Ring with fianitis

Ring with fianitis

Precious stones always attracted views and talked about the prosperity of their owner, but for a long time were not available to everyone. Technologies do not stand still and people learned to make inexpensive alternatives to precious minerals. The budget dial includes fianit. He masterfully imitates expensive gems and makes them available.

Features and properties of fianits

Fianit appeared in the 70s of the last century as a result of the experiment of Soviet scientists. It was planned that he would become a substitute, diamond, but his popularity reached jewelers, and he became a good alternative to a diamond, yielding him only in strength.

Almost identical similarity with a diamond and has become the main feature of the fianit. Its shine and form are combined with any metals. And the main advantage of such jewelry will be a democratic price compared to diamonds.

Variations of shades of gems are about 20 species, thanks to artificial cultivation. Today, stones processing technologies have come so far that from any mineral or crystal you can make a stone absolutely different color and insert it into the ring under the type of origin.

Considering that the fianit is grown artificially and does not bear any energy fluxes of nature, it is believed that it does not have any properties of a mystical and energy nature.

However, it must be borne in mind that it is absolutely as a blank sheet and any owner is able to fill it with its energy. Because of his inorganic origin, it will suit absolutely all signs of the zodiac.

Sometimes you can find how the fianit is called or compared with zirconia. This is the root incorrect definition, since the second refers to metals.

Varieties of Fianitov

Fianitsa imitate not only diamonds. With proper cut and painting, it can replace any other. In production, special substances are added in the raw material, painting the finished product in the desired color.

For example, chrome is responsible for the creation of green stones, cobalt – purple, and copper – yellow. In addition to one-photon options, there are those remind of Alexandrite and change their color at different angles. In independence from the resulting shade, stones retain the initial transparency.

Especially popular black fianit. Like a transparent or white stone it turns out by firing. In esoterics, decorations with black fianit are considered bottomless and have a property to choose a negative.

Stone can often be found in the images of people who are fond of magic, representatives of informal movements, as well as among those who simply prefer the classics and monochromicity.

Special aesthetics endowed with green minerals. Emerald overflows will add tenderness and aristocraticness. Such rings are perfectly combined with other decorations and it is better to always wear them.

Jewelery with yellow stone adequately replace topaz, tourmaline and zircon. Yellow stones always brought well-being to their owners. Yellow shades are obtained as a result of adding to the basis of cerium.

No less impressive decorations with dancing fianit. The stone is fixed in a frame from two sides and thereby moving freely in the decoration.

Blue shades give confidence and calm. They will replace such stones like sapphire, apatite and lapis.

Red crystals are obtained as a result of adding cerium at the growing stage. Red color awakens the quality of the leader and replace ruby ​​and grenades.

Purple – the rarest shade. In nature, stones with such a colors are almost never found. They are also suitable, not everyone, this color of strong personalities.

Having come to the jewelry store, it is often possible to meet the decorations that combine the stones of several colors at once. Such multicolored rings will look cheerful and at least interesting.

Combination with other stones

Recently, in jewelry fashion, there are various combinations of metals in one decoration. Recently, the combination has become popular and in the case of stones. This gives decorations and elegance.

Artificial crystal will harmoniously fit into the neighborhood with other stones of different origin, due to its transparent texture.

When combinations of fianitis with amethyst, the rings acquire nobleness and a luxurious view. Romantic women will have to taste a combination of pearl and transparent brilliance. So they beneficially emphasize the evening outfit.

For laconic everyday images, a combination of classics and modernity is suitable – Fianita and Enamel. Such a ring will easily add any decorations.

No less advantageous solution will be a combination with black-colored texture stones – agate and onyx. As well as with bright cold – topaz, sapphire, emerald.

The perfect neighbor, gem will be Alexandrit and Rubin. He will emphasize their overflows.

For the framing, the rings are used primarily silver, since in combination with the fianit, the decoration will be budget and affordable, but no less stylish.

For wedding and solemn decorations, white gold or platinum is used as a rim.

How to choose the fianit?

Created as a replacement of a diamond, fianit over time became so much like it, that sometimes only professionals will distinguish these two stones. The main difference will be light. Fianit when the light appears on it will begin to glisten, and the diamond will be sparkled from the inside.

Rings with fianits are considered a fairly budget option. The price will depend on additional inserts, for example, pearls and from the selection of metal metal. It is best to choose products in combination with gold 585 samples.

When choosing a ring with fianit, consider the presence of other stones and their effect on you. Very often you can meet the models of jewelry, where fianits only addition to a large gemstone.

Before buying a ring with an artificial crystal, take into account some more important points:

  • Stone suits calm and balanced people+
  • The reflection of light is carried out from the external facets of the stone+
  • After such a stone appears, more energy and strength appears, the person becomes more active.

Rings design with fianits large number. This stone inlaim not only jewelry, but also jewelry. Respectively and the varieties of rings a lot.

For women, older are suitable for women with large stones, and young girls stylists advise to pick up miniature decorations with sumps of small stones.

You can also combine several jewelry weathered in one stylist on one finger or hand.



Basic metals in decorations are gold and silver.

Silver Recently dismands leadership from gold. First of all it is associated with a small price and unusual performance. This metal is ideal for both classic forms and original. In any performance, the decorations look very impressive.

Silver ring decorated with fianit, will be a good addition to the evening alongside and other decorations.

The most popular model is the path of small-sized fianits. Such products are not deprived of aesthetics. They look very careful and feminine.

As for large-sized stones, the decorations with them need to pick up very carefully. Better if the crystal is located in the middle and is made in the form of oval, then the product will not look vulgar.

Gold rings with fianits remain popular among absolutely all women. The most original and stylish choice will be the ring with a husk of gems of different colors in combination with gold.

If you are looking for a ring that would look expensive and luxuriously, but limited in the means, then pick a golden decoration with a diamond cut. It will provide expensive overflows for any lighting.

Very often there are rings with combined metals, and for those restricted in the means, the substantive silver model with gilding.

What to wear?

Fianit is the one stone that is possible to wear at any time of the day, it is considered universal. But you need to take into account that the brilliance of stone limits the combinations of female rings with its use with some styles.

For office style and business negotiations Rings with this stone are hardly suitable. Stylists are recommended to be limited to the wedding rings, “save and save” without inserts or a neat ring with pearls.

For everyday images, choose miniature rings with small inserts.

And for the evening, pick up a decoration with large stones in the frame of white gold or a model from the same metal with a trape of small stones.

In case the event implies a certain dress code, for example, like White Tie, the choice is better to give decorations with natural diamonds.

When drawing up a set, observe the stylistics, the size of products and metal. So, to wide rings, pick up massive earrings and vice versa.

As for the color gamut in clothes, there are no special rules and delimitation. Since the crystal is colorless it will suit any fabrics and prints, as well as other decorations. Observe the symmetry of the sizes of the crystals themselves, they must be about the same size.

Fianitic care

Although fianit and considers a very durable stone, you should not subject it to excessive loads, touch them solid objects and abuse household chemicals and cosmetics. And the stone easily absorbs fat and dust.

When performing homework rings it is better to remove or put on rubber gloves.

To clean the ring with fianit from the visible plaque, you will need a soft napkin and soap solution. On one liter of water, take one teaspoon of soap. In this solution, the decoration must be withstanding about 20 minutes, and then rinse under water.

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