Silver 999 test

Silver 999 test

It is believed that of pure silver, which is given 999 sample, you can not make jewelry or practical dishes. In many ways, this is due to the natural softness of the metal. In the old days, silver attributed to the sacred metals, and today it is valued on a par with gold, especially luxurious jewelry. Metal has some features, as well as interesting properties and composition. Before buying products from silver, including ingots, we recommend to study the characteristics of the material and read useful information about it.


Silver, which chemists also call argentum, can be easily found in the Mendeleev table. Many this element is familiar from school times. Pure silver is a dust, plastic and heavy metal of light silver shade. Mining it in many major countries of the world, including Russia. Over time, the metal in its pure form or in products is able to change its shade (dark), with the result that it must be cleaned regularly. But, as a rule, unpolluted air can not oxidate pure silver.

Silver is actively used in coins chasing, for industrial purposes, as well as when creating jewelry, but the latter only concerns the metal of a certain sample. From the metal of 999 samples to make decorations inexpedient, as they will be very fragile and overly problematic in care, and the jewelers with them work is extremely difficult.

The purest 999 sample silver is so plastic, that from one of his gram you can pull the thread more than 10 km. Another interesting fact is that silver scientists found on meteorites from space. Pure metal nuggets in nature are extremely difficult to detect, they are most often obtained with impurities. And only after some manipulations and special processing, you can get a final, almost pure product (99.9%).

Composition and properties

Sample 999 indicates how much pure alloy is contained in the metal. In pure silver, the highest samples of impurities are practically absent, and if there are, their number is very slightly. Silver belongs to noble metals. It is believed that its proportion depends on the sample. So, if you add copper to it, then silver will lose in specific weight and density.

Some more information:

  • Melting point is more than 960 degrees+
  • Density – 10.5 g / cm³+
  • Metal has excellent thermal conductivity, and at room temperature has the highest, if compared with all other existing metals+
  • Silver cannot be dissolved in hydrochloric or dilute sulfuric acid.

Clean silver 999 samples looks silver, almost white.

There should be no pure metal in the air, but over time it does not exclude its pollution. Also, pure metal can darken if the air is contaminated with hydrogen sulfide.


Pure silver is often applied for scientific purposes, especially in chemistry and physics. Mostly silver 999 samples are used:

  • for medical purposes, including prosthetics and dentistry+
  • When creating medical preparations (biological additives)+
  • When creating accumulating lenses, wires, power supply and other technical devices.

In jewelry, such silver is almost never used, as it can be brought or deformed even at the slightest pressure. From pure silver only certain details for decorations, but not independent products.

Often with this metal purified water. It is believed that if in a glass of water put a silver coin, then it will have a disinfecting and bactericidal effect. But many specialists in such cleansing are pretty skeptical.

Due to the fact that silver has high plasticity, it is used for a variety of technical products and appliances. Cup of pure silver is also made of ingots that implement many banks. They are purchased for advantageous investment. From pure silver you can also find various coins, which are often engaged in not only banks, but also various organizations.

Trial 999 use for the so-called silvering of various products. It can be cutlery, sets, and caskets, and in general, absolutely any accessories and metal things. Silver plated things always look expensive, and most importantly, they are very practical and wear-resistant.


The price per gram most often depends on the course of the currency, and the final price tag is typically set banks. The price per kilogram 999 of silver samples on average is about 35-37 thousand. rubles.

It is worth noting that when opening a currency account in a bank and when buying silver, payment will be more than when selling metal, but on the same one you can earn over several years.

The same applies to the surrender of silver into Lombard: it is cheaper than selling it.

The average price for grams in Lombard usually varies within 34-36 rubles, but largely the amount depends on the region of sale, and even in general from the country. To learn, how much will the ingot cost, it is necessary to figure out how much he weighs, and also be sure to be confident that he has 999 sample. Usually, the ingots necessarily require a quality authenticity. Calculate the final price will be easy.

Tips for care

Clean silver products should be kept. To do this, pick a dry and dark place without excess moisture. A large box or safe will suit the metal in which the metal will be retailed. It is advisable to protect the product from direct sunlight getting.

For pure silver, mechanical cleaning is not recommended, which can damage it and cause irreparable damage to things.

In order not to spoil the products, including silver coins, it is better to clean them with a special fluid that can be bought in any jewelry store. After cleaning the liquid, the product should be wiped dry.

Also there are recipes for silver washing using soda-type technicians, but they can damage the outer layer of coins. Experiment in this case is not recommended.

In the next video you will learn how to determine the authenticity of silver at home.

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