the bottom of the ocean + color can vary from yellow to bloody-red+

        • Riolit – spotted drawing on the stone, which resembles the leopard skin+

        • Jasper from Madagascar – dark with circles of yellow, salad or green shade in the depths of the stone+

        • Dalmatin – Moon-white with small black crystals+

        • Irnimit – Pearl, colors of the sea wave+

        • sandy – Golden color with pearl gloss+

        • Kambomba White African Jasper + on the territory of Europe is very rare+

        • green – Emerald or dark green + used for the manufacture of talismans and facing+

        • Picasso – normalizes the work of the internal organs, stimulates logical thinking, saves from empty pastime, false, deception + to obtain a resistant effect+

        • Bracchivaya – Restores the aura after the energy attack, accumulates positive energy and strengthens health+

        • Pink – Contains bivalent and trivalent iron, medieval doctors used it with anemia, toxicosis, poisoning and fever+

        • Blue (Irnimit) – DIRECTION STONE OF CIRFERATE GROUND WITH Thick blue layers + The name of the mineral comes from the rivers, which proceed near the Tican watershed in the Khabarovsk Territory, where the largest deposit of this mineral is located in Russia+

        • Kalkan – The thick layer of high quality volcanic jasper was found in the XVIII century on the shores of Lake Kalkan in the Striking district of the Republic of Bashkortostan near the village of Kalkanovo, 10 kilometers of North-west of the city+

        • Brown – Healing properties are determined by the presence of FE2O3 iron oxide (rust) + attracts a magnet+

        • Purple – It is found in the Urals and in Sayanov + the second name of purple jasper – Jadeitis + Lilac color stone with blue tint+

        • landscape – The pattern of iron crystals resembles a landscape landscape+

        • Ural – A large field is in the Urals + Coloring – from sandy to dark brown + contains a large amount of iron oxides.

        Magnetic bracelets and magnetic beads are made of it.


        Volcanic Yashma use for magic rites, decaying the evil eye, manufacture of boxes, bracelets, amulets, pendants, protection against negative energy, coding. Psychics on the forums argue that it has a magical power. The sanctuary and the ammon in the temple are laying out the jasper tile to protect against evil spirits. Jasper amulets on the walls and windows of the housing guard people living in it from the evil eye, curses and ill-wishers.

        According to the Internet of the Jasper, which a person is wearing on his body as an amulet or talisman, provides him with full protection against energy vampires and negative energy.

        In many countries, it is made of dishes, bowls and vases for religious rites. In caskets from jasper, stored jewels and family relics. It is believed that vases from this magical mineral replenish energy, relieve stress and fatigue. According to the forums, The stone can affect a person even at a distance if his portrait is inserted in a rim from this magic material. Magic stone mascot improves memory, gives eloquence, relieves negative impact, increases attractiveness, improves relationships with manual, helps in promotion through the career ladder.

        Balls from this mineral hold from impulsive actions, protect against maliciousness and hate. The effect of the magic stone is repeatedly enhanced if an amulet or a pendant to wear on a silver or gold chain. Balls from the jasper of brown or brown color will help to pass tests and exams. To enhance the effect, the balls can be put under the cap next to the monitor. The violet stone is best suited for a virgin, orange or red – for fire signs, blue or gray – for water, green and brown signs – for earth, white and yellow signs – for air signs.

        The pyramid from the jasper under the glass cap is used oracles to call the spirits of dead and other occult actions.

        Who fits?

        Amulets, pendants and souvenirs from jasper – a good gift for a girl or wife on March 8, Valentine’s Day or wedding. Based on the collected statistics, there is no reason to argue that pendants, amulets, bracelets and souvenirs from jasper are the cause of great good luck or, on the contrary, unsuccessful coincidence. According to psychologists, which relies on numerous experiments and collected statistics, All signs and superstitions “work” through the second signal system.

        To change the consciousness of a person without introducing into transueweries, use self-adhesive techniques and self-hypnosis. The substitution of concepts that subsequently occurs in a person’s consciousness leads to the emergence of a chain of synthetic evidence of superstition and will take.

        The percentage of coincidence of superstitious predictions and real events on statistics is almost equal to zero. In single cases of coincidence, no relationship between events was detected.

        Let us consider in more detail the mechanism of reasoning on the example of “magic” mascots and amulets from Jasma.

        • Reasoning without substitution. For a successful completion of the work done, you need to study in detail the information, calculate all the development options, constantly monitor the situation, to eliminate the manipulation, do not resort to the services of psychics and random people. Amulets and jasper bracelets on the outcome of the work started have no influence, they can be used as decorations, gifts and souvenirs.
        • Reasoning with substitution. For a prosperous completion of the work started, you need to study in detail the information and constantly carry the amulet, pendant or jasper bracelet. Small piece of jasper need to put in a vessel with drinking water. The magical strength of this stone is verified by centuries, it will definitely act. Talisman or jasper beads will protect against curses, evil spirits, evil eye, enemies and ill-wishers.

        For a more efficient impact of a superstition for a person, single confirmation facts that appeared due to coincidences, they indulge in a broad publicity, are discussed on the forums, laid out on the sites on the occultism and esoteric.

        Cases of unnecessary predictions, on the contrary, are mentioned casual and non-specific. The person who is in a difficult life situation, reading the “ready-made tips” on sites and forums, most often dismisses in their essence. His consciousness is almost fully covered by the search for solutions. He clings to superstitious recommendations as immersed by the straw (for example, spit three times through the left shoulder.

        As a result, the superstitions bordering with hot delusions easily penetrate the subconscious without logical analysis and reliably remember. Sincere surprise among physicians and psychologists, it causes blind faith in superstitions and signs of elderly specialists with higher education and scientists who have scientific degrees and titles. Mulled life experience with a huge luggage of knowledge by shoulders they, like everyone else, circle the road that the black cat has moved or crossed the elderly woman with a blank bucket and spit three times through the left shoulder.

        A person is especially easy to succumb to superstition and will be in a state of severe stress. Under its influence, the second signal system is activated and the self-control system is sharply reduced. Human consciousness almost fully occupies the search for options out of the difficult situation.

        At this time, superstitious signs that penetrated the subconscious of a superstitious person can suppress logical thinking and common sense and get full power over the consciousness and actions of a person. At the same time, hidden calls for the action, which are contained in superstitions, consciousness will perceive as their own and not pass through a logical analysis.

        Favorable soil for the activation of prejudice is also created in parallel with stress confusion, threats, time deficit for decision making. At this moment, completely imperceptibly for the person himself in his mind is the substitution of concepts.

        Life-based logical recommendations and conclusions are inferior to synthetic rituals from ancient superstitions. Common sense is inferior to the blind faith, the human consciousness begins to process information according to the installation obtained from the superstition and will take. The events occurring are very similar to the actions of the person who zombie the hypnotist on the NLP technique. The inhibited consciousness automatically performs the program that laid in it with a verbal suggestion, often to the detriment of the instinct of self-preservation.

        Self-criticism and logical thinking at this moment are also practically absent.

        Care rules

        Jasper consists of 95% of silicon oxide, is not subject to acids and alkalis. Accordingly, Jasper is inferior only to diamond. To preserve the natural gloss of the stone, the following conditions must be observed:

        • Products need to be stored exclusively in the box, wrapped in a soft cloth+
        • When stored, it is impossible to allow sharp differences of temperature modes+
        • Cannot be allowed to fall a stone on a solid surface with a large height+
        • You can not allow the stone of cosmetics+
        • Yashma must be protected from sparking from lighters, a fire, other sources of open fire+
        • To preserve the shine, the stone needs to be washed in soapy water with the addition of table vinegar, after washing wipe suede or piece of wool+
        • To clean the products from jasper from nail polish, fat, enamel It is strictly forbidden to use cleaning pastes with abrasive crumb + to the contaminated surface, you need to apply a rag or technical wool moistened with machine oil + in a few hours of paint, varnish or enamel will come back without the use of aggressive solvents or enamel Abrasives.

        On the secrets of Jasma, see the next video.

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