Medical Gold: What it is and how to clean?

Medical Gold: What it is and how to clean?

Medical gold is actively used to create various products. Especially popular among many consumers traditionally enjoy decorations from this alloy. After all, they have a very stylish and beautiful appearance, besides, differ in particular strength. However, not every person sure is it worth buying such products. After all, there are many myths associated with them.

What it is and what is different from ordinary gold?

To understand this issue, you need to learn more about this alloy.

First of all it is worth noting that medical gold received such a name only because it was originally used to make surgical instruments, as well as for the manufacture of crowns.

However, over time, this has not been so relevant. therefore This alloy began to use for the manufacture of decorations.

Here are the main advantages.

  1. It is worth noting a great similarity with a real gold. It lies not only in visual similarity.
  2. Such material has sufficiently high indicators of plasticity, which makes it possible to make products of unusual forms from it.
  3. It is impossible not to note the high strength of medical gold. It is not afraid of any mechanical effects.
  4. In addition, such an alloy is also popular because it does not cause allergic reactions, as well as side effects even with regular sock.
  5. Such material is not oxidized, does not change its color even when exposed to water.
  6. What really likes many – his visual similarity with gold 750 samples.
  7. And, of course, the main advantage is the low cost of such products.

Medical gold includes a large number of different metals: and silver, and copper, and titanium, and even zinc. But what is characteristic, despite the name of the metal, the gold itself may not be at all.

Since medical gold outwardly is very similar to the real metal, then you need to know how to distinguish it, which is important when buying. After all, there are a large number of scammers who try to deceive in any way in any way.

So that this does not happen, all Jewelry is recommended to purchase in specialized stores.

But if there is no such possibility, then you should know the following.

  • Products from real gold have a sample, thanks to which you can find out the amount of precious metal in alloy.
  • On the jewelry made from medical gold, there is no sample. After all, the noble metal here is used only in small quantities. However, it may not even be.
  • If the products do not receive due care, then Over time, they will lose their attractiveness.
  • An important role is played and the price. If the seller of such decorations offers to purchase a product of the highest sample for a big discount, then the buyer in this case should be alened and think about whether it is worth doing such a purchase. Before purchasing jewelry, you must be familiar with the prices of “Jeweleleka”.
  • Need to know that Real rare and expensive stones are never framed in such a alloy. Accordingly, buy decorations with sapphire or diamond from medical gold is simply impossible.

You can also test the proposed gold. It’s enough to drop on the inner side of the product just one droplet of iodine. In the event that this is real gold, a dark spot should remain on the site of the drop. Medical alloy on iodine will not respond, it will be enough just to erase. Damage will not remain.

When evaluating, it is also necessary to determine the weight of the decoration. After all, real connoisseurs know that products from gold, especially high samples, sufficiently massive and heavy. Concerning medical alloy, then it is easier and more brilliant. However, if a person is completely disrepeted in such matters, then you should seek help to this specialist. It will not only help avoid trouble, but also will save from unnecessary experiences.

Methods for getting

For the manufacture of jewelry from medical gold, several methods are used. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

Gold Filled

In the first case, all the resulting products have resistance to various damage, are not corrosion. In addition, they do not completely affect human health. The only thing that can affect the end result is poor quality work of specialists. In this case, the product will not be able to serve the proper term.

For the manufacture of such decorations at the very beginning you need to prepare the necessary blanks. Nickel, bronze, as well as brass and copper. After that, you need to add a small amount of gold and heat everything to 900 degrees. Ultimately, a small layer of gold should be applied to the finished product.

GOLD Plated

In the second case used galvanic coating that is applied using a special rolling technology.

This option is not so reliable, because with time, the deposition is very quickly erased.

Especially if a person uses him too much.

Ceper Lie?

Almost all products made from medical gold long retain their original view. They do not darken even in salted water. The only thing that can affect medical gold – time.

After a certain period, the coating is erased, Steel begins to penetrate.

In this case, there is only one option – Replace old decoration for new.


Medical gold applies in various fields of activity. For example, an excellent alternative to gold jewelry will be the jewelry from the medical alloy.

Especially such products are suitable for people who have allergies to any gold items.

Medical gold is also used in the cosmetic industry. So, for example, it is used in such procedures as strengthening the contours of the face or wrapping. In addition, from this alloy Carnation earrings are made, which are first inserted after puncture, to avoid infections.

Its useful to note Various men’s accessories, Rims for glasses and other items for the manufacture of which use a medical alloy. It must be said that such a alloy is applied in medicine for a long time.

So, for example, to get rid of various infectious or viral diseases, alchemists prepared special gold water precisely from this alloy.

Over time, with the development of technology “Gold Medical Alloy” began to use much more. It began to add to various drugs, with which the immune system rises, and the vascular system is strengthened.

It is impossible not to note the use of this alloy in oncology. Medical gold helps to fight malignant tumors, and also restores skin. But only experts must be engaged in conducting such procedures.

Since a medical alloy, unlike alloys from steel, helps to disinfect wounds, and also contributes to getting rid of microbes, it is most often used to make various tools required for operations.

In addition, there are such metal like silver.

Features of care

So that the purchased products from medical gold can serve as longer as possible, you need to provide them with due care. First of all, they need to store them separately from other jewelry. For example, a large box with a certain amount of cells is suitable.

In this case, the products will not touch each other, which means they will not be able to scatter or get other damage.

Besides, Do not use for storage plastic boxes or cellophane packages. After all, for the medical alloy, they are completely not suitable, the decorations in them will simply darken.

Be sure to shoot decorations before exercising sports, And also before bedtime, otherwise they can deform or even break.

Do not put such decorations with high temperatures, as well as sunlight. Therefore, you do not need to put them in the sauna or solarium, as well as on the beach.

Through a certain period of time it is necessary Decorations clean. You can do it yourself or the product for professional cleaning. In any case, this approach will help preserve their original view much longer.

Professional cleansing

First you need to read With professional cleaning. The most careful among all possible options is cleaning with ultrasound exposure.

With it, it is possible to return the primordial appearance not only for products from medical gold, but also from real gold or silver, as well as decorations with stones.

To carry out such a procedure, it is necessary to put the necessary subject to the device literally for several minutes. It will be enough for him to shine purity and glitter. Thanks to this cleansing, decorations will be able to keep their appearance a few more extra years.

Specialists do not recommend applying funds in which coarse-grained solid particles are contained. After all, it is possible to damage the decoration very quickly. In addition, it is guaranteed to deprive his shine. Perfectly suitable tool with fine-dimensional composition, which is most often used to clean the metal. Their composition includes a large amount of wax, as well as organic solvents.

If the decorations from the medical alloy will lose their glitter, they are just enough rinse in warm water, To which you need to add a few drops of detergent. After that they need to immediately lower In a lightweight sodium hyposulfite. The solution should be as follows: 100 milliliters of water must be added 20 grams of this tool.

Cleaning at home

If a person has no opportunity to take advantage of professional cleaning, then you can clean the decorations and at home. The most popular among them is the following solution:

  • 500 milliliters of pure water+
  • 5 grams of ammonic alcohol, it is best to use a 10 percent+
  • 15 grams of borax.

All ingredients need to be mixed, and then wipe the resulting darkened decorations.

After that, they need to rinse with clean warm water. Since the bora is a poisonous tool, then it is strictly forbidden to clean any cutlery that were made of medical alloy.

    Another effective remedy is the usual chalk. For cleaning you need to grasp the darkened decoration with chalk, and then remove all the remnants with a slightly moistened tissue. Same You can use the following solution:

    • 20 grams of dental powder+
    • 25 grams of ammonia alcohol+
    • ½ cup of pure water.

    All components must be thoroughly mixed, and then wipe the product surface with this solution. Then it must be rolled into slightly heated water. In addition, you can use the usual shampoo or liquid soap. A few drops need to be mixed with ½ cup of water, and then clean the usual brush, just soft. After that, the decorations also need to rinse with clean water. Also be sure to dry gold and only after that wearing or put in the box.

    Another cleaning agent is Wine alcohol or ordinary beer. To achieve the desired effect it is worth wing with this means the product. After 5 minutes you need to wash it off with clean water. In addition to this, you can also use turpentine. The product works almost the same way as everyone else – applied to the decoration, and then wipes a thoroughly dry paper towel.

    Summing up, we can say that medical gold is an excellent alternative to precious metals. The main thing – in time to engage in its cleaning and store the accessory in the appropriate conditions.

    Review chains from medical gold See next video.

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