Review Backpacks with the inscription BTS

Review Backpacks with the inscription BTS

The amazing phenomenon of K-POP, which covered the considerable part of adolescents and youth of the whole world, expected caused the production of numerous products with the attributes of this genre. Backpacks with logos of favorite teams, for example, BTS groups will become a welcome acquisition for many fans of this music.


Perhaps the most popular, today, the South Korean group is BTS – boyz-bend from seven participants. Guys were able to achieve stunning success and recognition not only at home, but also in other countries. BTS singles occupied the leading places in the charts of Europe and the USA, the group performed on American Music Awards and at the Grammy ceremony.

Fandom BTS, that is, the community of their fans is considered one of the largest and most influential in K-POP. His official name – Army (A. R. M. Y.).

Initially, the band name abbreviation has been decrypted as: Bang Tan Sonyeondan or Bulletproof Boy Scouts (“Poolen Contractive Guys”), and a body armor was depicted on the logo. Such a concept was founded on the idea of ​​protecting adolescents from the society’s pressure: social prejudices, stereotypes and criticism. In 2017, the strategy of the producer center was changed, and the Silhouette of the Outline Doors became the sign. New Decoding Beyond The Scene (“Outside Scenes”) symbolizes the expansion of the borders, the path to the dream and new achievements.

Therefore, it is not surprising that on sale you can meet backpacks both with old and updated logos. But, of course, it is preferable to make a choice in favor of new models with topical symbolism.

And this choice is quite wide: in Russian and foreign online stores there is a huge number of options for the fan design of such an important accessory such as a backpack. Sure, The largest range can be found on the entire well-known Chinese trading Internet playground. And if there is no desired print in this manifold, that is, a large number of Russian firms, where any image can be printed on the fabric method.

In principle, BTS backpacks are made in a common stylistry for fan products. The product may present the following inscriptions, images, or their combinations:

  • Group logo, made by print or stripe+
  • 3D image (photo) of one or more participants+
  • Fan Art – a huge amount of talented BTS fan artists create great illustrations with their idols, and these drawings become prints on backpacks, hoodies, shirts+
  • Characters BT21 – Cartoon fantasy creatures that personify each of the participants were invented by the musicians themselves and are embodied by professional designers, and they are produced in the form of toys, keyfobs, jewelry, stickers, decorate clothes and backpacks+
  • ARMY symbolism – the fan community has its own logo, filmed from the sign of the group itself and expressing their unity.

The remaining features repeat the standard set of tasks of the usual urban backpack: low weight, capacity, strength, affordable price.

Review models

Most K-POP fans are teenagers and young people under the age of 25, so the fan backpack performs the function of the bag for school and student days: studies and sports activities. You can select the following models:

  • School backpack for middle classes with a compacted orthopedic back+
  • Soft backpack for high school classes with wide adjustable straps and multiple branches+
  • Volumetric (height 40-45 cm) Student backpack accommodating A4 format and having separation for a laptop+
  • Light backpack for sports form.

Additional convenience backpack give such details as:

  • A large number of internal compartments and pockets+
  • Pocket anti-tipped zipper located on the back+
  • Hole-exit for headphones and Power Bank+
  • External pocket under water bottle+
  • The presence of carbines holders.

Mainly material for products is the modern durable Oxford fabric. For notebooks, books, textbooks should choose models with a greater density of weaving fabric, then the backpack will last longer. Often use artificial skin, which reliably protect the contents of the bag from the rain and snow. Waterproof fabric covers Soft Touch. There are models with classic strict designs made of genuine leather. They cause a laconic logo or a metallic crush with engraving.

Color range of backpacks with attributes BTS is the most diverse. The overwhelming majority of the fandome make up girls and girls, so manufacturers take into account fashion trends of the season and produce models in trend colors. Very popular turquoise, purple, pink tones. Neon paints are no longer so relevant. “Space” colors, gradients, leathesis with metallic effect or “Holography”, pearl coating.

Black backpacks are always sold well. On a dark background, inscriptions and logos look so stylishly, drawings and photo images are expressive. Well, the practicality of such an accessory is much higher than that of light. Similar models choose not only boys, black color adore with many girls.

Here, for example, Excellent black urban backpack from waterproof fabric. This model, except for black, accessible and color options: bright yellow, cherry, blue, peach pink. On the matte moistureproof fabric applied graphic print in comic stylistics with seven characters BT21. This is: aliens, Lama Alpaca, pony, puppy, rabbit, cookies and koala. Logo is located on the front pocket. The backpack has a soft lining, easily accommodates the format A4 folder. It has 5 pockets, including rear “antive”. Dimensions: 43 x 30 cm. Will withstand load up to 3.5 kg.

BT21 characters also produce cute small plush backpacks. They have a light weight and a small volume, they are suitable for children 4-7 years.

All items are important in the backpack: the product looks interesting and qualitatively when the lightning runners are decorated not standard, a decorative leather or metal fittings (chains, rings, rivets) is used, the keychain includes.

However, fans on their own and with irrepressible fantasy decorate their bags by keyboards, icons and thermoapplications.

Chinese manufacturers can find entire series of accessories in a single design. Therefore, a schoolboy can pick up a set of Penal, wallet, mona mines to her beloved backpack.

Rules of washing

When operating a backpack, the moment occurs when the thing needs to be cleared of pollution. The product of leather or leatherette must be wiped slightly damp sponge.

The backpack from the fabric should be examined by labels, and if there is no icon, meaning that the washing is forbidden, it can be safely wrapped manually or sent it to a washing machine. Washing is possible not only from soft frameless models. If the product has removable hard parts (frame and bottom), then drove them, it is also allowed to wash it.

Before that, it is necessary to dissemble all the accessories, shaken Sorrow and check all the pockets so that some item does not remain forgotten inside. Backpack is erased on a delicate machine machine. It is advisable not to download in the drum other things for joint washing. It is recommended to use the gel agent, and put a backpack in a special bag for washing (you can take a pillowcase).

Dry a backpack needed in the outdoor form.

About how to wash a backpack in a washing machine, see the next video.

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