Obsidian: features, properties and varieties

Obsidian: features, properties and varieties

The world of stones fascinates with their mysteriousness and beauty that nature has given them. A variety is so wide that many of them are not so well known as diamond, ruby, pomegranate or malachite. One of these mysterious stones is the mineral with an unusual name – obsidian.

What it is?

The name of this stone only enhances his mystery. Obsidian also called “Devil Clamps”, “Sea of ​​Apache” and a bottle stone. There are different versions of the origin of the name of this stone.

Adherents of the first version suggest that it comes from the word “obsce”, which translates from Greek means “spectacle”. Perhaps this name arose due to the fact that the mirrors were made from obsidian in ancient times.

According to the second version, the stone is so named by the name of the Romans Review or Obidia, which was the first to bring this stone to Italy from Africa (Ethiopia).

This mineral was known in ancient times.

It was used by primitive people for the manufacture of tips, knives and scrapers, as well as features of animals and the simplest decorations.

Obsidian is a mountain igneumatic rock and a variety of volcanic glass, which is obtained in the process of fast cooling of volcanic lava. This stone looks very beautiful and can have a spotted or striped color. It may occur in it quartz splashes, as well as the inclusion of dark-color minerals and field spatts.

In the process of frosting the lava, air bubbles can fall into it, which are preserved in the mineral and after its complete cooling. It is bubbles and give the stone such effects like a golden glow (in sparkling obsidian), silver (in silver mineral) and irrespected sparkling (in the rainbow stone).

Obsidian is a mixture of various minerals, so very variable by morphological and chemical properties. In its composition, obsidian contains a large amount of silica acids (up to 75%), another main element is alumina. Its content fluctuates from 10% to 18%. In general, in its composition, obsidian is similar to Granit.

The stone can have a different color – from black and gray to red-drow, as well as have different patterns

. In striped copies, the strip are located in the direction in which Lava flowed. Mineral has an amorphous (glass-wool) and a dense structure, and in its texture it is a foam or massive.

Wear resistance to erasing the stone is low and he is very fragile. When splitting obsidian forms chips in the form of mollusk sink (bivalve), the edges of which are very sharp. The surface of the mineral has glass sparkling and is well polished.

Obsidian found quite widespread use. It is used in jewelry for the manufacture of a variety of decorations: necklaces, beads and earrings, pendants and bracelets, perverse. Apply it and as a decorative-diverse stone.

From the gem it turns out very original cigarette, lighters, boxes, bowls.

In industry, the mineral is used as raw materials to produce dark color glass. And for the construction of it produce heat insulating material.

This stone found its application in the medical industry. Surgical scalpels and other medical instruments are manufactured from Obsidian.

Obsidian magic accessories are widely used by the magicians and priests.


Obsidian belongs to the category of semi-precious decorative-diverse stones. It is divided into types depending on the color. Magnesium and iron oxides contained in stone affect the color of the stone. It is usually painted in black and may have patterned divorces. Obsidian has several major varieties.

  • Black obsidian. It is most common in nature species. This color is considered the primary color of Obsidian. The presence of iron oxide gives him a deep black color. The combination of the quality of glass and the stone qualities makes it unique: the rich-black coloring has glass flicker in a translucent compacted texture, like precious stones.

  • Rainbow stone. Meets in nature very rarely and therefore it is extremely appreciated. The palette of his color shades is surprised by its manifold. Mineral is a variety of black obsidian and includes several subspecies. In the process of natural lighting intensive sunlight and after a long natural polishing, the stone acquires glowing multicolored stripes and a bright color of flowers: red and green, blue and golden, which in different copies are combined in different ways.

  • Obsidian snowy It is considered one of the most beautiful species of this stone. On a saturated velvety-black background of the stone surface chaotic scattered dimensions of cristobalitis, having different sizes and by type resembling snowflakes. So the stone and got such a name.

  • Peanut. The mineral of this species is formed as a result of the dotted corporate. In their form, these inclusions are very similar to peanut nuclei. Peanut obsidian is found in nature quite often.

In addition to these basic types of obsidian, there are also stones with an unusual color. The variety of colors and shades is explained by the fact that the process of frosting the lava is accompanied by a different impurities and foreign enclosures in it. In nature there are such rare types of minerals:

  • Red Obsidian, extracted only in Mexico+

  • fiery, The most expensive of all kinds+

  • Mahogani or leopard obsidian – Stone or brown, or reddish shade with turning on black streaks and specks+

  • Golden stone, which is painted in gray and has inside gas bubbles, giving golden shine crystal.

And also there are blue and green obsidians, stones with stains, inclusions and alternating layers of different shades and sizes.

Place of Birth

Since obsidian is the result of volcanic activities and eruption of lava, in nature it is formed where there are active volcanoes, sleeping or extinct. Therefore, its distribution area is quite wide.

Large deposits of this stone are in such countries with high volcanic activity, such as Mexico, Ecuador, Japan (Hokkaido Island), Turkey, Armenia. Californian minerals, as well as stones mined in Mississippi, Nevada and Arizona, are considered the most beautiful and valuable specimens.

From copies of other deposits there are less transparency.

Mexico has the largest subsidence of obsidian, and here are rare its species – red and brown-red.

In our country, the mineral is mined in the regions of Kamchatka and Kuril, the Caucasus and Karelia, in Siberia. At Kamchatka, mining is conducted in the ISKOVA deposit on the Middle Range, as well as in the National Deposit, near Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Minor submarines of Obsidian are present in Transbaikalia and the Khabarovsk region.

In addition, the stone is found in other countries and regions: in Peru and Iceland, Hawaii and Indonesia. Large deposits are located in Iran and Georgia.

On an industrial scale, it is also mined on the Canary, Lipar Islands and in the Transcarpathian regions.


The volcanic origin of the mineral explains its properties.

Physical and chemical

In its mineral composition it is similar to granite.

The chemical composition of the mineral includes such elements:

  • SiO2 (silicon oxide) is its basis, the content of which fluctuates from 65% to 75%+
  • Magnesium oxides (MGO) and iron (Fe3O4)+
  • Mica – approximately 5-10%,
  • The water contained at all in small quantities – up to 1%.

The characteristic of its physical properties includes such parameters:

  • Hardness – about 5-5.5 (on the MOOS scale)+
  • Density – from 2.5 to 2.6 g per cubic centimeter.

Stone structure massive amorphous with homogeneous texture, low strength. Mineral does not have electrical conductivity, not radioactive, melts at a temperature of 1200 to 1500 degrees Celsius. May be opaque, translucent or transparent. It has a glass brilliance, can be polished and amenable to cut.


Obsidian attribute many properties. It is believed that he has both healing abilities. His healing natural properties were used in non-traditional and traditional medicine with signs and lactories for a long time. Nowadays, a special direction appeared in medical practice – lithotherapy that uses special properties of stones.

Volcanic mineral finds use in different cases.

  • Treatment of colds obtained due to supercooling.
  • Normalization of the functions of the organs of the digestive system, regulation of the extraction of gastric juice, as well as the treatment of ulcers of digestive organs.
  • Stabilization and elimination of blood pressure jumps. Bracelets from this stone can be worn both hypertensive and hypotonized.
  • Eliminating the state with inflammation of rheumatism, gout or for diseases of the spine.
  • Removing the nervous voltage, excitement and strengthening calm and emotional equilibrium. Obsidian contributes to the normalization of the nervous system and improving sleep.
  • Treatment of inflammatory processes related to burns, wounds and other injuries. In this case, it is recommended to wear products from it about defeat places.

During treatment, we have products from Obsidian, and untreated stones are applied. Silver strengthens the healing properties of the mineral, so it is recommended to use decorations in a silver frame. However, it should be remembered that it is impossible to wear continuously obsidian, because it can have a negative side effect on the work of the kidneys.

In addition, only pair decorations are worn. The effectiveness of its healing properties also increases rhinestone, if we carry them together.

It is believed to sort out the rosary of obsidian very useful to men.

Black obsidian attribute special qualities. Hindus ancient times believe that this type of stone cleans the biofield and the human body, protecting it from negative energy flows from the outside, and also eliminates the negative bunch of energy inside the body. To achieve such an effect, it is applied to the groove region or a navel.

In addition, obsidian leads to a harmonious state of all human energy and its aura, if it is applied for some time along the entire length of the average vertical line of the body.

In India, black obsidian amulets also worn for a positive effect on the chakra associated with the power of the Earth, for its attracting, to fill all organs and systems and their revival.

In addition to therapeutic properties inherent in all these stones, black obsidian is also used to enhance immunity, in the treatment of asthma, diseases of the women’s and men’s reproductive system.

Snezhny Obsidian also has its own features. It has a beneficial effect on the blood system, used in the treatment of varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, at skin diseases. And its feature is considered the ability to deal with infections of a bacterial nature and prevent herpes to prevent the occurrence of herpes.

Rainbow Obsidian is widely used in injuries: bruises, fractures, tensile ligaments. If you place a stone in the heart area on the chest, it stabilizes the work of the body, and it is especially useful in a state of stress.

Mineral also prevents the occurrence of diseases at the cellular level.


Another property of obsidian, which is important to humans is his magical power. It is believed that the stone is able to absorb energy and store information. Magic uses magic mirrors in his practice, balls and other accessories from Obsidian, as a way to find out the past and predict the future.

According to magicians, this mineral has the Space Force, Uranus and Saturn. When using a stone in evil intends, he can harm the person.

Therefore, Indian magicians consider the magical abilities of the stone are extremely dangerous and require cautious appeal when conducting magical actions.

Use magic attributes from obsidian is not allowed to all. But if you correctly use the strength of the stone, then he can warn a person from the wrong deeds, takes away the evil and dangerous people for this person, relieves aggressive.

The owner of obsidian amulets acquires the ability to logically think, consistently implement the tasks set up to achieve the ultimate goal.

This charm helps ordinary people to look at others with strange eyes. Creative talented personalities (writers, philosophers), amulets contribute to managing their creative ability to fully.

Among other types, black obsidian stands out for its very large energy. Mages in their rituals use mostly black stone.

He contributes to the knowledge of the truth, shows a person of his mistakes and shortcomings, and also indicates problems of solving problems. Especially useful black mineral people with a high degree of sensitivity, for all the ill soul.

Black stone amulets make it possible to recognize your “interior” and black thoughts of the human soul. On the other hand, he puts sympathy and mercy, strengthens the vitality.

Obsidian accumulates in itself and positive and all negative. Therefore, after each time it is applied, the amulet should be cleaned.

The Rainbow Type of Obsidian has softer energy properties, but its defending abilities remain very strong. Usually magicians recommend it to wear it to get rid of the suffering of unrequited or past love.

In magic, rainbow stone is also used to know their own spiritual world, the whole mysterious, as well as the nature of being and things.

Snow mineral is used to get rid of obsolete templates and long-lasting habits. It stimulates mental processes and allows you to correctly evaluate the actions and the surrounding reality, it helps to understand your missions, indicating the ways to correct them, gives self-confidence.

It is believed that the energy of a brown obsidian is associated with the energy of the Earth with which the mineral is in close contact. Mages advise to use it to improve personality, to strengthen the pedigree tree.

According to magicians, silver mineral makes it possible to penetrate the human soul, promotes meditation and is the “third eye”. He strengthens the body in both the astral and physical plane.

Who fits?

Despite his undoubted benefits, you can wear this mineral not everyone. This is due to the astrological features of the stone, and it is not suitable for any sign of the zodiac. On people born under different zodiac signs, it has a different effect.

Therefore, astrologers advise before purchasing obsidian amulets or jewelry to familiarize themselves with several recommendations.

  • The most beneficial effect of this mineral has born under the sign Capricorn. The wubbles help Capricorn change their own life by liberation from the negative properties of their nature.
  • Takes back obsidian and water. Under the influence of stone they are able to detect intuitive abilities. For this sign more suitable rich blue stones.
  • Fish will make more courageous and decisive in actions and life situations.
  • Aries We will be able under the auspices of the stone to tighten your complex negligence, becoming more balanced, humble and weathered, and also gives them insight. Obsidian will facilitate their career growth and success in the financial sector. But in order not to provoke stubbornness, incontinence and egoism, wearing daily obsidian amulets can not.
  • Tales You can resort to the help of gems, only if the life changes are coming.
  • Gemini Mineral will give decisiveness to make changes to the better. It is recommended only a black type of obsidian.
  • Cancer This stone will only bring harm and makes it difficult, it is not recommended to wear cancer.
  • Black mineral will relieve Lion from the goats of haters and from diseases caused by Russian. In addition, the lions will not be so quick-tempered.
  • Maiden, Like cancer, stone is contraindicated. It will only provoke nervousness and aggressiveness, and will strengthen its romanticism and congenital suspicion.
  • Wearing obsidian charms can and Weighs. They are recommended by a snowstone, although they will not bring any special change.
  • Scorpion Under the action of gems can gain emotional calmness and even meet their half. The stone will give him clarity of thought and the ability to adequately take reality.
  • Sagittarius It experiences only a positive effect of a gem that activates mental abilities and foresight. They are recommended Mineral Red or Brown Color.

The ability to wear this mineral also depends on the name of the person, since it does not have a beneficial effect on all names.

For example, Men who are named Ilya, he will give life energy and strength, will help to overcome difficult periods and causes a desire to change life. Positively affects Obsidian on Natalia and Maxim, Daria and Tatyana. The action of the stone is able to protect them from rapid acts and take the right decision. Patronizing Gem also men with names – Grigory and Stepan, Egor and Denis, and women with Nadezhda and Antonina’s names.

Obsidian amulets and talismans are advised to wear people associated with banker activities, inventors and people of creative professions: artists, writers, poets.

Protects the stone and people associated with aviation (pilots, stewardess), as well as military and travelers, helping them to avoid danger.

How to distinguish from crafts?

Obsidian is inexpensive, but although not so often, but still fake. Most often, the natural stone is given painted glass or quartz, especially smoky. However, only amulets and amulets from natural mineral have specific properties. Therefore, it is important to be able to distinguish a natural stone from the fake.

There are several signs and ways to determine the fake.

  • Natural obsidian, unlike fake, constantly cold to the touch. Even if you hold it for some time in my hand, it won’t warm.
  • Fake product quickly disappears shine after it is placed in water.
  • Natural stone is distinguished by color: it is always highlighted with brightness and saturation. Surface at the stone brilliant.
  • Fake gem is most often painted evenly and has no shades. Natural stone has many spectacles, specks and divorces.

Using these absolutely simple recommendations will help choose products with natural obsidian.

Subtleties of care

Obsidian of those stones that require caring circulation. It should be noted that the mineral reacts negatively to harsh temperature races and bright sunlight, which can adversely affect its external beauty.

It is impossible to drop the gem and expose it to impact, since it has a very fragile structure.

Obsidian products are necessary to periodically wash soft napkins. Apply any chemicals can not. Decorations can be treated slightly warm soapy water. After that, rinse with running water, and carefully wipe the soft rag. It is advisable to make a gem processing in a month and a half.

Auners from Obsidian recommended weekly to place for a few minutes (10-15) under the flow water. Water will clean the stone from all negative energy accumulated in it. Store products from this stone need isolated from other jewelry.

Best for storage suitable casket (case), having inside a soft finish.

Such care and proper storage will allow obsidian decorations and other products to live for many years.

The video below serves an overview of this stone.

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