Malachite bracelet

Malachite bracelet

Natural stones decorations have always caused delight in women. They will never lose their relevance and will be in demand among the fashionistas of all ages. Today we will analyze in detail such an accessory as a malachite bracelet.

A bit of history

During the outbreak of cholera in ancient Egypt, those who worked on malachite fields were not injured. Thanks to this fact, people have become with special trepidation and respect.

Malachite began to enjoy popular in Egypt. Mascots and charms protect their host from the troubles and negative impact from it.

Substituted Mineral for the manufacture of green paint and eye shadows. A little later, it turned out that the prolonged impact of such cosmetics has a negative impact on the mental state of the person. This is explained by the presence of copper in a stone, which just poisoned the brain.

But this fact did not affect faith in the miraculous ability of the gem.

In Egypt, Malachite began to attribute to the stone Hator – Goddess continuation of the genus and began a life path. He was considered the patron saint of young children. It was often hung in children’s cradle to protect Chad from his pigeons, terrible dreams and evil spirits.

Magic gem or decorations from it most often chose for the first gift to the child.

In the Malachite Malachite, was considered the most powerful champion of black magic. It was often treated for decoration of buildings. Malachit was lined with the temple of Athena in Greece.

Peoples of Rome attributed this stone to the goddess of Venus. For this reason, decorations with malachite were not allowed to wear young and unmarried girls. It was believed that such things are able to attract unnecessary attention from the opposite sex to the ladies.

On the properties of this amazing stone, see the video.

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