Search magnets for gold

Search magnets for gold

Under Search magnet It should be understood as a device with which you can find the locations of magnetic emissions that proceed from the items made of various metal alloys. The magnetic field is formed using electrons publishing movable electric charges. Strong magnets are used to search for precious metals, including Gold or silver. But since Precious metals do not react to magnetic fields, they use special devices to detect them, which contains a chemical element Neodymium. These search magnets are called neodymium.

What it is?

Neodymium magnet – This is a device that attracts various metal objects. It can capture and pull out objects whose weight can exceed its own weight in tens of times. This is a rather powerful search device that has neodymium in its composition, iron, boron. Magnet components are located in a steel case having most often flat round shape.

To extract found items it was convenient, the search engine design is equipped Rem-Bolt, which is screwed into the housing using a threaded connection. This fastener is tied durable rope or cable – With their help you can raise the adjustable item, even from the depths of the water basin.

Any precious metals (and gold including) have a certain composition of a ligature that makes the material hard and plastic. Alloys contain ferromagnetic components that are attracted to a neodymium device. This is thus the detection of jewels and their extraction on the surface.

Design and species

Neodymium search engine produced in several varieties. Such devices can be applicable to Bytu, When solving search tasks in private, Research or industrial purposes. Variants of neodymium fixtures may differ from each other by power and sizes.

Depending on why neodymium magnets are intended, they are divided into 4 types.

  • Rod magnets. Different with a narrow design designed to work in hard-to-reach places or narrow crevices.
  • Search trawl. Magnets used to examine the bottom of rivers, lakes or other reservoirs.
  • One-sided magnets. Have only one working surface, with which metal objects are detected and their rise is carried out.
  • Double-sided magnets. Have two work surfaces, in view of which such a device is considered universal.

Fixtures with one working surface apply For search work on the surface of the soil. In the case when it is required to search for metal objects at the bottom of the reservoir, it is more expedient to use a design having a design Two work surfaces. If long and large-scale work on a large surface area, hidden under the thickness of water, is applied magnet-trawl. With this device, you can attract objects from a large distance and a significant mass.

Any neodymium search engine containing iron in its composition, with time exposed to action corrosive processes, Because of what the power of his magnetic field is gradually decreasing.

To extend the durability of the search device, manufacturers began to cover their products with a protective layer against corrosion – layer of aluminum, zinc or polymer compositions.

Neodymium magnets are considered the strongest if their compare with other analog. When connecting several magnets among themselves, the strength of their magnetic field increases, but only by 30%, with each pole at the magnet has an equivalent effect of attraction. For the strength of the neodymium fixture affects the ambient temperature.

It is noticed that at a temperature greater than + 80 ° C, such a magnet loses its attractive ability and strength.

Will be able to grab pure gold?

Neodymium Gold Search Magnet is quite sensitive and strong fixture, Which is able to detect even a small amount of impurities contained in the gold alloy. It is magnetic not only for precious metals, but takes any others that are in the field of his action.

Neodymium devices began to apply to search for precious alloys due to the fact that The rare-earth metal is neodymium, which is included in this magnet, is known as a compound with the function of magnetization and resistance to demagnetization. In addition, this element is used in the manufacture of particularly powerful magnetic devices and devices that are able to react to ferromagnetic components located from a large removal magnet.

Gold or silver items The neodymium search engine captures due to impurities in them from other metals that are part of the ligature. And although the number of impurities in the composition of the Golden Product, either alloy can be very small, sensitive neodymium will still detect the ferromagnetic components of the ligature in alloy and live together with all the rest of the content.

Pure – without any impurities – gold has diamagnetism, that is, not attracted by the magnetic field of the magnet, but, on the contrary, it is repelled, showing negative susceptibility. Everything comes out that the ingot of pure gold, even a neodymium magnet will not be able to detect. Pure gold can be found only with the help of a metal detector, the principle of operation of which is aimed at extracting metal objects, but to alert on their availability in a certain radius of the device.

However, gold jewelry and ingots can attract a magnetic search engine if the treasure is located in a strain or casket, for example, from aluminum, tin, lead, copper.

Treasurance at all times was popular and interesting. Modern precious metals seekers are used in their search for quite large and powerful double-sided neodymium magnets, as they are versatile in work.

To find a search magnet, you need to determine, In what conditions it is planned to apply. Besides the magnet, you need to purchase cable or strong rope – They are best to choose with a certain margin of strength, since no one probably can know that you have to raise on the surface. The strength of the cable is usually chosen 2 times more than it is required for the magnet operating power. It will save from random fasteners and irretrievable search engine loss.

Especially such precaution is relevant when searching for water.

The following manufacturers of neodymium magnets enjoy the greatest popularity.

  • Moscow Scientific and Production Company “SuperSystem”. Model of one-way magnet F-600 with a diameter of 130 mm. The power of the increment is 660-690 kg, cost – 4500 rubles.
  • Kaluga Scientific and Production Association “Redmag”. Releases one-sided magnet F300 with a diameter of 94 mm. The power of power to the separation of this option is 600 kg, the cost is 3000 rubles.
  • Magnets of Chinese production. For example, the model F400 with a diameter of 116 mm. Power force for a margin is 400 kg, cost – 3,500 rubles.

Choosing a neodymium magnet to search for gold and silver, it should be remembered that the magnet power directly depends on which weight it is capable of lifting on the surface.

Average rates have magnets, the lifting force in which is 400 kg.

Tips for choosing

Search neodymium fixtures have The labeling of the English letter F (Force – power) with numerical designation that corresponds to the power of the device. If the search magnet is two-way, then its designation will look, for example, as follows: F400X2 (where number 2 indicates that the model has two operating surfaces). When choosing a device for finding gold, it should be taken into account that The power of the neodymium search engine will in different ways to manifest itself in various conditions. A new device in ideal conditions can show power even higher than the stated, but in practice in the process of work the force of attraction will be somewhat reduced. This affects not only corrosion of magnetic material, but also various contaminants that are found on the soil or at the bottom of the reservoir.

Besides, The area of ​​contacting the neodymium search engine and the metal object depends on how smooth surface at the foundation found. In powerful fixtures to search for metal, the retention force is greater than that of weaker models, therefore the number of so-called similarities of the found items in small magnets will be significantly higher. Small neodymium fixtures (type F150 and F200) are designed to search for small objects – coins, rings, fishing flares. The average models, the power of which ranges from 250 to 800 kg, will help to find the items large in weight and size, but it is difficult to work with them, as the mass of such neodymium fixtures is also big and throwing them, for example, the water is quite difficult physically.

The choice of neodymium magnet to search for precious metals depends on, what objects by weight and sizes you want to detect. In addition, you need to focus on your Physical opportunities – Will it work with a magnet forces. And one more factor should be considered – the more powerful magnet, the more its weight and cost. Therefore, the choice of the model depends on your financial opportunities.

According to the reviews of experienced search engines, The cost of a powerful magnet is much faster than the cost of low-power analogues. For this you have to implement no more than 5 search exits. The fact is that a powerful magnet for 1 time you can collect much more different metal objects than you can make a small neodymium device even in a few outputs.

Choosing a neodymium magnet to search for gold, you need to determine how many working parties it should have. One-way search devices are used to detect metal in the well, at the surface of the soil. And also it is comfortable when casting from a bridge, a pier or boat. If you want to throw a neodymium magnet from the shore, then in this case the most effective will be a double-sided version. The same magnet can be applied from the boat, and from the bridge – that is why it is considered to be in the treasures of universal.

About how to extract gold with a magnet, you can find out in the following video.

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