Leather bracelet Pandora

Leather bracelet Pandora

Pandora bracelets are distinguished by their unique design and design. Fullies from all over the world dream of an amazing accessory capable of transforming depending on the choice of its individual elements called charm.

Features of decoration

From the very beginning of the existence of the Pandora brand, the concept of the transformation of the decoration was laid. The basis made of precious metal, leather or textiles is rolled by charm. All pendants are sold separately. Thus, the girl independently defines the design of the future bracelet.

Leather models are very popular. They are durable, reliable and have good wear resistance. Products from natural materials always look noble. Female leather bracelet from Pandora emphasizes the elegance of the wrist.

Pandora bracelet on a leather basis is distinguished by special ease. On the metal product it is recommended to wear no more than six charm, otherwise the girl will experience discomfort from the heavy accessory. And on the leather basis it is quite possible to boot up to 7-8 beads. No longer worth it, otherwise the skin can stretch, and the decoration will look cumbersome.

All chalms are echoing with each other with elements – pattern, stones, metal. Thanks to this, absolutely any Pandora pendants are perfectly combined on one decoration. Even a few bracelets will harmoniously look at one hand.

Charm may have not only decorative, but also symbolic. Little suspension acquired during travel or presented by loved ones, will always give pleasant emotions to her hostess.

It should be noted that the leather bracelet Pandora without chammas looks like a full decoration. It is especially well combined with light summer images.

Varieties and colors

Pandora leather bracelets are very popular among the fans of set decorations. The brand offers accessories of various sizes. Bracelet before purchased should be done. The lace length should be a pair of centimeters larger wrist diameter. The decoration should not be tightened tightly, because it will continue to be complemented by beads. At the same time, it should not be careless, otherwise it will spoil all the impression of the accessory.

The length of the leather cord can be calculated for one turn around the wrist, and for two. For a double bracelet, you can pick up special chalms that will connect both turns. Also on it you can wear all other chalms. Long shoelaces should be wrapped around the wrist and gland to the original clasp, and not try to tie. Otherwise, the skin will change and crack.

Pandora leather bracelets come in different colors. Popular, gray, gray and black are very popular. Since this decoration is perfect for bright summer images, you can purchase a model of pink, blue or red leather.

Regardless of the color of the base, in combination with the skin will be harmoniously looked for any silver charm, because the accessory clasp is also made of silver.

How to care?

  • Pandora’s branded shops provide a free cleaning service for cleaning their products. But not all settlements can boast the presence of a trading pavilion of this jewelry brand. But even if it is possible to attribute your accessory to clean, you still need to care for leather decoration.
  • Natural materials are most prone to deformation. Leather strap can refuse or stretch. So it is necessary to periodically moisturize. For this, any hand cream will be perfect. The procedure takes no more than a minute, but the presentable appearance of the decoration will be preserved for a long time.
  • Do not forget that the skin is easily deformed and bends. Therefore, such a bracelet on the night is better to shoot and gently store in a separate box. Pandora products are sold in original corporate packaging. An elegant box will look beautifully on the shelf and retain the primordial view of the dear accessory.
  • Pandora accessories are complemented by various braces. Externally they look like charm, but do not stand on the basis, but tightly snap. These clips do not allow pendants to slide along the entire length of the bracelet and scratch the product. For leather shoelaces, it is necessary to choose silicone-based stoppers.

  • Skin does not like moisture. Do not swim or make cleaning with such a bracelet. If the decoration was wet, then you need to remove the charm and leave dry. At the same time, the straight sun rays should not fall on it, otherwise it will dry.
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