Silver cleaning by ammonic alcohol

Silver cleaning by ammonic alcohol

Silver products lose their attractiveness, begin to darken due to contact with the environment. The problem is related to the change in the chemical properties of individual components of the alloy. Cleaning requires the use of aggressive means. With darkening you can fight With the help of ammonia alcohol.

Can be brushing with ammonia?

Summer alcohol is a strong oxidizing agent. With it, you can remove the blackening and fall. Silver Cleaning by Summer Alcohol – Common and Safe Method. Ammonia available, it is easy to find in any pharmacy.

The important advantage of the amazing is that it dissolves in water, therefore does not harm the metal.

It is worth noting that he has some shortcomings. For example, you can not use a means for cleaning gilded silver and pearl products.

Similar can be said about the dining room dishes. If it is bad to wash the remedy, it can get inside the body. Ammonia even in small quantities provokes the burns of mucous membranes. Silver is plastic material. For the manufacture of jewelry, alloys are used with adding copper. Ammonia can clean products of any sample. The tool will remove the blackening and any fall.

How to clean it right?

Cleaning silver products ammonia is available to everyone At home. So, cleaning solutions will allow to get rid of black and other oxides. The easiest way to mix ammonia alcohol, liquid soap and peroxide. All components are taken in equal amounts and added to water. Soap, by the way, it is better to take a children’s.

Pretty effective means When mixing ammonia and dental powder. This composition is suitable only if the decoration without stone. Should be mixed 5 st. L. warm water, 1 st. L. Dental powder and 2 st. L. Ammona alcohol.

There is the easiest way to clean silver products. You need simply Add 2 Article. L. ammonia in 2-liter water container and put in solver solution for 10-15 minutes.

After processing, rub the products. Rinse with clear water.

Effective cleaning method – boiling with appropriate solution.

  1. Score 0.5 liters of water in a stainless steel saucepan. Add 50-100 ml Tools Wash. The thick of the clean, the less you need.
  2. Fully immerse in water silver that should be cleaned.
  3. Bring to a boil, boil within 5 minutes. Turn off gas.
  4. Syringe pour into a saucepan of 20 ammonia cubes. Quickly close the capacitance with a lid, turn on the hood and leave for 10-15 minutes. No longer hold.
  5. Further all depends on the features of jewelry. Simple forms are easily cleaned from black. If necessary, you can take an old toothbrush and clean the decoration. So it turns out to get to all recesses.

Standard recipes are well coped with rings and coulters without inserts. Special attention requires radiated products, black silver and decorations with stones. Carefully clean the chains, because they are subject to many pollution.

The more difficult weaving, the stronger the product will be the product. In inaccessible places accumulates of cosmetics and means for the soul. After boiling, you should put a chain in a bottle of liquid soap. Add 100 ml of hot water to the container, 50 ml of washing. Now you need to close the lid and intensively shake a bottle of 5-10 minutes. The chain should be reached and rinsed under the crane. With regular cleaning in this way, the product will always sparkle.

It is worth noting that cleaning the chain with a complex weaving with a toothbrush does not make sense. Bristles simply will not be able to pull the dirt.

Decorations with stones require regular care. Usually there are no natural inserts in silver ornaments, and there are no prohibits when cleaning synthetics. After boiling in that very solution you should clean the product toothbrush. At the same time, act as much as possible, it is better to take a tool with a soft pile. Silver is a soft metal, so there is a risk of breaking the fastenings of stones.

There are natural stones in the product, for example: pearls, coral, amber, etc., it is prohibited to boil with the ammonia. The appearance can be spoiled permanently.

Some natural origin stones are attached to a special glue, which can dissolve at high temperatures. Only soap solution and toothbrush can be used for cleaning.

Black silver It has a decorative coating. So, all the product is darkened, and the protruding parts are lacking. As a result, it turns out an unusual surface with contrast. Use for cleaning ammonia alcohol, acetic acid and other aggressive agents are strictly prohibited.

It is worth noting that Decoration with black less suffer from environmental impact and dark much longer. Boiling products can be boiling, but without ammonia. Soap solution perfectly cope with the task. Otherwise, the color will become gray, and the decorative coating itself will be destroyed.

Radved silver No less interesting. A coating is applied on the product that protects it from oxidation. All cleaning is only in the elimination of household dirt. High-quality floating alcohol will not harm. If you need to cope with a serious pollution, it can be used to use it.

Do not use abrasive substances. They can scratch the surface and spoil an attractive shine.

It will be possible to restore the product only in a professional. Jeweler will have to re-polish the decoration.

Precautionary measures

Summer alcohol is an aggressive substance. In case of incorrect circulation, it may well harm the body. During cleaning you need to adhere to several rules.

  1. Use gloves. Especially if you get items from a solution with ammonia hands, and not tools. Vasharyar can surgically leather, leaving a chemical burn.
  2. If Ammonia hit the skin, then it’s worth rinse with plenty of water. Much worse if the mucous membranes were injured. They should also be rinsed with plenty of water and appeal to the doctor in a short time.
  3. It is recommended to omit and get silver from the solution With a tweezers or other tool.
  4. You can not be tilted above the container with ammonia and breathe it with evaporation. They are pretty toxic, can cause poisoning. In some cases, damage to the shells of the respiratory tract. It is also recommended to use a mask.
  5. Cleaning products should only in a well-ventilated room. You can also use the hood in the kitchen, for example.

Simple rules will allow maintaining health after using ammonia. Also when boiling it is worth bringing out children and pets. It is when heating a couple becomes especially aggressive. After using the ammamar solution, it is worthwheeling thoroughly and decorating. Otherwise, the residues of the substance can affect the skin during the use of the product.

How to clean the silver with the help of ammona alcohol, see the following video.

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