Milan Watch Bracelet

Milan Watch Bracelet

Designers clock follow the fashion no less closely than in the manufacture of other accessories. When creating bracelets and straps, the most skillful and original techniques are used. Milan bracelet for watches deserved great popularity, which reminds the melted rings and comes to any style.

History of creation

At the end of the XIX century, mesh bracelets made of golden yarns began to actively produce the Masters of Europe. Weaving technique, which emerged in Milan, attracted jewelers of weaving strength and luxurious appearance.

The mesh Milan bracelet is made from a large sturdy grid that possesses mobility, allows the skin of the hand to breathe even in the hottest weather, which is usually happening in Milan in the summer season.

The history of the original weaving began in 1922 in the German city of Pforzheim, which is known as the “Golden City”. In it, from ancient times, a precious metal was mined and whole jewelry dynasties were born there. Vollmer and Staib company first in Germany began to engage in the release of mesh bracelets. The heirs of the Vollemer Dynasty emphasized the special complexity of the production of Milan Weaving, the process of which consisted of 85 stages.

Each stage, from the choice of raw materials to the final strokes in the design of the model, takes a lot of time and attention, but makes the product even more valuable and unique.

The basic condition when choosing a grid is the absence of sharp edges, large parts, stability and functionality. Small metal links smooth and do not deliver unpleasant sensations, such an accessory looks on hand not only as a practical addition to the mechanism, but also as a stylish accessory.


Mesh bracelets compared to leather straps and some kinds of metal weaving are allocated by several features:

  • The smooth plane from a variety of rolling links is stronger, stronger and more convenient to keep on hand than other straps.
  • The bracelet is easy to polish, eliminating the dullness and restoring the gloss and shine.
  • Such models are distinguished by resistance to moisture and are not afraid of wetting.
  • In the summer heat, the mesh bracelet is indispensable, since the material does not absorb moisture and allows the skin to breathe.
  • Universal strap models will suit both the classic style and modern complex mechanisms.
  • Using the fastener, the slider does not arise, how to shorten the product and adjust it on hand. The clasp opens with a small screwdriver and reliably snaps up after the adjustment is completed.

Milan bracelet from world companies

World brands that have long recognized the convenience and comfort of one of the main qualities of ideal watches and other accessories have been treated for net brands.


The Swiss premium producer drew attention to the original weaving one of the first in the world.

Limelight Gala model – Women’s wrist watches, gold bracelets of which are decorated with a bright carpet of diamonds throughout the circumference of the case.


Exquisite brand, which is always a step ahead of fashion, has long taken as the basis of the clock line Boy.Friend Steel Bracelets with Milan Weaving.

Accompanies a stylish accessory engraving with a tweed effect, like an eternal distinctive sign of a fashion house.


The owner of the eighth place in the ranking of Swiss watch companies produces a cult model Portofino.

It can be monscated from pink, yellow or white gold with Milan weaving at the heart.


An hourly giant, a company that works closely with the Montblanc brand and creates mechanisms that meet the latest technical progress. Collection “1858” – tribute to style Vintage, inspiration for her designers were looking for main retro-models of the 1930s. Milan weaving from steel approached as it is impossible to embody such an original idea of ​​life.


Milan Weaving – the basis for the collections of the clock of a trendy house. Models made of steel, gold of different colors, and slightly noticeable engraving on the front side – delicate accessories with the effect of satin, incredibly stylish and showing what real refinement is.


A democratic jewelry brand is also engaged in the release of the watch on the strap with the original Milan Weaving. Purchase the Milan bracelet Sunlight from official brand representatives from 1,500 rubles.

Guess Watch

Another pretty inexpensive brand whose products can be purchased for a modest amount.

The popular American company presented a new Nouveau collection of three models of hours of different colors. Rectangular dials in the collection are complemented by silver, gold and original pink bracelets.

Apple Watch

Preparing for the release of “smart” watches, a popular American company also prepared a brief announcement of a unique collection of straps for Apple Watch from 26 models of mesh bracelets.

Much attention attracted a model of the color “Black Cosmos”, which was initially available only to the owners of the model of the same color.

The price of such a strap from Russian representatives of the brand reaches 50,000 rubles.

Apple Watch bracelets features:

  • Model design can be called universal. It is suitable for both men and women looking great on any wrist.
  • The mesh bracelet is equipped with a special magnetic fastener, which is pressed against the side of the model. Other fixtures are not provided, since the magnet fixes the bracelet quite reliably.
  • After some time, after wearing, the bracelet can leave small scratches on the steel case of the mechanism, but it is easy to get rid of them using an ordinary polyteroli.
  • Bracelet and magnetic clasp possess moisture resistance, do not lose properties during wetting.

A variety of collections from the official Apple manufacturer allows you to choose a model for every taste. But the prices of them are very high, so many companies offer their alternatives.

Budget Net Bracelets for Apple Watch

  • Baseus. Analogue of the original Apple bracelet from the manufacturer of high-quality accessories in China. It is distinguished by affordable price and a fastener, which is not represented by a magnet, but a standard fastening view.

Available in gold, silver, black colors.

  • @Ccessory. The model of another democratic brand, perfectly suitable for hours, in the steel case and sports model from aluminum. The most popular color – “Gray Cosmos”.

  • Jetech. Can be used as an addition to the original model from Apple. As well as the main model is equipped with a magnetic clasp, it has a low price and more dense weaving.

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