Mokhovaya agate: what looks like and who comes?

Mokhovaya agate: what looks like and who comes?

Agat is one of the stones that are remembered for a long time. Despite the fact that the mineral does not have much value in jewelry, any decoration containing this stone looks thin, strictly and very elegant. Consider what properties has this stunning mineral, and where it can be seen today.

History of origin

The official version of the origin of the name of the stone is associated with the place of primary detection. It happened on the Arabian Peninsula in the province of Mocho of the Republic of Yemen. It is also believed that this mineral got his name due to appearance. The drawing on its surface is very reminded by the moss. Both of these statements have the right to exist, as they are reliable.

Acquaintance with this wonderful mineral has occurred extremely long. For the first time he began to use the Egyptians, Sumerians. They processed the gem in the shape of a human eye and inserted it with the statues.

People believed that in this way create a powerful amulet from damage and the evil eye.

In Russia, the Mokhov Agate learned much later, only by the XVIII century. Archaeologists found household items: tobacker, caskets, dishes. Agatom decorated tomb and tomb of rulers. So he is good to convey the tradition of the past to the present day.

Previously, the stone was considered precious, and not everyone could afford it. It was used in the works of Faberge. To date, the cost of it has decreased. Now he is an inexpensive diverse material. This happened due to mass production. Mokhovaya Agat stopped being rare and unique.

Description and field

Dendritic agate (this is the second name) refers to a quartz volcanic breed. It is formed by merging several rocks of rock at the emission of lava. It is inherent in the lamination of the structure, hence the striped pattern on its surface. Basic Chemical Formula – SiO2. But there are numerous impurities that are characterized by small splashes, due to which a different shade is formed. Silmes may be in impurities: quartz, quartz and chalcedony.

The hardness on the MOOS scale is from 6.5 to 7. It means that This mineral can be left scratch on glass. Major copies among representatives of such agate are practically not found. All pebbles when forming hardly reach ten centimeters.

Also undoubted advantage is the inertness of agate in relation to many chemicals. Especially valuable stability to acids.

After polishing it acquires a beautiful glass glitter. Without processing, it’s just a dull and opaque piece of rock. In this case, chlorite inclusions give it a kind of sylost. Stone deposits scattered around the world. But at the moment, new deposits are not developed, due to the large number of this mineral in the markets of many countries. As well as due to the low value of this resource.

Thoroughly occupied niche for the extraction and dissemination of such states:

  • Yemen+
  • Russia+
  • India.

Features Color

Mokhovo agate can be different shades, depending on impurities included in its composition. Chlorites form an interesting green pattern in stone. Due to iron oxides and their structure, a unique drawing created by nature appears every time.

In Russia, the Urals produce agate with white, blue, green and gray spraces, and in India – with black and brown. Also found in this mineral a very beautiful coral shade, extremely rare for him. There is such a concept as “black agate”. But it is worth remembering that In the nature of completely black mineral there is no such plan. So called stones with small dark splashes.

Nature really tried, creating such an unusual in the appearance of the mineral, she decorated its surface with paintings with fabulous trees and plants. Therefore, the gem soulates so and helps in the fight with many ailments.

Magic Mineral

In all corners of our planet recognize the magical effect of agate. This stone has a very strong positive energy. Still long have been used to create amulets and faces. They were hung in dwellings from evil eyes and negative impact on the part. Mokhovaya Agat is a good assistant in farming and agriculture. It is believed that he grants fertility. Contributes to a harvest assembly, can help in breeding livestock. And even contributes to the emergence of children in women who really want it.

Widely applicable in meditation, due to its appearance. If during the practice to concentrate on his unique drawing, it will help evenly distribute his vitality, understand the problems and find their worthy decision. It is known that a person has the possibility of self-describing and is able to draw energy from space, but for this you need a powerful conductor than and is a moss agate.

This stone is a reliable protector from envy and evil char. And also helps see deception. Values ​​are also properties: improving sleep and emotional state, getting rid of nightmares, improved mood.

Medical properties

Even in antiquity in Russia, various defaults healed with this gem:

  • Wounds and peptic skin lesions+
  • Bitches of poisonous insects and snakes+
  • Problems with a circulatory and respiratory system.

They used to treat not only ready-made stones, but also untreated rock layers. Put the man with his back at the layer and appealed to the gods for healing. It is believed that agate has a property to strengthen the spirit of warrior. They were delivered from such problems:

  • insomnia+
  • Fears+
  • hysteria.

And in our time it is widely used in lithotherapy, Fengshui, and in other Western techniques. He frees from depression and other brain disorders and nervous system. In infectious and colds, reduces fever. Strengthens immunity, cardiovascular system, lungs. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, cleans the lymphatic and excretory system. It is proved that fluids on its basis with external use are eliminated from the fungal diseases of the skin. There is an assumption that mineral reduces the tumors of lymph nodes.

Agate applies and as a medicine from many diseases. Accelerates the healing process, aligns human aura due to the disposal of negative energy. For a better action recommended:

  • For diseases of the heart wearing pendants on the wrist of the left hand and on the solar plexus+
  • To prevent and treat diseases of the lungs wearing beads.

Who fits?

On this mineral it is worth paying your opinion First of all, Tales and Gemini. Although it is believed that this is a controversial statement, and the stone approaches all the signs of the zodiac without exception. He will bring a calmer attitude towards people, and twins – self-confidence, will help me to move from thoughts to action. The maximum effect will be achieved if wearing copper jewelry made of moss stone.

Astrologers advise the scales to wear a stone in a rim of gold. And put on special cases not to spend the energy of the stone, since this sign is so sufficiently balanced. Aquariols, cancer and fishes preferably pay attention to silver products, there will be more benefits. Stone will help them develop their communication skills with people and will better interact with the world around.

Mineral has powerful protective properties and suit both men and women. Beads and necklaces are suitable for ladies aged and will help and protect against bronchitis and problems with thyroid gland. Those who seek universal harmony, spiritual insight and knowledge of the world, and also has immune and cardiovascular diseases, should be wearing beads and bracelets with large elements. The headset from the ring and segrees will stimulate blood circulation, will assist in making decisions and increase mental activity.

All products made of moss agate are very romantic, thanks to the drawing on its surface. They will make a woman mysterious and welcome. Men worth buying a key chain from the gem, to guarantee security in operation and driving. And cufflinks to attract good luck in affairs, love and life. Mokhovaya Agat balances the sensual and mental sides of the human person.

Emotional people will give the ability to logically think. And restrained and cold will give sensuality.

How to distinguish the original from the fake?

It would seem that the cost of moss agate is very available. But fakes still meet. Especially it is used on a wide scale in construction and decoration of buildings where its large amount is required. Therefore, invented substitutes from plastic with adding dyes.

To distinguish a natural stone from artificial, enough to hold it in his hands. Natural agate will remain cold, and imitation will heat up. There is another way. Just put a stone into the water. The real mineral will not hide, unlike fake.

Storage rules

To pechers as long as possible please you with your appearance, you need to care for him correctly. It is necessary to protect it from moisture, dust and direct sunlight. It is best to store it in a box, on a soft cloth or in a case. It is also required to take into account that He does not tolerate temperature changes. Cleaning should be carried out weak soap solution every month.

If you comply with all the care recommendations, Mokhovaya Agate will not lose its original appearance and will protect and protect you for a long time, and will remain descendant.

About the magical and therapeutic properties of moss agate, see the following video.

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