Red Stones: Views, Properties and Scope of Application

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Red Stones: Views, Properties and Scope of Application

Red Stones have long conquered the hearts of millions of people. These fascinating, bold and bold gems personify love and hatred, passion and glow of emotions. It is no coincidence to decorate with such stones prefer strong people with a decisive authoritarian character.


From the oldest times of the stones of red and burgundy, people used in their magical rituals. It was believed that these gems help to make a spell, return love, strengthen sexual attraction and establish relationships with close relatives. The color of the stones resembles blood, which is why magiches and shamans used them to treat diseases of blood and cardiovascular systems. Amulets, talismans and chambers of them did, put the strongest matches on the stones.

Pretty unusual legends and beliefs are associated with some red stones. For example, great interest is a legend of the young man Hyacinte, who competed with Apollo. After their battle, the blood drops fell to the ground and turned into red stones, which the VMIG became precious and were named after the young hero.

The legend about the appearance of Ruby tells that one day a mountain eagle named Lala, distinguished by a lot of power, began to grow old. It was very grudging eagle, and he decided that it was necessary to die on time. One day, in the early morning, he waved his wings, took off high, and rising, folded his wings and collapsed to the ground. Drops of his blood WMG scattered throughout the district and, frozen, turned into rubies. That is why it is believed that This stone gives its own owners an incredible vitality and helps to become a winner in various sports and military competitions.

Many legends associated with Hematitis. According to one referee, the Indians before the war were mounted for a powder from this mineral to gain great power. Other beliefs, the Egyptians in antiquity used a stone for possible rituals associated with death. And the third states that in the Magni Magnie, they did from hematite mirrors so that they pulled the soul of people looking at them.

Jasper is considered one of the 12 biblical stones, which were decorated with high priests.

The stones of the red color make in themselves a lot of hidden power, they give their owner. Decisiveness, courage and confidence in their own power is the perfect solution for the managerial, which under the action of stone acquires even greater power and authority.

Standing of the ages of red was considered the color of passion, psychologists assure that this stone returns his piquancy to the cooled feelings.

Red Gems are used to treat some diseases:

  • Skin inflammation+
  • Increased temperature, fever+
  • Pathology of the gastrointestinal tract+
  • heart failure.

Minerals are made of red minerals that carry a huge energy in themselves. But it is not worth remarking with red stones – with their excessive exposure, people can become aggressive and even cruel.


Several major categories of red stones, let’s stop at their most famous representatives.


Among the gems of red, orange, pink and brown, several minerals are distinguished.

Diamonds are red very rarely, so their cost is quite high. You can only buy them at auctions – in ordinary jewelry stores, they practically do not meet. This is a very solid mineral, the strength of which on the MOOS scale corresponds to 10 points.

Ruby Also known under the names of Yahont, Carbuncoon, Corundum or Red Sapphire. This is a very bright and beautiful stone, which is found in nature in several shades – pink, orange, brown. The hardness indicator is 9 points, so by strength the stone is inferior to diamond.

Spinel – Another rare mineral that got its name due to sharp edges. The hardness on the MOOS scale is 8. This stone is not as famous as diamond and ruby, but nevertheless, among the real connoisseurs, jewelry is in great demand. These stones still in ancient times were used to manufacture royal regals and religious attributes, in our days it is most often used to create jewelry in tandem with pearls and diamonds.

Tourmaline – Gem with rather unusual shades from the bright-scarlet to red-purple. Stone hardness does not exceed 7.5 points.

Zircon and one of his varieties of hyacinth – are red minerals of light and dark brown shades, color saturation depends on the content of manganese impurities in the mineral. Hardness corresponds to 7 points.


Garnet – Such a name stone was received in honor of all his beloved fruit, because the pebbles with all his species resemble his grains, before this mineral was called the carbuncoon.

About the features of the pomegranate look next.

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