Quartz wristwatch

Quartz wristwatch

Luxury, part of the image, fashion accessory and need – wrist watch. Today, these accessories are distinguished by two types: mechanical and quartz. Despite the mechanism, each model needs certain rules.

What it is?

The clock in which the quartz crystal is used in Oscillatory System or the oscillatory system called quartz. For the first time in the world, the American company Hamilton released, however, the mechanism that is based on accessories invented more than 90 years ago. Morrison. The massive sale of the model with a quartz mechanism was received only 30 years after the opening.

Since the appearance of the accessory on store shelves, they have gained unprecedented popularity. In the past century, quartz watches with a calculator also used in great demand.

Today, the use of this mechanism has become profitable for economic factor.


  • The main advantage of the mechanism is the accuracy of the course. Discrepancy during elite quartz models per year can be up to five seconds. At the middle-class accessories or economy, the monthly deviation in time can be up to 20 seconds depending on the brand, producer and operation.
  • Unlike “mechanics”, the quartz mechanism does not need to bring daily. Manufacturers today produce options for quartz wrist models, the battery of which can serve from three to ten years.

  • Another plus model with such a mechanism – price. Due to the automated assembly, the price of quartz watches is attractive.
  • Quartz watches Unlike products with mechanical mechanism are more functional: they may include a calculator, compass, stopwatch and many other useful things.
  • Since the company’s case is made from high strength plastic, then children can use such accessories.

However, among a number of advantages of accessories has its drawbacks. This number includes: low maintainability, short-life and regular spending on batteries.

How the mechanism is arranged?

Main parts of quartz watches – electronic unit and stepper electric motor. The first interval in a second transmits the pulse to the engine, which “pushes” the arrows. The constancy of the pulses generated guarantees the quartz crystal. Crystal when exposed to current begins to vibrate and stabilizes electrical oscillations produced by the generator in the electronic unit.

Sometimes the clock arrows familiar to us replace the display. These models called quartz clock with digital display. Enhanced functions are most often added to such accessories (Stopwatch, Compass, etc.). Products with electronic dial of the company prefer to produce in a sports style, however, sometimes such models can be found in classical style.

We bring to your attention a video about how the mechanism of quartz watches and the features of his work.

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