Lepidolit: Properties to whom it is suitable and how to care?

Lepidolit: Properties to whom it is suitable and how to care?

Stones in nature are a huge set. Among them are precious, semi-precious and those who do not have much value in principle. And the network and such that are not known to anyone, but are particularly valuable and have unique properties. One of these stones is lepidolit.

What it is?

Lepidolit is a stone belonging to the category of valuable minerals. As a rule, he is known for those people who either engage in the studies of such objects or collect them. For the first time, this stone became known in 1872. It was then that it was described by Martin Claprote.

Initially, lepidolit was called Lilalit.

After a few more years, Mineral received other names: Lavenderrin and Liliatite. All names indicate its main feature: a lilac color.

Although in nature is extremely rare, but you can meet other colors: gray, dark brown or even yellow.

Lepidolit got its name absolutely no coincidence. Translated from Greek it sounds like a scaly stone. Namely such a scaly structure and has this mineral. Mineral received its real name at the end of the XIX, early XX century. Today, this stone is highly popular with many people. It has not only an unusual and very beautiful appearance, but also has a variety of properties.

Where the stone is mined?

Currently, the mineral deposit is available in different countries of the world. In this case, industrial lepidolit is mined in different places:

  • USA and Canada+
  • In Italy on Elba Island+
  • In the Russian Federation in regions such as Kamchatka + Transbaikalia, Ural and Kola Peninsula+
  • In Germany in Saxon Hills+
  • in Iraq and Pakistan+
  • On Madagascar Island+
  • in Australia.

The main deposits of the stone are located where there are joints of granite deposits and lithospheric plates with a lava between them. However, all these deposits allow you to get a lepidolite industrial.

And mineral for the manufacture of various jewelry mined only in Brazil in Minas Gerais.

Lepidolite deposits are often located next to quartz and tourmaline deposits. That is why it is looking for in the same places where these minerals are mined.


All minerals have certain qualities for the presence of which the value of the stone and the scope of its use is determined. So, in particular, lepidolit, having a scaly structure, was actually a mica. And tightly adjacent scales and became the basis of a strongest stone structure of the mineral. To figure out where, how and who can use lepidolit, you need to study in detail the properties.

Physical and chemical

The basis of lepidolitis – mica igmatic, in the center of which is located lithium. And also the mineral includes substances such as

  • rubidium+
  • iron+
  • manganese+
  • sodium.

If a high percentage of lithium in this mineral is installed during a chemical analysis, it will not be called it simply lepidolit, but Lithionitis. Mineral is characterized by its own basic physical indicators.

  • Weight about 2.5 g / cm3.
  • Easy melting degree.
  • Density – no more than 2.5 points on the Maas scale.
  • Monoclinic Singonia.
  • Structure – crystalline-shaped.
  • Mineral Color – Lilac, Lilac, Yellow, White, Brown, Gray. Able to change color depending on the angle of falling solar color.

Lepidolit possesses other unique qualities that should be known.


This mineral is actively used in lithium therapy. At the same time, folk healers suggest that the stone helps to quickly cure even strong bruises and stretching, and the strength of his therapeutic effects enhances the flame of the ordinary candle burning next to it. The most widespread use of lepiditolit received in the treatment of the following diseases associated with failures in the work of the nervous system:

  • Depression+
  • Neurological violations+
  • insomnia+
  • neurosis+
  • Psychosians+
  • Manic depressive disorders.

Mineral has a good painkillers effect. It is recommended to apply to the patient, or just to hold in your hands. Lepidolit actively helps to improve the work of the cardiovascular system, fill in the body of lithium deficiency. As well as stone helps compensate for the lack of forces and energy.

To activate the therapeutic properties of lepidolite, it is placed at the head of the bed or applied to the required portion of the body.

The duration of using the mineral and the duration of sessions with it is installed by naturopath.


Lepidolit is a truly unique mineral that has a huge number of magical abilities, most of which, according to esoteric, has not yet been studied. It is currently established that this stone actively contributes to the disclosure of creative abilities, allows you to overcome the internal barriers and increase self-esteem. And also use it to solve the following problems:

  • Elimination of excess aggressiveness+
  • Normalization of family relationships+
  • Solving complex conflicts+
  • Activation of internal biotokov+
  • Return to the family husband or wife+
  • Negative energy purification+
  • To protect the house from damage and evil eye.

It is especially worth noting that only natural lepidolite has magical properties. Artificial mineral deprived of such qualities.

Who fits?

Lepidolithite is really a unique crystal, as it can be used by almost all people. However, special attention to this mineral is worth paying for individual groups of people.

  • Busy creativity. It is believed that mineral will help to succeed, get rid of ill-wishers and to reveal the creative potential to the maximum. And also lepidolit helps relieve stress, eliminates insomnia and constant anxiety.
  • Excellent this crystal is suitable for those who are looking for simple family happiness. It is believed that he is able to strengthen the feelings of lovers, protect the family nest from the evil and negative.
  • He is suitable for both women who want to become more gentle, calm and romantic. Mineral increases and strengthens not only natural femininity, but also helps to establish contact with others, especially with children and men.
  • People practicing yoga and especially meditation. It is this mineral that will become their best friend and assistant. It increases the level of concentration and helps to get rid of extra thoughts.

If we talk about the signs of the zodiac, then lepidolit is ideal for weights and fish. It will help to doubt the sharp drops of mood, eliminate excessiveness and plasticity, will allow to achieve inner harmony.

How to determine the fake?

Unfortunately, this mineral is mined today in small volumes, and the demand for it increases every year due to a large number of special properties of the crystal. That is why there are often unscrupulous vendors under the guise of natural lepidolitis sell fake. A simple man in view and even to the touch determine that in front of him an unreal mineral, quite difficult. It must be remembered that the crystal should not have emptiness and air bubbles within itself, its surface should be blown up. Matte surface – the main sign that in front of you fake.

The purchase of lepidolite is not just in a jewelry store, but in a professional workshop. There will be possible to require the seller all the necessary certificates confirming the natural origin of the stone. You should choose a workshop with a good reputation: only so you can be confident that the lepidolit bought is real and has all the stated properties.

Recommendations for care

Lepidolite is a rare and truly unique mineral having a huge number of important and interesting properties. Its correct choice and further care will allow not only for a long time to enjoy the beautiful view of the crystal, but also will help improve well-being and achieve new success. However, just just buy a natural stone. So that he really turned out to be useful and for a long time retained his unique primordial view, he needs to properly care.

Store mineral and items from it follows in soft boxes of suitable size. Crystal should not roll inside the package or constantly fight about the wall: otherwise it can quickly lose his shine and shape. To purify the lepidolite, you can only use alcohol in small quantities and extremely rarely. To do this, the soft napkin is wetted in the liquid and carefully wipe the contaminated area. Wash crystal follows only in warm clean water without using aggressive detergents.

Learn more about the properties of the lepidolitis see below.

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