Pearls Majorica: What it is, features of creating and care

Pearls Majorica: What it is, features of creating and care

Majorica pearl decorations recently become increasingly popular with fashionistan and amateurs of fine decorations. This type of material stores an inexhaustible amount of opportunities to create beautiful things. And in the hands of masters from it, exclusive copies are born. What is it – Pearl Majorica, what features and care for it? These questions, most likely, interested every woman, who has become the owner of the decoration of these wonderful beads.

Famous brand

Majorica’s pearls must be the creation of Spanish jewelers, which by careful research could create technology, thanks to which pearls are born, identical to natural. Famous Spanish brand has many fans in many countries, and in Russia including. After all, the products of the factory are made from high-quality pearls, the addition to which various metals are supplemented, including silver and gold, stones – semi-precious and synthetic. All this in the aggregate creates very beautiful decorations.

The factory itself is located on the island of Mallorca. Research laboratories, and industrial premises, and designer studios, and other structural units, whose work is aimed at delivering goods of their factory to the stores in Spain and other countries.

The main office is located in Barcelona, ​​as well as a branch in New York. Factory products can be found on store shelves in hundreds of countries. Catalogs representing various decorations are updated several times a year and contain more than 600 different items. On the decorations made in the factory, the manufacturer gives a guarantee for ten years. And this means that the manufacturer is confident in the quality of its products.

It all started in the XVIII century, when the German engineer in France found an interesting method with which you can make awesome beauty beads. This method he patented, and he himself moved to the island of Mallorca, where the production of pearls began.

Process of creation

Thanks to painstaking work, modern technologies and thorough control of the entire production chain, specialists create an artificial pearl of the perfect color, the necessary lowbow, gloss, proper texture and high strength. Over the birth of every pearl, there is a painstaking work of professionals. Creating one can take ten days, and maybe a month. The creation process is identical to what is happening in the sink. The crystal of glass is covered with pearl essence – layer behind the layer. It is a combination of marine organic elements (pearl dust, scales of fish), due to which the pearl acquires its overflow.

After the crystal was covered with an essence, after drying it is carefully polished. Then such steps can be from 20 to 40. Than them more, the more valuable pearl. Each layer passes a thorough polishing process. And the final stage – the coating of the obtained beads of the pearl. After which it is subjected to ultraviolet.

When the pearl is ready, it passes a multi-step quality control, the purpose of which is to issue in the end only smooth smooth, transfusing pearls that do not have the slightest hints of a defect.

Characteristics of pearls

Majorica has certain properties, thanks to which it is easy to understand that Before us, high-quality organic pearls, and not cheap fake.

  • If the pearl of white color, it overflows in the sun, and in this overflow you can catch the shades of the rainbow. Her radiance talks about high quality.
  • In addition, the pearl has a characteristic shine resembling an atlas surface.
  • It is important that the pearl must have a smooth smooth texture over the entire surface. No smallest clouds, scratches, dents, chips are not allowed.
  • “Majorik” distinguishes high strength. It is resistant to environmental impacts and can last long enough. Sun rays, salt water, cosmetic formulations – All this does not have any destructive action on beads.
  • This type of pearl may have any color and shade, which allows you to create a variety of decorations. The desired shade is achieved by adding natural dyes. For example, to get a gentle lilac shade, a manganese is added in the process of manufacture of beads. In the creation of red tones Iron. Copper helps in obtaining green shades.

Pros and cons of decorations

Positive sides of the decorations from this kind of pearls a lot. Stripping from the characteristics of the beads themselves, you can draw conclusions that the decorations will have the same benefits.

  • First of all, these decorations can be the most diverse in style and design. Bracelets, necklace, earrings, rings will become an excellent addition to any along with evening and everyday. They are able to raise the mood of their owner and give confidence because they look exquisite and original.
  • Manufacturing technology allows you to make decorations of different shades with a combination of metals, including precious. When using various jewelry accessories as a supplement in the hands of the masters, real works of art are born.
  • Resistance to the effects of external factors will allow the decoration to stop for a long time, and with due care, it will not lose its initial species. Over time, beads will not lose their rainbow shine and will not give cracks due to the special manufacturing technology. This can not be said about natural pearls, which requires certain conditions of wearing, over time, he may lose his shine and crack, if it is wrong to use. In natural pearl there is a moisture that evaporates over time. Therefore, periodically pearls are essential wet environments.
  • Majorica beads distinguishes a flawless form. They can be medium and large, but always smooth and shiny, with different shades range. Pearls have average weight, it felt that this is, of course, not plastic. But they won’t call them hard. Wearing earrings with these beads quite comfortable for ears.
  • Use these decorations can absolutely all. If natural pearls may have limitations on the zodiac sign, then these beads will fit all.
  • The advantages can be attributed to the fact that almost every woman can afford. Of course, the cost will depend on what other elements are used in decoration: metals, stones, materials. The cost will depend on how much beads are used in decoration. It is clear that the earrings or ring will cost cheaper (if not present in the manufacture of precious metals) than long beads, massive necklace or bracelet from several sets.

If the decorations are sold at a low price, it should alert. It may well happen that the seller offers a fake.

By cons can be attributed quite some factors. Perhaps, for those who do not accept in any kind of artificial decorations, will be the defective knowledge that pearls are grown in special laboratories. Another subtlety is that these pearls do not suit any magic rituals or do not fulfill the role of amulets and facing, since natural stone characteristics do not possess.

The healing effect on the body that is attributed to natural stones will also not. But for someone, these minuses will not play any role.

Care rules

For any thing, and especially the decoration requires care. Then it will last long and will not lose its appeal. The same applies to this type of pearl. Comply with several rules easy.

  1. Despite the fact that the coating is considered durable, the careful appeal is necessary. Water and sun are not afraid of pearls. But mechanical impact is better to avoid. You can not throw the decoration, hit the hard surface. In this case, chips may occur on the product.
  2. Store bracelet or necklace recommended in a separate soft bag so that there is no contact with other decorations. A casket is suitable, but it is desirable that there were no decorations with sharp elements.

You can not clean pearls with any cleaning substances, the product may lose shine. But you can wash in simple warm water with ordinary soap. Then decompose on a clean towel and dry.

About how to distinguish a real pearl from a fake, see the following video.

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