Moonstone: Features, Types and Use

Moonstone: Features, Types and Use

Moonstone is a very beautiful natural mineral belonging to the group of potassium field spare. His name received thanks to the gentle flickering overflows of silver and blue shades, which are similar to the shine of the moon. It also has another name – adorable, which is connected with the place of its first detection on Mount Adula, in Switzerland.

Founding in vivo unprocessed gems look less attractive, and their reflections in the light is weaker. Purified and machined grinding, they look much more luxurious, brighter show their shine, attract and fascinate glances.

This type of field spat can be found in quartz and ore residentials of the Alpine type. Today, he meets infrequently, so it is very appreciated.


In ancient times, people believed that a sickle of a decreasing moon was reflected in the present lunar stone.

The history of the occurrence of mineral is related to numerous stories and legends.

  • On the Indian version For the first time, this stone found a poor man who, without having his angle, was forced to wander around the country. Once in a strong shower, he fell into the cave and found a beautiful gem that took with him. Thanks to his appearance, the poor began to accompany the luck, and he was able to gain wealth and honor.
  • In China, the legend is common that this stone is the gift of the moon. One day, a merchant came to the Buddha, whoever recently recently formed on the verge of ruin and suddenly unexpectedly rich. He told the story that his sick son, during the lake, found a stone from which the light came, and brought home. With the advent of finding in the family, wonders began to occur: the disease retreated from the son, trading went uphill – Sales increased. However, a man was concerned about whether it is possible to own this stone as it matters for a person, and maybe he is somehow connected with the devil? Carefully inspecting a miracle stone,

Buddha said that there is no reason for concern, since this is the gift of the moon and is completely safe. But only those whose soul and the heart can own them. Stone must be carefully stored, thereby expressing gratitude to the moon for the help. But the loss or refusal to use the stone of the moon will consider for ungratefulness and punish, taking your gifts back.

    • In Greece, they believe that this crystal is a gift from the mythical country of hyperborea, in which good and abundance reigns. It has people to revelation and give extrasensory abilities. Mineral attracts attention due to unique aesthetic, magical and healing properties.

    Where are mined?

      In natural conditions, adorable can be detected in the form of stones up to 10 centimeters having a plate structure.

      Adulyara fields are in Australia, Brazil, Burma, Madagascar, Mongolia, Tanzania, New Zealand, Norway. In India there are its varieties with the effect of asterism (color overflow in the form of a star). The most high-quality crystals are found on Sri Lanka Island, but reserves are already dried, so their cost is quite high. In the United States (Virginia) in river pebbles found specimens similar in quality with Sri Lankan stones.

      In Russia, the mineral was found in the Urals (Mount Mookrusha), in Siberia (Inaglinsky Array), in Chukotka (Karamken deposit), in the Pribaikal region (Naryn-Kunta deposit).


      Moonstone is several varieties.

      • Adural. It is highlighted in a separate appearance, although it is often its name as a whole to designate the mineral. Is the most valuable of all types. It has a transparent structure, with bright lighting, it has a radiance of matte-white or pale blue color, different from the glow of other types of mineral. Only he is characterized by the fascinating three-dimensional depth of the crystal.

      There are stones with a feline eye effect, when an optical illusion appears when reflecting the beams of light, and an image appears in the stone, like a cat’s eye.

      • Albite. It has a white or grayish shade with a glass glitter, some instances can be a golden glow. It is rare in pure form, usually found with other calcium minerals.

      • Amazonite. In everyday life called green moonstone. It has a bright green or bluish-green shade. In nature, most often found with splashes of white albite. A homogeneous appearance is very rare, so it is more appreciated.

      • Belorit. Translucent mineral with pearl brilliance and rainbow luminescence, casting blue-green and yellow shades. Got his name on its location off the shores of the White Sea.

      • Labrador. Dark species of wild spar, encounter crystals and completely black. Very beautiful overflows: they can be golden, green, blue or blue shades. Was first discovered in Canada in the eponymous peninsula, so I received such a name.

      • Oligoclase. Translucent gem that has completely different shades, is more common in the pink gamma with the inclusion of golden impurities. Perfectly refracting light rays.

      • Sanidine. Transparent crystal resembling glass. It happens more often than white, yellow or red shades. Less often there are samples of a blue shade with a three-dimensional overflow, so the value is very high.


      Adyur attracts its unique charm and has unique characteristics. Its value for a person is large enough and varied. He gives calm and sincere equilibrium, helps to restore health and find happiness in personal life.

      Medical properties

      About the beneficial effect of stone on the body is known since ancient times. The famous medieval Persian leakage Avicenna in his writings described the practice of internal use of small doses of flutter powder of the lunar stone for the treatment of many diseases.

      Mineral has a healing effect on the body, so the decorations from it is better to wear not over clothes, and so that he has direct contact with the skin. Permanent use contributes:

      • activation of brain activity+
      • Removing edema and inflammation+
      • Weaken the attacks of epilepsy+
      • Normalization of the gastrointestinal tract and the urogenital system+
      • Improving the work of the heart and blood system+
      • Eliminating suffering in progressive oncological diseases+
      • More easy course of pregnancy and childbirth.

        The adorable has a soothing effect, reduces the level of irritability, anxiety and fears. For strong and calm sleep, it should be put under the pillow.

        Folk healers believe that it is possible to treat a stone at a distance: for this you need to put a peeled instance on the patient’s photo and ask for facilitating its condition.

        Magic properties

        Adyar in honors in psychics, as it enhances the ability of foresight. It is stronger than its magic properties on Mondays. Connoisseurs of magic assure that the crystal is endowed with the magical powers of the Moon and the Earth and can:

        • Balance the energy field of its owner+
        • Attract luck+
        • Soothe spiritual experience+
        • Protect against negative energy impact, including damage and evil eye+
        • Enhance the charm and attractiveness of the owner+
        • harmonize the condition even in very difficult situations.

          Magic moonstone manifests itself in heart matters. It allows you to understand the sincerity of the senses of the partner. If they are not mutual, then the mineral fills, warning that such relationships will bring disappointment and it is better to stop them. If the luminescence of the talisman becomes brighter, it indicates the reciprocity and harmony of the pair. Such a country relationship will protect in all difficulties and life tests.

          It is believed that the Lunar Stone himself chooses the owner, pure heart and soul. He fully protects the owner and those people who are close to him and roads. You can always turn to gem in a difficult moment, and it will definitely hear. In the period of the full moon, you need to get up on the plot, suspended its lighting, compressed in the left palm of the stone, and ask for the most important desire.

          But it is important to remember about the observance of caution. Can’t ask the talisman evil or punishment for other people. If you apply to it with such a request, then the stone deprives a person of his favor: he somehow incomprehensible disappears or simply loses his magic and does not work.

          In the direction of Feng Shui, the talisman is also very popular: it personifies the element of water and is used to activate the energy flows in the southwestern part of the house where the zone of love and marriage is located. Placing a gem in this zone will make it smoothing family quarrels and troubles and will contribute to a warm and spiritual atmosphere.

          To restore sincere harmony and the normalization of its emotional state very effective Meditative Practices with Mineral. To do this, choose the moment of privacy and calm in the house. The best option is to conduct meditation in the dark time at the light of the moon, before bedtime. It should be conveniently located and take the moonstone in the hands.

          If there is an unprocessed view available, it is better to use it, but also the purified adular will also suit.

          Mixing process with moonstone

          You should close your eyes and focus completely on the mineral. It is necessary to imagine the silvery rays of light emanating from it. Gradually, rays are wider, turning into one huge light stream, directed towards the moon. And the thin moon light comes from the moon, which gives a feeling of coolness. He penetrates through and gives his energy. It feels light tingling in the fingers of the hands, and then calm and tender wave permeates the whole body. Voltage leaves and bright joy appears.

          It is advisable to spend meditation in several repetitions for 10-15 minutes. If after meditation is planned, the mascot can be put under the pillow. If you still need to do business, then there should be a smooth transition to them – about a quarter of an hour after practice to be in a relaxed state (lie down or sit, you can also dream), and only then go to home deals.

          Who fits?

          Moonstone is an excellent faith. He harmonizes the inner state and helps in many aspects of life.

          He gives good owners, improves material condition. It is recommended to have a talisman when organizing new business projects and signing financial transactions. In such situations, it is better to wear a bracelet with a mineral or ring on the right hand.

          The stone is able to develop the talents and the gift of oratory. It suits people of creative professions: poets, writers, musicians, artists, actors, journalists, educators. He inspires, creates a favorable atmosphere for creative thoughts and fantasies. For disclosure and maintaining their talents should be worn ring with adular.

          With important professional events (performance on the stage, concert, competition), you can talisman put at home next to your photo.

          In matters of personal life, gem also proven itself well, he protects romantic feelings. It can be given to the object of love to enhance emotions. Lonely people Mineral will give an opportunity easier to get acquainted and meet real love. They are recommended in the heart area wearing an amulet or brooch with a moonstone.

          Usually, the decorations made of stones are popular with women, but the adorande men are perfectly suitable. He has an important property – the defense of the owner on the road. A man, a lot of time spent behind the wheel, you can give a key chain with a mineral, which will serve as an excellent faith. If a man is deprived of female attention and has not met the second half, he is preferably to wear a ring with gem on his right hand, and then attention from the side of the beautiful sex will be secured. Wearing pisces on the right hand will protect a business man from conflicts and neutralizes the negative of competitors.

          Talisman energy is suitable for diligent, strong and confident people. Infantile and capricious persons Stone will not reveal his magic.

          In astrology, it is believed that the lunar stone is not suitable for all signs of the zodiac: he is contraindicated with hairdresses and Capricorn, and for crayfish, scorpions and fish he is just perfect. They give them calm and good luck in all areas, neutralizes negative character traits. Wearing for other characters is permissible, it will help:

          • Taurizes get rid of a sad mood and raise a sense of confidence in their power+
          • Gemini to gain exposure and calm+
          • Lions become wiser and find the right way+
          • Devies to find family happiness+
          • Weighs to make true solutions and overcome obstacles+
          • Sagittarius with ease to solve any problems+
          • Aquarius protect against gossip and envious.

          Moonstone is subject to moon control, so it suits people born at night, especially on Monday.

          How to distinguish from fake?

          To apply therapeutic and magical properties, it is very important to choose a real adorable. Quite often, its fakes made of glass and plastic. Make sure the authenticity of the mineral can even be visually, knowing its features and description. Natural stone, in contrast to an artificial analogue, has a heterogeneous structure, there are small cracks and bubbles in it. It is transparent or translucent, and inside there is a cross section of a blue or blue color. In it can be the inclusion of other colors, But between them there will be a smooth transition. When light hit on the stone manifests itself glossy shine.

          Imitation characterize brighter homogeneous colors, no shine. When turning an artificial stone by 10-15 degrees, light rays are not reflected, and it is much easier than natural gem.

          Another characteristic of the natural origin of the gem – the presence of high heat capacity. Synthetic material when compressed in the palm of palm it will noticeably warm. A real stone with such manipulation will save coolness and will not heated.

          Where used?

          In jewelry, the mineral began to use since ancient times. The beauty of products depends on its processing. Translucent Purified Adulyars Purl by blue tones that are similar to the Moonlight. The classic method is grinding the cabochon method. It allows you to emphasize the gentle shimmering overflows and get excellent copies – on top of convex, and below are smooth, which are subsequently used in decorations.

          Moon stone is made: earrings, pendants, brooches, rings, necklaces, key rings, bracelets. For the framing, silver is most often used, since the qualities of the mineral are better manifested in the aggregate, and the impression of its reinforced radiance is created. Gold rims are used much less often, but it looks very noble. Adulyar’s overflows are very spectacular, it attracts eyes even with the slightest change of lighting.

          Products from gems look very exquisite, so the clothes must match them. Very elegant will look a shining droplet on a black dress. The noble combination will be from a classic suit with a pendant on the suspension and flickering stones in earrings.

          Neighborhood decorations should not be worn constantly, optimal time – in the intervals from the new moon to the full moon. On a decreasing moon, the mineral can negatively affect the well-being of the owner.

          Prices for moonstone products will greatly differ much, this is due to its origin and quality. Transparent gems of large size with blue, white shades or feline eye effect are more expensive.

          In the decor, a souvenir was used as a diverse material – Labrador – souvenirs are made from it, apply in finishing interior and furniture.

          Care rules

          Moonstone is very fragile, the surface can be deformed from the slightest shocks, so it needs careful care and storage. Before performing household work, it is necessary to remove the decorations, since the mineral is sensitive to detergents and temperature drops. For him, mechanical cleaning is unacceptable, as scratches may appear. Remove adorable a better wadded disc in a weak soap solution, and then all right in warm water.

          To maintain the necessary vibrations, the mascot must be cleaned once a month and discharge under a weak pressure of cold running water. After that, it needs to be charged with lunar light, leaving at night on the windowsill.

          Be sure to clean the stones that were used for treatment or wearing other people to remove unhealthy or someone else’s energy.

          The signal for cleansing and recharging can serve as a feeling of owner of a changed or weakened mineral energy.

          If gem is stored in one box with other decorations, it needs to be wrapped in a soft cloth.

          With frequent use of adular and dismissive care, it can lose his glitter, but it can be restored by subjected to gem re-grinding and polishing.

          The owners of the real lunar stone always feel an invisible connection with him. Elementary care rules and timely recharging will retain the beauty and flickering gloss of a mineral, which will always be a faithful assistant.

          For the properties of the moonstone, see the next video.

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